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Made for Greatness: Runway Model Turns to Christ

Leah Darrow

"Leah Darrow's testimony is a powerful example of God's mercy at work." 
-Jason Evert, founder of Chastity Project

"Leah Darrow has a true gift for sharing a Christ-Centered vision that is relevant, compelling, and engaging." 
Curtis Martin, founder of FOCUS

Leah Darrow was a fashion model in New York City and a reality TV contestant on America's Next Top Model. She now travels the world sharing her unique experiences in the beauty industry. Leah now speaks to tens of thousands of people each year to audiences as diverse as a United Nations panel, the World Trade Center in Manila Philippines, Pro-Life events, and local parishes on five different continents. In this presentation, learn how the pursuit of pop culture's definition of love and happiness led to a moment of mercy and conversion in Leah's life.

To learn more about Leah's ministry, to read her blog, or to have Leah speak at your next event, visit LeahDarrow.com and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Customer Comments

Leah Darrow has a true gift for sharing a Christ-Centered vision that is relevant, compelling, and engaging. Curtis Martin - Founder of FOCUS
Leah gives a powerful testimony; honest, eye-opening, and full of hope! Cristina - Manassas, VA
Leah's openness and honesty about her past is totally healing. Anyone can begin again with God. Just ask and you will receive! Julie - Sterling, VA
Leah's story of losing her way, only to be brought back into God's grace through her realization of her value as a child of Christ and the love of her family, was inspiring and uplifting. Al - Laredo, TX
Captivating! She keeps you on the edge of your seat as you want to hear more. Judith - Conroe, TX
Very insightful! If we define the terms for living our lives in the truth of being in Christ, God will never compromise our happiness! Mark - Bethel Park, PA
Funny and uplifting talk about purity and confession. Very inspiring. Jennifer - Tampa, FL
Rapid fire revelation of reality TV and a conversion that touched my heart as a prodigal son. Excellent! Barney - Overland Park, KS
I truly enjoyed her honesty and think many women could benefit from her talk! I also enjoyed how she mentioned the lies media wants us to believe. Brittany - Huron, SD
I can't wait for my daughters to be old enough to listen to this talk. What an amazing witness to our faith! JP - Derby, CT
A light in the darkness of today's culture! This talk inspires courage to stay pure. Anna - Tucson, AZ
A very encouraging conversion story in the midst of "Reality TV" times … with an uplifting and liberating message delivered so simply. Diana - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Leah's story reminds us that God's mercy can work in anyone at any anytime! Mike - Philly, PA
very inspiring and gave me courage Steve - Harbor Beach, MI
My favorite part of the talk was her honesty and what made her turn back to God. I want to share it with my teens. Michele - Rochester , NY
Leah's courage to say no in the face of modern culture's lack of modesty Carey - Hagerman, ID
Leah shares her past transgressions to save the youth from taking the wrong path and shows how we can ask for forgiveness of our own transgressions, through confession. Robert - Grande Prairie, AB
It was a real life testimony of an intense conversion that touched my heart deeply. Rosemary - West St. Paul, MN
Meaningful testimony especially for young people! Mary Martha - Winston-salem, NC
The topic of searching for love and happiness in the wrong place is not only valuable for girls and young women, but also for young men. I plan to listen to it with my children, nieces, and nephews. Budd Lake, NJ
Enlightening. Entertaining and full of truth and encouragement for youth Josie - Bel Air, MD
We have a daughter with a similar story and it gives us hope that our prayers will be answered Maryjane - Machipongo, VA
Personal story is always very inspiring. When people hear the speakers talks about their real struggles, real challenges and how they share their story of redemption thru God's mercy and grace, listener can relate to it and it can touch their lives. Leah was very courageous to speak about her past, her iniquities and was not ashamed to tell everyone. For me I think, this talk is very powerful especially to our young listeners. Highly recommended. More power to lighthouse program. Charito - Rolesville, NC
I was at SHU Women's Conference and heart Leah in person. I am so grateful that Lighthouse was at the Conference so I could purchase her CD and to be able to share it with my daughters and grandchildren. Thank You for the good work you do. Angie Angie - Closer, NJ
Her story is inspiring and made me cry! Heather - Brighton , CO
Leahs testinony was really, really great! Im purchasing copies for all the young women on my Christmas gift list! The live audience really enhanced her message. Thank you Lisa - Flushing, MI
She found her way back to the Lord Ray - Meridian, ID
I heard it on Spirit FM out of Tampa, Florida on the online radio and it was such an inspirational presentation! Chyna - 13148, NY
It was very relate able to my own feeling,views, and personal experience. Maria - Va beach, VA
The power of the testimony Miguel - Windermere, FL