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I'm Not Being Fed

Jeff Cavins

Jeff Cavins explores and responds to some of the reasons why so many people have left the Catholic Church for evangelical Christianity. As he presents the story of his return to Catholicism, Cavins also builds a case for why the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ.

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Customer Comments

A remarkable teaching. I will share this with many people… so full of answers! Lydia – Windham, NH
This message is so timely. The Catholic Church has the deepest well and the largest smorgasbord of God’s delights. John – Gilbert, AZ
I have listened to this particular talk three times now and it is so incredible. I cannot even imagine who could listen to this and not want to be Catholic!!! It was presented well, and I am making a list of who I can give it to. Thanks so much Jeff!! Teri - Wheatland, MO
Very informative. Renewed my faith in Catholicism. The end was very moving and I got teary-eyed...in a good way! Lisa - Loveland, CO
Loved the fact that the Holy Eucharist is real food, and we don't always appreciate the incredible value it has. Very inspirational. I want this to share with friends. I like that Jeff used scripture to tie his points together. Carol - Salem, OR
It's a really amazing and touching CD... it is a must! I would invite my fellow Christians from different denominations to listen to this CD. God bless! Jad - Markham, ON
Excellent talk - I highly recommend this to anyone interested in understanding about the Eucharist and how Jesus feeds us! Elena - CA
I hope that the bible-based discussion of the Eucharist will be of interest (and help) to my fallen away relatives. I found it very enriching and satisfying myself. Robert - Wilton, NH
This is the first program I have listened to, and I am impressed. It is definitely worth sharing! The subject matter, as well as the way it was presented, was key as a faith builder for myself. And because it was presented in such a light but direct way, I feel comfortable sharing it with as many others as I can. Thank you and God bless. Nancy - Philadelphia, MO
I always enjoy listening to testimonials such as this one, or from Scott Hahn, as to the views of someone who has viewed the Catholic Faith from outside the Church's viewpoint. I found that the CD's major point of the importance of the true transubstantiation of Christ in the Liturgy of the Eucharist only serves to deepen my love of this beautiful sacrament. In the most humble manner possible, I can't begin to explain how blessed I feel to be able to partake in the mysteries, sacraments and rituals of the Church. Cameron - Concord, NH
Well presented, with honesty and humor. What I have felt and sought for several years now. It's good to come home. Michael - Fort Worth, TX
Very interesting, informational and moving... Yajaira - Cypress, TX
I've been Catholic my whole life and I, too, have had moments when I've felt, "I'm not being fed." Jeff Cavins' words reassured me that I am being fed in ways I hadn't thought of. Great talk! Everyone should listen to it, even if you do feel like you are being fed. Houston, TX
The entire thing was educational and inspirational. Mr. Cavins touched a nerve in me about what I expect from attending Mass and what I receive by attending Mass. I don't think I'll ever be able to attend Mass with the attitude which I've been attending the past couple of years. It had a profound effect on my thinking and my heart. Judy - Kouts, IN
It benefited me because I had also left the church and have since returned; however, after listening to his talk, it made me realize that it's not the Church's fault that I made the decision to leave. I am even more grateful for returning than I was before :-) Marilynn - Sutter Creek, CA
I am a Catholic who has not fallen away. However, I know many who have. Sharing this CD with others is necessary for conversions of heart. Many of my family have fallen away from the Catholic Church, and it is so true knowing that they have missed the beauty of our Faith...the HOLY EUCHARIST! Marjorie - Buckeye, AZ
I love the practicality of the testimony. I am very active in apologetics, and I often find that "Dueling Scriptures" is better supported with human reasoning as well. Ji - Cary, NC
Thank you for putting it online. I linked it to 2 people. One, my daughter who left the Church in the last two months for the reasons your CD talked about and the second, a pastor of a small church in New Foundland. Wendy - Barrie, ON
I like the way the speaker used Scripture to explain his points. I am a cradle Catholic who has taken a lot of wrong and confusing paths into other denominations,over the course of many years, the latest one being the LDS Church. I thought I had arrived at a decision and could stick with it but frustratingly I still find myself not satisfied and still looking for that 'something more', which I suspect may lie in the Catholic Church where my spiritual journey originally began..I found this talk very helpful indeed. Thank you. Deanne - Kallangur, QLD
I like the fact that it was "Bible-based," which is very helpful when discussing these issues with non-Catholic friends. I also found very interesting his take on the responses Jesus got when he asked the Apostles "Who do people say that I am?". This was a unique and new perspective...for me, anyway. Michael - Saint Louis, MO
After hearing Jeff talk about the Eucharist and the two parts of the Mass, I will have a much better understanding of the Mass. I liked the scripture readings he read too. God bless Jeff Cavins. Ivan M. - Machesney Park, IL
The two questions: Who is ultimately responsible for feeding me? What will I eat? are so profound and eloquently discussed. By reducing the ignorance about the Holy Eucharist, the Church will gain more converts and see less Catholics leaving. Also, it provided one of the best, biblical arguments for the need of authority. Thank you! Clint - Ellis, KS
