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Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

Dr. Brant Pitre

Dr. Brant Pitre uses the Hebrew Scriptures and Jewish tradition to frame the actions of Jesus at the Last Supper, and to provide a fresh look at the heart of Catholic practice — the Eucharist. By taking us back to the Jewish roots of our faith, Dr. Pitre gives us a powerful lens through which to see anew the bread of the presence, the manna, the Last Supper, and ultimately the meaning of the Eucharist.

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Customer Comments

Amazing teaching on the Eucharist!! Such fullness; so rich in history... The more I learn, the more I love our Faith! Lydia - Windham, NH
Brilliant!! Very clearly shows the foreshadowing of the Eucharist in the Old Testament. Helene - Peachtree City, GA
Dr. Pitre helps us to think like a first century Jew to better understand the most Holy Eucharist! This CD is very insightful and practical... a must-have for the serious Catholic! Joshua - Covina, CA
Great CD! It’s amazing how much information was new to me. Dr. Pitre makes it so clear that God has a plan of salvation that crosses the centuries, and that the Eucharist was a central focus of that plan. Charlie - Hunt Valley, MD
I love it when the Old and New Testaments are tied together and explained so clearly; it makes you realize how much God has thought of us throughout time and how carefully He has planned for us. Dr. Pitre beautifully simplifies the depth and magnificence of The Eucharist. Theresa - Rock Hill, SC
This CD is very informative. My daughter and I have come to understand the importance and the meaning of the Eucharist. I recommend this for all Catholics who are confused as to what the Eucharist is and why we take it. In this deeper understanding, we feel closer to Christ and are able to appreciate and marvel at this Sacrament of the Eucharist that is often taken for granted. Lilian - Toronto, ON
I especially appreciated the discussion of the Tabernacle, and the presence of the Holy Trinity there. Joshua - Natchez, LA
The wisdom, the truth, and the logic is amazing. I never, in over 70 years, tied the OT and NT relationship of the Eucharist. Highly recommend this CD to/for every Catholic ... and Protestant, too! Greg - Walkersville, MD
It really gave great biblical examples of why we believe in the Eucharist as the True Body and Blood. I now have such a deeper understanding of the Eucharist! Kelsey - Gardner, MA
I enjoyed it because it was so informational and brought a clear and concise history of the Eucharist. Michael - San Diego, CA
I always knew that our Catholic Faith was rooted in Sacred Jewish Scripture and customs. I now have a CD to reinforce my convictions. I am planning on additional purchases to give to my Catholic and "bible only" friends. Chester - Toledo, OH
Lately, I have been feeling the need to know more about my faith. This CD was so good that I purchased the book. I also joined the CD of the Month Club. Vilma - Dothan, AL
The presentation was very clear and easy to understand. The presenter was engaging, and the presentation was well-grounded in Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Rev. Matthew - Cincinnati, OH
The connection of the OT to the NT; the OT looked upon from 'new eyes' of Jesus. Robert - Westminster, MD
Very informative; gave a new Jewish perspective of the Passover never known before. Vincent - La Mesa, CA
I think the information garnered from this CD is valuable to Catholics everywhere. I have heard some of what Dr. Pitre was talking about, but not all. I appreciate learning all I can about my Catholic Faith. Sandy - Pittsburgh, PA
Absolutely eye-opening! Gives a clear understanding of the Eucharist. Jennifer - Vienna, WV
He is a very articulate speaker. Charlene - Norton, OH
It was very organized and informative, and interesting to listen to. Krist - Meridian, ID
Fascinating! I never knew the scriptural background of the Eucharist. Looking at it through the eyes of a Jewish person of the first century supports our understanding of the Eucharist. This would be a good addition to a bible study of the Eucharist. Marianne - Woodstock, IL
AMAZING! The connection between the Jewish faith and the Catholic faith brought me closer to God. Stephen - Robertsdale, AL
The clear path revelation from the Old Covenant to our New Covenant. Carroll - Alexandria, VA
It made very clear the rootedness of the Eucharist in Jewish tradition and how Jesus brought the face of God to us in communion with Him. It increased the depth of my understanding of the Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Ingrid - Dundas, ON
