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Our Lady of Guadalupe

Luis Soto

Many people have heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but few people know her story. In this talk, speaker and catechist Luis Soto (who himself was born and raised in Mexico) shares the little-known history and life-changing importance of Mary's appearance to a peasant man named Juan Diego, and the miraculous image she left behind. Loved by millions (including St. John Paul II), Our Lady of Guadalupe is a patron and example of how to share the Gospel with the whole world.


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Encountering the Poor: Biblical Roots for Catholic Social Teaching

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This talk encouraged me to truly live the Biblical call to recognize and serve my brothers and sisters in need. Miles - Belvidere, IL



“This is the thrilling romance of Orthodoxy. People have fallen into a foolish habit of speaking of orthodoxy as something heavy, humdrum, and safe. There never was anything so perilous or so exciting as orthodoxy.”
–G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

In a time when relativism prevails in our culture, the choice to be an “orthodox” Christian can seem “heavy, humdrum, and safe.” G.K. Chesterton recognized this over a hundred years ago, and it is still true today: people have become deaf and blind to the high adventure of the Christian Faith.

Of the numerous works that Chesterton wrote, the most brilliant synthesis of his philosophy and deeply religious faith is manifested in his masterpiece, Orthodoxy. Written when he was only thirty-four, it tells, in his inimitable, soaring prose, of his earthshaking discovery that orthodoxy is the only satisfactory answer to the riddle of the universe. Orthodoxy is perhaps the most outstanding example of the originality of his style and the brilliance of his thought. C.S. Lewis and many other emerging Christian thinkers have found this book a pivotal step in their adoption of a credible Christian Faith.

In Orthodoxy, Chesterton sets out on a quest to defend Christianity–contemplating its strange yet true paradoxes, examining today's unhinged modern philosophies, and ultimately concluding with the deliriously joyful truth of the Good News. Never has a defense of Christianity been so compellingly unorthodox as in Orthodoxy. An intellectual and spiritual autobiography of sorts, Orthodoxy describes Chesterton's journey, a rip-roaring adventure, of discovering the ONe who is Goodness, Truth, and Beauty itself.

About the Author

G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) was one of the most beloved and prolific writers of the twentieth century. He established his fame as a playwright, novelist, poet, literary commentator, pamphleteer, essayist, lecturer, apologist, and editor. THe depth and range of his work are astonishing.

A convert to Catholicism in 1922, he defended the Church long before he was Catholic himself. Known in his time for his distinctive appearance and astonishing presence, he is known today as the “prince of paradox” and the “apostle of common sense.”

Product Details

– Copyright 1908, this edition re-printed in 2018
– Paperback
– 205 Pages


Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained


“The Catholic Faith Finally Makes Sense to me!”

That's what many people around the world are saying after viewing the acclaimed film series Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained. Now in this book, Symbolonhost and best-selling author Edward Sri walks you through all the key aspects of the Catholic Faith with the same clarity and beauty as the film documentary, while addressing common questions such as:

– Why do I need a church? Can't I just be spiritual?
– Don't impose your morality on me! Who are you to judge?
– Isn't one religion just as good as another?
– Why do Catholics worship Mary?
– Why should I confess my sins to a priest?
– How do I know that God really hears our prayers?

Excellent for RCIA, adult faith formation, and families, Sri's easy-to-read style appeals to both the head and the heart as he equips you to understand and live deeply your Catholic Faith.

Praise for Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

This book will be a breakthrough for many people. Dr. Sri shows divine love as the inner logic of the Catholic faith–the one thing that makes sense of everything we believe and do. His presentation is clear and simple, and it goes straight to the heart of the matter (and the hearts of readers).
–Scott Hahn, author, Rome Sweet Home

The Church is a bride whose beauty will speak for itself when she is unveiled. Dr. Sri has done just this through his characteristic charity and clarity, revealing the harmony and richness of the Catholic Faith.
–Jason Evert, author, Saint John Paul the Great

An outstanding catechetical resource, with the flexibility of being used for RCIA, adult faith formation, and catechist formation.
–Scott Sollom, Professor of Catechetics, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Product Details

– Paperback
– 2018
– 240 Pages
– Abridged version of Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained

About the Author

Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, internationally-known speaker, and author of several best-selling books, including, A Biblical Walk through the Mass and Who Am I to Judge? He is the host of several acclaimed faith formation film series, including Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained. He is a founding leader with Curtis Martin of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), where he currently serves as vice president of formation, and he is an adjunct professor at the Augustine Institute. More information on his work can be found at


A Do-It-at-Home Retreat

A Do-It-at-Home Retreat


This book is a most helpful and careful guide to anyone who desires to make an Ignatian retreat but is unable to make the Spiritual Exercises in a normal retreat. It is designed for those who want sincerely to place themselves “face to face” with God so as to order their lives along his loving designs. Fr. Ravier was an expert retreat master who gave Ignatian retreats for over 30 years.

