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Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good For Women?

Mary Eberstadt

Both secular and religious observers agree that the sexual revolution has caused seismic changes for society across the globe. Mary Eberstadt, a secularly-trained writer who has written for Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times, among other publications, uses her training as a professional researcher to objectively assess whether or not the severing of sex and procreation has delivered on its promise to liberate women and make them happier.

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In recognition of the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae, comes this new limited-time bundle. Save big while learning about God's plan for marital love.

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Has the Sexual Revolution Been Good for Women? by Mary Eberstadt      

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Customer Comments

Mary is a very engaging speaker and addresses a very important topic. I really enjoyed this talk! Christina - Littleton, CO
I love how she uses information from sociological research throughout this talk. It’s really eye opening! Chad - Kansas City, KS
I am a Catholic woman and scientist in the field of neuroscience, and it has been difficult for me to engage in conversations with my colleagues on the subject of the sexual revolution. Well, not anymore. I will be reading Mary's books and will join the "offensive line" of the Church on this matter. Thanks a lot Augustine Institute for providing so wonderful resources! Erika - Winnipeg, MB
Straight facts on what all women need to understand about artificial birth control. It blew me away! Julie - Bluffton, SC
Mary Eberstadt’s talk is a good listen for anyone, religious or not. While not a theological presentation of the social and cultural effects and impact of Humanae Vitae, the prophetic truths contained in that document are born out in an abundance of secular scientific journals, social science data, and observable evidence all around us. She presents many such compelling factual evidence clearly present in our culture and social systems. She also is a “myth buster” of untruths that persist today about the alleged out of date teachings of a Church refusing to go along with the trends. Larry - Middletown, DE
Many myths exist around the Sexual Revolution and its impact on women and humanity. Mary Eberstadt does a great job reviewing the facts, as she unveils how the Sexual Revolution has actually negatively impacted women and humanity as a whole Michelle - Derby, KS
This is a very important talk for men and women about the statistical evidence of the effects of the Sexual Revolution on society around the world, and how it has changed and impacted women and the attitudes towards them. Penny - Lake Arrowhead, CA