I entered the Catholic Church around 1973 04 74. I had worshiped previously within the Anglican faith, as did my mother, sister and grandmother. This was a true blessing for me. My husband was Catholic, as were our fist three children. When I entered the church in answer to a call of the Holy Spirit within my own heart, as a act of obedience, never joy. I missed bible study and fellowship. This I found by joining a bible study group within the Presbyterian Church, with a generous neighbour.. Here I was going to Mass every week with family and seeking scripture study though our Protestant sisters and brothers . Praise our gracious God for banging in in those early years. Now, not only am I fed with The Holy Sacrifice, now through talks and tapes I have been privilidged to be fed once again through Sacred Scripture. Within the Catholic Church. Thank you, to Dr Scott Hahn and Dr Brant Pitre. Judee - Redcliffe City, QLD
I love listening to Dr. Brant Piitre anytime I found it particularly fascinating to discover how much of our Eucharist goes back to Jewish roots. I have listened to this cd several times and discover something new every time. Thanks so much for all of your cds Kathy - Pawnee, OK
I am a cradle catholic. This talk was exceptionally intriguing and educational. Brant Pitre is one of the best speakers I've listened to. I bought this book because of this CD and it also is incredible. It makes me realize how "Jewish" our Catholic faith and traditions are. I also got "The Fourth Cup" CD by Scott Hahn because of this one and it also is exceptional. Everyone, especially Catholics should listen to these! It makes you truly appreciate out faith and it's origins! Nancy - Woodland Park, CO
Dr. Pitre has taken us into the depths of understanding of Jesus and the disciples as Temple and Priests in way that was truly inspiring. The eating of flesh as it pertained to the manna and quail was powerful. We need this level of depth in order to grow deeper in our souls. Michael - Columbia, MO
While I was aware of the Judaic roots of Catholicism and the Passover Seder as the beginning of a new Covenant, Dr. Pitre brought the whole experience to life. he is an excellent lecturer who obviously knows and lives the faith and passes that enthusiasm on to his listeners. I look forward to other lectures in the future. Eugene - Bolingbrook, IL
connecting our Jewish roots with our faith Jan - Antwerp, OH
It opened my eyes to the depth and breadth of the Eucharist. It inflamed my soul with love and understanding even more than I'd had before listening to it. Every Catholic should listen to it, every fallen-away Catholic and Protestant should listen to it. Ginger - springfield, VA
Having picked up Dr. Pitre's book last year at the Eucharistic Congress in Ireland, I was delighted to find that there was a DVD. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to share, in detail, all that this fantastic book contains; the DVD has done it for me. Many, many people do not know the Faith or understand Holy Mass, especially the young and their young parents, so this DVD helps them to have their "eyes opened". I teach First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes each year, and I will include this in the Community Service requirement for the Confirmation children. Pauline - Mississauga, ON
Upon participating in an ACTS retreat, my life began to open up with a new burst of Faith and love for the Catholic teachings. I am currently reading and reflecting on a "do it yourself retreat" that just makes me more hungry for Jesus in the Eucharist and the fullness of truth. God has given me such Blessings and I want to pass them on to everyone I meet. since I do travel quite a bit, I carry the CD's and distribute what I have picking up more as I go in some of the churches I visit for Mass. It is surprising how few churches have these available. I learn so much from them. Thanks and God Bless. Mary Ann - Boyce, LA
I love to learn about the Covenants of the Old Testament---How they all lead up to the New Covenant (Eucharistic). This really helps me to have a strong foundation to build upon as it pertains to understanding the big picture of the Bible and Salvation History. I also appreciate the free study guide on this talk that you offer on the webpage. John - camden, DE
The talk was truly inspiring. It brought together the knowledge I have of scripture and joined all the dots together to give the full picture of the face of God in the presence of the Eucharist. Amazing teaching. Highly recommended. Gemma - Cumnock
The explanation of the 2 passovers Moira - Avoca Beach, NSW
I found this talk to be very uplifting and encouraging. Highly recommended. Gerard - Ann Arbor, MI
Very insightful in connecting scriptures on the Eucharist from the OT. Dr. Pitre is comprehensive and prayerful in his approach and uses good humor at times. He helps us understand the centrality of the Eucharis in our lives. It is a real plus that he makes notes on the CD available. Robert - Mandeville, LA
As someone trying to learn more about my faith, I enjoyed the clear, simple presentation that I was able to follow easily. I enjoyed it so much I ordered the book. Thank you. Carlos - Austin, TX