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God's Family and Ours: The Church and the Trinity

Dr. Scott Hahn

Dr. Scott Hahn uses familiarity with family life to bring us to a deeper understanding of the Holy Trinity, and thereby a better understanding of ourselves and the Church. This presentation effectively illustrates how the "Good News" of salvation is not only being saved from our sins through the Cross of Christ, but an invitation to become and live as adopted sons and daughters of the Triune God.

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Church Teaching, Personal Growth


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Customer Comments

Dr. Hahn has a unique way of making the hard-to-understand and hard-to-accept teachings simple and beautiful. Raphael - Orlando, FL
Get ready to go deeper as you ponder the profound truth of who God really is. You will be filled with gratitude and love as you come to know the Triune God and His pure gift of Self to you. Julie - Potomac Falls, VA
It's all about what I believe as a Catholic man, but he just made it more clearer for me. I don't mind saying that at some points he brought tears to my eyes. Eugene - Central Falls, RI
This gave me a whole new perspective of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity as a family. Irene - Peoria, IL
Wonderful! Excellent way to explain the Blessed Trinity.
It gives a new insight all together from a different prespective. Praise the LORD. benedict - penang
Dr. Hahn has many real life examples and is able to present complex theological ideas in simple and accessible terms. I now have a greater appreciation of the Trinity and the Church teachings on the family. Katherine - Norman, VA
The description of Dr Hahn's debate with the Muslim gentleman Carlos - Colorado Springs, CO
I am always curious and want to learn more about The Holy Trinity, and the way Dr. Scott Hahn explains about The Holy Trinity here is pretty amazing. But the most impressive thing is near the end of the CD when he talks about God's love for us, and then, when he talks about Blessed Virgin Mary, I almost cry. Truly a gift hearing that message today on the Feast Day- The Assumption of Our Lady. I highly recommended this CD. Phuong - Oak Ridge, TN
One day I found myself wondering how to learn more about the Holy Spirit. The third mysterious piece of the holy trinity. After all, we learn so much about God the Father and Jesus Christ, the son. But in every day life we don't learn a whole lot about the Holy Spirit. When I browsed through the titles on the Lighthouse Catholic Media website, I came across this title was very hopeful. Well, this CD satisfied my curiosity and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the philosophical journey I encountered while listening. It really made me reflect, make connections and continue to ask questions and yearn for more. Some of the topics that particularly spoke to me include (1) the discussion about wanting to learn more about God is the highest form of praise, (2) the discussion about sex being sacred and when we treat it as only good we desecrate a holy and sacred thing, (3) the discussion of the marital covenant which draws parallels between the human family and the holy trinity and (4) the discussion about God not being a solitude but a family with the fundamental features in their perfect -- fathership, sonship and the essence of family: love. Maria - National City, CA