Product Details

208 Pages
Book size: 5.25" x 8"
Published year: 2018
Abridged Edition

Praise for A Do-It-at-Home Retreat

“A superb book that provides excellent guidance for making the Spiritual Exercises on one’s own. Ravier’s clear and practical book answers a long felt need for a one volume guide to finding the will of God in the disposition of our life!”

–Fr. John Hardon, SJ, Author of The Catholic Catechism

“There is an urgent need for a ‘Do-It-At-Home’ Ignatian retreat. That need is beautifully met by Fr. Ravier. This book makes it possible for millions of Catholics to enter into the ‘interior castle’ of Christian mysticism. Those who thirst for a drink of holiness and mystical experience can now find it in this Ignatian retreat manual.”

–Fr. Kenneth Baker, SJ, Editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

“Fr. Ravier’s book will be most helpful for anyone who wants to attempt the richness of a retreat with the Spiritual Exercises by following his guidance. It will also be of great use to retreat masters themselves.”

–Fr. James Schall, SJ, Georgetown University


Spanish - Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Spanish - Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe es venerada con gran devoción en el Continente Americano. En esta plática, el orador y catequista Luis Soto (nacido y criado en México) nos ayuda a profundizar en esta gran historia y a entender por qué es llamada “Emperatriz de América” ó “Reina del Continente Americano” por millones de personas incluyendo el Papa San Juan Pablo II. Es a ella a quien recurren millones de personas pidiendo por su intercesión, recordando esta bellísima frase que le dijo al indígena de nombre Juan Diego: “No se entristezca tu corazón….¿Acaso no estoy yo aquí que soy tu madre?


Spanish - El Rezo del Rosario #1: Misterios Gozosos y Dolorosos

Spanish - El Rezo del Rosario #1: Misterios Gozosos y Dolorosos

El P. Ernesto María Caro es un sacerdote de la Arquidiócesis de Monterrey, México. En este audio nos acompaña e rezar el rosario a nuestra Madre Santísima y al inicio de cada misterio, et P. Caro nos ofrece una bella reflexión. Este es el cd 1 de 2 y contiene solamente los Misterios Gozosos y Dolorosos. El cd 2 contiene los Misterios Gloriosos y Luminosos, y puede ser adquirido junto a muchos otros productos del P. Ernesto María Caro, en o en


En este audio, el Padre Ernesto María Caro nos lleva paso a paso en el rezo del Santo Rosario. Recuerda que al escuchar un silencio, ahí es tu momente de responder a la oración que ha iniciado el P. Ernesto. Disfruta de la música, su ritom pausado de orar y sus silencios para hacerte parte de la oración.

Advent: Rethinking the Season

Advent: Rethinking the Season

Advent is an odd season. Unlike most other seasons, it’s a season that isn’t about itself, but is instead about preparing for Christmas. But that reality often gets lost in the shuffle and stress of trying to find all the right gifts, decorations, and dinner ingredients. In this talk, Dr. Tim Gray uses storytelling and the readings of the Old Testament to explain that we need to live the ‘pre-season’ of Advent well, so we can be prepared to welcome and receive the greatest gift God the Father wants to give us at Christmas: His Son, Jesus.


“Dr. Gray has an engaging way of teaching, with great stories and analogies. He makes the readings from Isaiah and the Old Testament really come alive, no matter the liturgical year. I learned so much about Advent from this talk.”

Spanish – Inocencia Robada: Protegiendo a mis hijos de la pornografía

Spanish – Inocencia Robada: Protegiendo a mis hijos de la pornografía

El reconocido autor y conferencista católico Matt Fradd, nos ofrece información de primera mano sobre los cambios en las formas y maneras de acceso a la pornografía en el Internet, haciéndola aún más peligrosa y dañina que antes. Matt pone en nuestras manos su experiencia para ayudarnos a proteger a nuestros hijos, y nos enseña herramientas específicas para que los padres podamos hablar sobre este tema tan importante con ellos a cualquier edad, antes de que hayan sido expuestos a la pornografía e incluso cuando ya lo han experimentado. 


Esta charla es extremadamente relevante para los problemas que vemos hoy en nuestra cultura. La ciencia detrás de todo fue muy interesante. Pete - Greenwood Village, CO

Customer Comments

“Luis is a joyful and intriguing presenter. He clearly loves Our Lady, and telling this remarkable story.”
“I had heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but not like this! I learned many new and interesting details that I didn’t know before.”