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Marriage and Family - Love Unveiled

Dr. Scott Hahn

Good relationships and marriages are of vital importance to individuals, the Church and society overall, but real effort and wisdom are indispensible to making them strong and lasting. In this focused presentation Dr. Scott Hahn shares key principles that he has lived out in his own life. His advice is practical and challenging and sometimes requires sacrifice, but it is sure to bear good fruit and bring forth many blessings.

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Family & Parenting, Marriage


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Customer Comments

Brilliant words of wisdom... A great engagement or wedding gift! Julie - Sterling, VA
A wonderful and practical talk on how the issues that every family encounters can be addressed in ways that reflect the love that God has for the family. Charlie - Cockeysville, MD
A wonderful reminder that love is a decision... Great advice for keeping the fire of love alive in marriage! Helene - Peachtree City, GA
A remedy for troubled marriages and inspired guidance for all men and women to make their marriages - and their families — better. Monica - Witchita, KS
I really enjoyed how the "Our Father" prayer was broken down and explained. We say this every week at Mass, if not more often, but I have never before comprehended what we are really praying when we say those words. I also really liked the tips that were given for both the spousal relationship, as well as family life. Stephanie - Hays, KS
It most certainly opened my heart to receive the love of Jesus into my soul. I would like to think that I had a strong faith, but at times, in difficult situations, I ask the question "My God, why me?" Now I am learning, "Why not me?" I have listened to the CD Love Unveiled and can relate to everything that Dr. Hahn talks about; I live them every day. Rosemarie
Practical, biblical. John - Ridgeland, MS
We use this in our parish for couples getting married and doing marriage instructions in our church. Wonderful information to live by. I always love Dr. Scott Hahn's talks! Great for those getting married and those who have been married for a few years or many years! A good reminder that we, as couples, are called to 'be Christ' to our spouses. Maria - Napoleon, ND
Always love Scott Hahn. He just has a way of making everything so clear and simple. P - Huntington Beach, CA
Scott Hahn is always EXCELLENT -- great delivery, great message. I greatly appreciate your customer service! Jeanne - Los Alamos, NM
I thought this was such a great CD. I ordered 10 or 12 and gave one to our pastor for Pre-Cana classes and have given many out to newly married or engaged couples as a gift. Mary - Ronkonkoma, NY
This was reasonably priced. I enjoyed his list of using language in the marriage - like learning and using the language at liturgy. Randy - Ironton, OH
My wife and I listened to it, we agreed on most said, we were doing some already before (like praying the rosary with our 4 kids), but stopped so now we are starting again. It opened our eyes to say things that sometimes we neglect to say like "I love you", "Thank you" and "I'm sorry." Mervin - East Windsor, NJ
It was very practical and profound at the same time. I feel any couple from engaged to those celebrating their 50th anniversary (or more!) can benefit from it. I have a great marriage, but it reminded me that you must never take this for granted. It encouraged me to fine tune the things Dr. Hahn mentioned. Sandra - Parkland, FL
It opened my eyes to how much my wife means to me - that communication is a very important part of marriage. Thomas - Coleman, MI
Absolutely YES - keep this CD in your collection. I've been married nearly 32 years, and the total message is of great value. If I had listened to it prior to getting married, or during my early years of marriage, it would also have been of great value. It mirrored (and reminded me) of some of the things our priest taught us during our pre-marriage instruction. It's beneficial to married couples, as well as families. Thank you, Dr. Scott Hahn. Grand Rapids, MN
This CD made me think and made me yearn to be a better wife and put it into action from the moment I turned off the CD. It also opened my eyes to see marriage as a sacrament. Thank you! Julia - Middletown, RI
I obtained this CD from my parish. It was entertaining and educational. I loved this CD! Duane - Mt. Morris, MI
My husband and I listened to this on our 8th anniversary and found it amazing! I wish would of listened to it years ago. Dr. Hahn has given great key principles in living out a great marriage. This is a new CD that I plan to give as a wedding gift. Anne - Troy, OH
It reminded me of the importance of putting my marriage first, going on regular date nights and trusting my husband. The quote that struck me the most: "I've never gone wrong when I trusted you. And I've never gone right when I didn't trust you." Elizabeth - Bedford, TX
First one I listened to hooked my right off the bat. God Bless Scott Hahn. IL
I am engaged and received "Marriage and Family" as part of a gift when I was received into the Church last Sunday. It not only gave me invaluable information and insight about marriage and family, but a deep sense of calm and peace. One that I know originates and comes from a close relationship with Christ and growing closer and stronger with Him. Carrie - Union, OH