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Overcoming the New Age Movement

Matthew Arnold

Listen as a former new ager and Catholic convert Matthew Arnold shares his incredible journey from darkness into the light. Learn how this magic consultant and performer in the entertainment industry came to the truth that set him free from the powers of the occult as he talks about new age practices and their incompatibility with the timeless teachings of Christ and His Church.

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Church Teaching, Apologetics


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Customer Comments

Matthew describes the dangers of dabbling in new age practices such as tarot cards, and illustrates the evil origins of these practices. Larry - Cincinnati, OH
This made me aware of how broad and alive the new age movement is in our culture and helped me gain a better understanding of it. Sheila - Lincoln, NE
One of the most honest and informative talks I have ever heard on the errors of the New Age movement. What makes it more interesting is the fact that Matthew Arnold himself was a former New Ager. I would recommended this talk for everyone, but particularly for anyone whose family member or friend is caught in the snare of the New Age movement. It would make a lovely Christmas or birthday present! Ciaran
Having had similar results dealing with and practicing the occult, I can truly relate with the content of this important message. How easily we are fooled. How easily we accept that which we do not comprehend. I wish I could say I came to a closer relationship with Christ and His Church because I had a visit from the Virgin Mary or some other Godly intervention. But alas, I had to experience the works of the devil to convince me that New Age is dangerous as are all other occult undercurrents in our society. I suppose if asked why I have come to Christ, I can say the devil made me do it. Mr. Arnold is to be admired and thanked for this important CD. I hope this CD is appreciated and passed on to others who are in need and want of the Truth. Philip - Tonawanda, NY
I LOVED IT! This ought to help defeat the New Age movement. Patrick - Hescher, IL
This was very informative about a subject I needed some education in. This CD gave me something to discuss with my peers that they didn't know. For instance, the sign of the fish is no longer, and it's a Christian symbol, hence why the new age movement is against Christianity. John - Merriam, KS
I live in a non-Christian country in Asia. Possessions are common but ignored and never talked about! New Age practices are the norm. I like the cogent tale of this conversion story as the speaker narrates a FACT that most New Agers and witches never want to talk about - possessions, hauntings, attacks from evil spirits, etc. - all in the false name of "entertainment". Fortune-tellers are the world's greatest scammers, and it is rare to hear a former practitioner publicly confess his deceptions. Good thing he repented and turned to Jesus Christ and His Church! Please offer more titles like this one! Thanks! Kevin - Singapore
I always enjoy hearing/reading about those who became Catholic after experiencing specific events in their life. Matthew Arnold's discussion was no exception. I felt this topic was particularly relevant to attitudes in today's society. Additionally, I am very interested in listening to Ken Hensley's CD on Answering Atheism, which I feel is an even bigger issue in modern culture. Thank you. Charlie - Maineville, OH
I did not understand the significance of the New Age mentality until I heard this CD and realized that I had experienced an example of it in my own immediate family, whereby those who claim to be Catholic want to do so on their own terms and represent a continual flow of "half truths" and falsehoods which are simply motivated by their own personal desires and agendas. Domenic - Brampton, ON
I never thought of the horoscope as more than an amusement before. I now question more the reality of the works of the devil. Barbara
I listened to this CD 5 times so that I could take thorough notes. The information that Mr. Arnold shared clarified some questions I had. I live in a community with several cult churches. I work with people who are devout followers of astronomy, fortune tellers & mediums. I want to be prepared with informed and accurate knowledge from God and my Catholic religion when offers of "just come and join us" or "just come to listen" are presented. I am a humble peacemaker, so I would never impose my opinions, but I am clear to these folks that I stand firm in my religious commitments and beliefs. It amazes me how Satan is so subtle at twisting a partial truth to lead us astray, and make us feel good about it besides! I am thankful that your company has taken the time to create these CDs so that many people can be reached, and saved, with the truths they provide. Thank you. Pauline - Berlin, NH