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Pray Like a Saint

Matthew Leonard

In this talk, internationally known speaker and author Matthew Leonard defines and discusses the three traditional stages of prayer. According to scripture, every one of us is called to "be perfect" and to "pray without ceasing." Prayer is the path to God and we've been saying prayers all our lives. But are we really praying? Matthew lays out the practical steps to achieve union with God through deep prayer, even in the midst of this busy world.

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Customer Comments

Really good stuff - definitely going to have to listen more than once. The guy was inspirational, fluid. Good tips... Great stuff! Dominic, IL
Such a great tool!!! This one is at the top of my list of favorites! Deb - Coopersville, MI
I love how Matthew Leonard was able to clearly articulate the challenges and the joys of growth in one's prayer life, using the language of the saints in a way that speaks to modern listeners. If every member of my parish were to listen to this talk and implement its lessons, surely we would have a "prayer revolution"! Daniel - Batavia, NY
Just totally loved it! One of my favorites. Gave me some new ideas with praying. Amsterdam, NY
I've long looked for information on praying and styles of prayer. This gave me good information and leads to books which may help me develop a prayer life. I would recommend it to others. Pat - Girard, PA
It was a good guide to how to pray in a more fulfilling way. The bonus by Fr. Burke Masters was also very inspirational--a bit too involved in his life story early on, but I guess necessary to the final message of giving your life up to God's plan. Judy - Modesto, CA
It helped me remember to spend time daily with God and to know that he wants to hear from us. I also enjoyed the bonus section by Fr. Burke Masters. It really made you look at how ANY person can feel the call of God to represent him in our world. Very smart, athletic, successful and in love... then he listened to the call to become a priest. I felt like I could really relate to him as someone I played ball with. Way to Go Father Masters! Chris - Mount Sinai, NY
I enjoyed the description of the three types of prayer. His reference to some of the Catholic prayers is a comfort when our words fail us. His humor and personal experiences made this a real treat to listen to more than once. Carol - Fredonia, WI
Most interesting - I took notes and enjoyed Father's sense of humor. He understood the problems of meditation and concentration. I never realized contemplation was a gift from God. I appreciated his explanation of following God's will, "He will lead us". The Homily 'God is Love' was outstanding. Thank you! Carolyn - Novato, CA
It was a very clear and straightforward talk on prayer. NY
JMJ. The Year of Evangelization plays a big part in this response. I have felt the Holy Spirit urging me every step of the way. Following my husband's death in 2007, I prayed for direction and in 2009, God connected me with a seminarian at Mundelein from Africa, and many others since then. Now young men discerning and seminarians are two of my primary efforts. What a gift God gave to me! I enjoyed the talks immensely. They are helping me with my prayer life, relationships, etc. To me, the talk by Fr. Masters is probably the greatest love story I have ever heard. I recently ordered 100 of them to give to others. May peace be with you and yours! Marie - KS
I learned the different ways in which we can pray. What to meditate on. To meditate to avoid mortal sin. That we are not alone, wanting to be in Gods grace and to serve him. The joy of serving God. Diane - Philadelphia, PA
I liked hearing that we are made to pray. We are made to communion with God and prayer is one way to do so. Adele - Kamloops, BC
It was down to earth. I am a returning Catholic and enjoyed it very much. I loved his sense of humor, too. Deborah - Little Elm, TX
Most inspirational talk about prayers. It has enriched my prayer life and taught me how to pray! Xenia - Tampa, FL
I really enjoyed personal testimony of the speaker. ronnie - owensboro, KY
very inspirational and easy to understand Vince - Chino, CA
it helped me to see and understand @ what stage I am in prayer.and some saints went thru what I am also. I AM ON THE RIGHT PATH. karen - douglasville, GA
About life and I love it all the topic. Merlita - Toronto, ON
The presentation on prayer was very complete and very practical. The presentation by the priest was very interesting. I wish we knew more stories of Priests and their call to the priesthood. We recently had a Priest who had been engaged when he accepted the call. I thought that must be exceedingly rare. Now it seems it may happen more often than many of us realize. I was truly inspired by someone's willingness to set aside their own life plans and so lovingly embrace the call from God. It causes me to have even deeper respect and awe for the priesthood. Marlene - MI
from beginning to end, this talk was so enlightening and refreshing! As I was praying and meditating on it, i was feeling constantly encouraged to deepen my personal prayer! Heaven is such a glorious place, and I someday want to make it! :) brooke - Ottawa
more please p - OH
The talk moved me. It .ads me want to strive for being a Saint. Nicole - Rockford , IL
I loved how he talked about his Journey made me think about a lot Sonia - Robinson , TX
Matthew Leonard is humble and relatable in this talk. As a Catholic seeking to improve my prayer life, I was inspired by the simple truths he imparted with practical advice. I keep coming back to this talk again again. Tiffany - Rock Hill, SC
The 3 forms of prayer, Vocal, Meditative, Contemplative were broken down into very inspiring mastery. I have a few other CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media, which I picked up at my Parish and find them to be excellent and very helpful in my journey as a new Catholic (Baptism & Confirmation at Easter Vigil 2016). God Bless You Diane - Tarpon Springs, FL
the language was so relatable & funny & inspiring. kely - plainville, MA
I have a better idea now of how to pray. The speaker was very accurate and easy to understand. Leopoldo - Rincon, GA