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How to Bring Fallen Away Catholics Back to the Church

Dr. Scott Hahn


What is evangelization all about? What role does the Church expect ordinary Catholics to play in spreading the Catholic Faith? Dr. Scott Hahn, author and renowned theologian, challenges cradle Catholics to witness to the Faith through everyday life. He presents proven and effective ways to touch those who have fallen away from the Church, even those with the most hardened of hearts.

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Customer Comments

This strengthened my belief in the Catholic Church and helped me feel proud and confident about defending our Faith through example. Ariel - Whiting, IN
This is an excellent form of catechesis. I rate this a 10 out of 10! Mary - Huntley, IL
Dr. Hahn does a great job explaining in simple terms something that could be difficult to understand, providing listeners with the knowledge necessary to explain a subject such as the Eucharist. Veronica - Huntersville, NC
The speaker was wonderful - easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed it so much! We are very new Catholics! Julie - Tooele, UT
Many times I asked myself, what is passover about? Why is this feast so important, and why did our Lord Jesus die on the cross at this time? This CD gave the answers. I can now explain to my kids why we go to Mass every Sunday, and why we have to confess and take part of the Eucharist. I will listen to this CD more times so I can learn more from it. Thank you! Monica - Fort Wayne, IN
Myrna - Brampton, ON
I have received much instruction through other evangelical churches over the years, but I stayed in the Catholic Church receiving the sacraments. I have prayed for revival in our Church and the coming home of our children and relatives. This talk needs to go viral! My prayer is that of Philippians 1:6: "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Thank you so much. The Knights of Columbus in our parish has provided these CDs for anyone who wanted them at Christmas Mass. Anita - Calgary, AB
I have had the privilege of listening to many of Dr. Hahn's CDs on many subjects. Very interesting and informative. It has immensely helped me in understanding my Catholic religion better. As well, I feel God is using me to reach out to my fallen-away relatives and friends with whom I have had a few discussions on religion. This CD, I know, will help me in many ways. Louise - Mississauga, ON
Made me more aware of the importance of the Holy Eucharist, the whole idea of Mass, and being a Catholic. MaryBeth - Thorp, WI
Practical, real-life examples of being confronted by fallen-away Catholics, relating responses back to the bible, and the Word of God and Jesus. I listen to Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs while I'm traveling in my car... I don't want them to end. I listen to many of them repeatedly because they are so chock-full of good information that I want (and need) to absorb! Grand Rapids, MN
As a 74 year old cradle Catholic, I learned a great deal, especially about the Passover cups. Scott always does a wonderful job and is a great speaker. This will help me to hopefully bring my fallen away catholic family members back. Margaret B. - Knoxville, TN
It brought my attention to the urgency with which we must help others realise the need to commune with Jesus in the Eucharist, hence the need to belong to the church. Obiajunwa - Ile-Ife
This talk made me view sharing my faith with fallen away Catholics in a new and different way. It taught me how to effectively share my faith. James - LaGrange Park, IL
What I liked best was the scripture references to the Eucharist, especially from the last supper to "it is finished". I always knew that Jesus was the Lamb to slaughter and the sacrifice; however, it was so interesting how it actually ties in. Janine - Buena Vista, CO
Dr Hahn speaks from first hand knowledge from his conversion, his enthusiasm and scriptural understanding as a basis to help people to look to receive the answers to their questions of their faith. This can lead them back or to begin to influence other non-Catholics to consider the Catholic faith as the real source of belief in Jesus Christ and receive the fullness of truth. James - Rochester, NY
Dr. Scott Hahn clarify for me the Perpetual Sacrifice of Christ and why Christ keeps in a constant state of the slain lamb in Heaven (no blood or pain) on our behalf. Dr. Hahn does a great job of making the disction between the Ancient Passover Traditions (Slain lamb that is consume) to New Passover/New Offering (Slain lamb becomes the New Covenant with God) in form of Jesus and the Crucifixion. Thereby making the Eucharistic Feast in the upper Room and Calvary inseparateable. Great teacher and easy to follow. Thank you Dr. Ida Muorie Ida - Longwood, FL
I learned something I hadn't ever heard about the marital covenant Scott Hahn explains. That in the marital covenant the two become one, and God has designed it so that when the two become one, they become so one that nine months later you might just have to give it a name. And that child who is conceived, embodies the oneness that God has made the two through the marital act. This is all the way that God has designed the marital covenant. God said, "Let us make man in our image and likeness," and God, who is three in one, made man, male and female, and said, "Be fruitful and multiply." The two shall become one and when the two become one, the one they become is a third child, and then they become three in one. Scott Hahn Randy - Thornton , CO
Dr. Scott Hahn needs no feedback. He inspires many with his talks. I have ordered many of his subjects and do not feel I can give any constructive criticism. My only advise...keep inspiring your listening audience. I share with my family, the subjects I have purchased via Mp3. That is absolutely genius. I can't criticize modern technology because it has given me so much with lighthouse Catholic Media downloads. Thanks. Marian J - Carstairs, AB, AB
MaryLou - Charlevoix, MI
Everything about this talk was phenomenal. It isn't enough to listen to it twice! Definitely a talk that will be heard again and again until it sinks in permanently. Rebekkah - clay, NY