What I like most is the fact that he used the Bible to explain the origin of the Catholic Church and the meaning of the Eucharist. It was easy to follow and it has helped me with some of my family and friends who had drifted away from the Church. Jimmy - New Orleans, LA
I understood the explanations and like the comparisons. This talk (along with many others you offer) help me to understand the Catholic faith better, deeper and more fully. As I convert I cannot get enough 'learning'. Robin - Cherokee, IA
I was raised and born Catholic but I too have thought I was not being fed because I was not understanding my Catholic faith. After hearing this I started craving for more talk so I subscribed for mp3 of the month to feed my soul. Alec - Burnaby, BC
Connecting the Feeding of the 5,000 and the preaching to our Mass where we have Minstry of the Word and of the Eucharist. Well done bringing forth the richness of where we as Catholics started,"Who do you say I am" It brings tears to imagine hearing Peter, being led by the Holy Spirit, with his response! Matthew - Tucson, AZ
I am a self professed bible guy. A recent convert from Orthodox Christianity and never heard the bible evidence for the formation of the church authority through Peter. A stronger argument than the Orthodox argument of the Truth is the Rock and the Baptist non recognition of apostolic succession. Daniel - Pottsville, PA
We've been a fan of Jeff Cavins for a long time now, but had not heard his complete conversion story! It is very powerful! He speaks to Catholics, fallen away Catholics and those outside the church in a very open and honest way! He gives us fuel for this call to evangelize! We need to have this information so we can "meet people where they are at"... especially those outside the church who "think" they know their bible! Catholics know more than they think! We just need to know how to apply it! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
Such a powerful cd that people should listen to it often. Fairfield, OH
When you can hear the message over and over in your car, it becomes clearer. I am very into apologetics and hope one day to pass the message in a way like this cd. Michael - Naples, FL
Great talk, very educational. Touch on lots of great points mireya - Santa Ana, CA
Oh wow. This CD opened up my eyes to something that, even in my faith, I was still taking for granted. Rosemary - Glen Ellyn, IL
Jeff's story is inspiring... He reminds us how lucky we are as Catholics to have years and years of knowledge and inspiration backing up all of the teachings of the Catholic church Kate - BEAMSVILLE, ON
It made the distinction between Catholicism and the Protestant faiths. It made Catholicism relevant. I want to give the cd to all my Catholic friends and family who have fallen away from mass. Dave - Roanoke, VA
This talk makes me realize how I was very skeptic on Catholicism without really trying to know more about it. I place myself in every part of the talk and makes me think, yeah, I'm like that. Anne Michelle - Davao City
I found that his personal Witness and his enthusiasm for our true Shepherd, our teacher who instituted the church was absolutely amazing! I went to mass this morning with a whole new love for the Eucharist. Truly seeing Jesus' sacrifice for me and for the whole world. L - Escondido , CA
I am personally so thankful for Jeff Cavins and his ministry to our Lord. He has a way of sharing that meets the average person without making them feel he is above them. I am a convert for over 50+ yrs. and still struggle from time to time with what I left and where I am in my Catholic faith and I so appreciate Jeff's personal insights that he has experienced and how he has grown to love the Catholic Faith. I too want that love bubbling up inside of me and not thinking I should be back in my previous Baptist background. Thank you again Jeff for all you do to help us grow closer to the one we should be growing closer to, Jesus Christ and not what another faith has to offer (music, teaching, etc.) but as a Catholic we know they do not have to offer the gift of the Eucharist, daily if we so choose. I cherish my Baptist background and thank God that I did receive Him as my Lord and Savior as a young person but so want to let go of that past and continue to grow stronger in my Catholic faith & belief. I treasure your prayers for me and my growth. Love in Jesus our Lord & Savior, June June - Akron, NY
Jeff Cavins is amazing! This talk was fantastic! I found myself yelling out in agreement as I listened in my living room. I have to figure out how to get my evangelical Christian family members to listen. Meredith - Milwaukee, WI
Pointed out all the lies that I had believed but have recently seen as lies. Very inspiring and challenging. Manistee, MI
I LOVED this talk! Jeff Cavins so eloquently explains, through Biblical references, exactly what I've witness my entire life, but didn't really know how it came to be. Everyone knows the miracle of the five loaves and two fish. But how that became the Mass, and how He broke them up into Parishes…Wow! I especially loved Jeff's explanation of Psalm 23. Again, everyone knows that, but the history behind a real life shepherd's experiences and knowledge of leading the sheep down the right path….again, Wow! I have some friends who have left the Catholic Church. I would love to share this with them. Paula - Ft. Drum, NY
I really got some good insights in hearing the complaints and Jeff's answers David - Padadena, MD
Jeff gave me "ammunition" that brings to light what drew people away from the church and what they gave up for temporary enjoyment that really didn't feed them either but tickled their senses. Greg - Mount Pleasant, SC