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Heroes of the Catholic Reformation

Dr. Tim Gray

Dr. Tim Gray, renowned Scripture scholar and president of the Augustine Institute, provides fascinating insights about the Protestant Reformation and the ensuing Catholic Counter Reformation. He discusses how holy men and women worked from within the Church, as they do in every age, to bring forth much-needed reform. Hear how necessary changes were brought about by holy heroes such as Giles of Viterbo, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Teresa of Ávila, St. Charles Borromeo, and others.

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Customer Comments

This is a great reminder that we all have an ongoing need for reform in our hearts and in our heads. Louise - Cincinnati, OH
What an inspiring look at the impact these true heroes made on the Church. Ben - Arvada, CO
How educational the talk was. How the humility of the major saints of our reformation helped turn peoples hearts back to God and His church. How their efforts were multiplied by God to cause unity. Contrast that with the pride of Luther who caused great division. Ann - Yakima, WA
This is a great resource for all Catholics to discover the rich story of our response to a time of confusion. Great saints, thinkers and practical people emerged to defend the Church and our Sacred Traditions. Dr. Tim Gray is a fantastic author and teacher, and presents us with a lively and rich talk. God bless our Church's history and all involved in this beautiful enterprise. Mateus - Rio de Janeiro
Interesting talk which helps you to see that the Catholic Church definitely needed reform during the time that the Protestant Reformation kicked off, but that Martin Luther and the Protestant reformers did not go about it the right way. In contrast to them, we are told about humble and holy people who worked within the Church for renewal. Plano, TX
"Just when I thought I had a handle on Church history...along comes Dr. Grey, setting me back in my ignorance." Norm - Biloxi, MS
One of the most informative and useful talks about the Catholic reformation ever! Phil - Philadelphia, PA
I took notes! "No reform without formation" and "Reform comes from those who love." Inspiring! Joan - Godfrey, IL
Wow! This is an amazing talk that helped me to realize how much reform needs to happen in my own heart in order for it to take place in Jesus' Church. Eldon and Christine - Prince George, BC
I listened to this CD 4 times and each time I listened I learned something more. I especially like the fact that there was a bonus track related to the topic. I hope to find more of your informative and inspiring talks in the rack in our church. Nancy - Idaho Falls, ID
Learning more about how the saints responding at a time when the Church was in need of reformation, as opposed to how Luther responded. Mari - TX
Details about the heroes/saints L. J. - Austin, TX
I was listening to this presentation and my husband, a Lutheran to Catholicism convert, happened to hear some of it and became quite interested, making occasional comments like, "That makes so much sense". We both found the presentation to be both an interesting and informative explanation of truth. Jennifer - Spring, TX