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How to Apply our Faith to our Families

Kimberly Hahn

Well-known speaker and author Kimberly Hahn is the wife of Dr. Scott Hahn and mother of six children. With simplicity, grace, and wit, she shares her personal experiences and practical insights on how to apply the truths of our Faith to everyday life. In this stimulating talk, she offers rich food for thought and concrete ways to let the Lord be the top priority in our family's daily life.

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Family & Parenting, Marriage


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Customer Comments

Great CD! She reminds us of the importance of our duties as parents to raise and educate our children in the Catholic Faith. Jeannine - Cincinnati, OH
...supported and encouraged me in bringing faith to my family. It is important to take care of the gifts God gives to us in our children. Donna - Excelsior, MN
I loved Kimberley's conviction. She is so rooted in her faith that it is contagious! Kirsten - Regina, SK
The talk hit home and was valuable to me to relay it's concepts to my adult son. My husband is not Catholic, and it helped him understand our Faith a little better. Jaci - Wimberley, TX
It was beautifully done and heartfelt. There was good educational value in the scripture references. Andrew - Laredo, TX
This CD was so inspirational for me. It included so many ideas and values on how to incorporate faith in my family to think about and pray about. As a young mother, I look at today’s society and wonder how I will ever raise a child to love and serve God with all the negative influences and challenges we are faced with daily. This talk was so invaluable for me and gives me so much hope. I will continue to pray and ask God for guidance that I will raise my family to love and serve God each and every day first and foremost. Thank you! Kara - Manchester, NH
I enjoyed the speaker. She injected humor, but also stayed focused on her topic. She also provided practical applications to take away from her talk. I've been searching for Catholic resources to help me navigate life as a wife and mother, and this was the first thing I found that really clicked. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product! It's the perfect combination of everyday life and spiritual elements and exactly what I needed in my life right now. I'm considering joining the CD of the Month Club because I commute and am seeking to better myself with that time on the road. Sarah - MI
Thank you so much for this witness! I want to learn the bible more. I am so touched by this talk - I wish I knew this years ago. Anna - New Fairfield, CT
Kimberly is fantistic! I enjoyed her discussion so much. It was like visiting with a neighbor. Kimberly reminded me of many of the beauties of our Faith. Everyone should listen. Nancy - Hawley, MN
I liked that it was presented by a female speaker and a mother of faith. She had a presence and message that was easy to become interested and engaged in. Heidi - Altoona, PA
It made my family and me grow more in faith with a new energy. Now my daughter started being an active member in our family prayers. We felt more united. Kimberly Hahn is an awesome speaker and inspires a lot. God bless her and all your ministries. Aijo - Dubai
This is an excellent CD. I has shown me how to go deeper into my faith and believe. Gizelle
This helped me to understand how to develop faith in families. Reena - Dubai
Kim is very honest, entertaining, and enthusiastic about her faith. This CD inspired me to be more enthusiastic and pro-active about my Catholic Faith. She gave practical ways she implemented Catholic teachings with her family. Listening to her speak made me feel proud of being Catholic. Julia - Geneva, OH
Down to earth, practical advice, and life lessons... Kimberly Hahn knows what she is talking about!!! Jim - Bartlett, TN
It was a wonderful talk by Kimberly Hahn. Amazing that a convert to Catholicism knows far more and is comfortable, applying what our Mother Church teaches, than some of us "cradle Catholics". It shows how much some of us take for granted what new converts value so much in their life and are on fire for because of it! She is a an excellent witness to what happens when God totally takes over one's being. She lives by the "conscience" which is nothing else but the voice of the Holy Spirit residing in every one of us, only that some of us either stunt or kill it altogether, and are unable to hear it. Deo gratias! Amen. Mary - IN
The speaker, Kimberly Hahn, gives practical guide with examples to show that what she preaches can be accomplished. Made me feel encouraged and hopeful. Diane - Valley Stream, NY
I thank you for this wonderful CD. The talk was so clear, amazing and and so refreshing. As a wife and a mother, I learned a lot out of this talk. I pray and I have started to implement her ideas in my life and in my family. I thank God for her and for her wonderful work. God bless. Naike - Woodstock, GA
It was good advice for families, to be more faithful in guiding their children in the faith. Marie - Sugar Land, TX