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Mary: Handmaid of the Lord

Blessed Mother Teresa

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta is known throughout the world as a woman who was totally committed to the Gospel. In this inspiring talk, she shares her insights on the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model of womanhood and perfect discipleship. She shows us that we, too, can do the will of God by saying "Yes" to the Lord in the big and little things in our lives; nothing is too insignificant.

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Customer Comments

I rate this CD a 10! It gave me more understanding of why Mother Mary must be honored. Luke - Calgary, AB
To hear Mother Teresa's own words about compassion for human life was inspiring. I have shared it with family and friends. Barbara - Lansing, MI
It encourage me more to put all my trust in the Divine Mercy of God though the Sacred Heart of Jesus and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All my life, Mama Mary's intercession is proven true and very real to my whole life. I would be very willing to share our Blessed Mother's intercession in my life from childhood until this very moment. God bless us all and God's power to the Lighthouse Catholic Media community. Malouh - Pinellas Park, FL
It was very inspiring to hear directly from Mother Teresa! And what I can do as a woman! Alexandria - Lancaster, PA
The talks penetrated my heart. Hearing the voice of a saint made me grieve about my inability to serve as much as she did. The passionate presentation of Dr. Hahn made me want to endeavor to learn more. Agnes - Las Flores, CA
I love listening to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and Scott Hahn makes the bible come alive. Patricia - Clifton Park, NY
Blessed Mother Teresa speaks with the voice and words of Jesus - it was wonderful to hear her again. If anything, it was too short :) Scott Hahn ALWAYS teaches me so many things about scripture, especially about the parallels and connections between the Old and New Covenants. I love to hear his lectures. I know he's on fire for the Faith. Kerrie - Albuquerque, NM
I very much enjoyed hearing Mother Teresa speak. Sam - Laredo, TX
Simple and concise. Anonymous
You could hear the compassionate love that absorbed Blessed Mother Theresa. It was amazing to think about how, as Blessed Mother Theresa pointed out, the acts of our Mother Mary and the Sisters of Charity were "little", but since they were done with great love had been some of the most transforming and powerful acts for the glory of God and against the Enemy (especially in the case of Mary). This has helped me recognize more fully the great significance my little everyday acts can have and how, God, in his omnipotence, can make the smallest of acts, such as a simple 'yes', bring about greater achievement than the greatest of acts could hope for, if He so chooses. Caeles - Tucson, AZ
I like how I was able to hear Mother Teresa in first person. I felt that I had a deeper understanding of what faith and being a catholic really is. Marion - Singapore
I've never listened to Mother Teresa before listening to this CD. I felt very peaceful after hearing her voice. Barbara - Camdenton, MO
This CD was so powerful and it waM my introduction to Lighthouse Catholic Media. This CD is so inspiring and it will help you live out your Marian consecration by telling you "What would Mary do?" I am hopeful that we can get Lighthouse Media for our parish. Thank you. mary - carlisle, PA
I loved being able to listen to Blessed Mother Teresa's voice talking her own personal relationship and experience with Mary in her life. Cecilia - Lincoln, NE
I cannot say anything specific that benefitted me, but just that overall I enjoyed the CD, including the part by Dr. Hahn. As a lifelong practicing Catholic, I did not find anything life shattering or profound, there were parts that made me think a little more. Jim - Gustavus, OH
I wrote down the 4 things to becoming a better version of myself and intend to do them! Sunshine - Yorktown, HI