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Rising Above: From Tragedy to Triumph

John O'Leary

At nine years old, John O'Leary was involved in a horrific incident and was given only a one percent change to survive. Today, nearly three decades later, he travels the world teaching others how to truly live. In this presentation, John draws on his life's experience to intimately illustrate how God often uses our greatest challenges to positively transform our lives.

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Inspirational, Personal Growth, Suffering


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Customer Comments

John's triumph is beyond inspirational, and the witness of those who helped him along the way will change you forever! It is impossible to listen to this story without coming to a deeper understanding of what it means to fulfill the law of Christ as your heart cries out, "What more can I do?" Mary - Poplar Grove, IL
This is an account of a steady restoration of faith, hope, and love which only could come from the presence of a living God. Julie- Sterling, VA
This is what love is. Jeff - Steubenville, OH
Miracles upon miracles! This is a presentation for everyone to hear. Norm - Biloxi, MS
What an emotional roller coaster!... but how great is our GOD!? This story should be on 20/20 and all secular media! True faith and trust not only in God but in God's people! So many miracles! How amazing! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
I am 11 years old and I listened to this cd with my dad and my 8 year old brother. This cd really inspired us! This cd gave us hope and inspiration! It also taught me to be more careful. I personally enjoyed how his family and Mr.Buck made a huge difference in his life. Sam - Chantilly , VA
It was real. John O'Leary spoke with honesty, humor, love and humility. His story touched my heart with a desire to change. Thank you for Lighthouse Catholic Media. I have listened to many of your cd's and find them so nourishing -- some educate, some illuminate and some help to transform. This one inspires and ignites. I can't wait to share this cd with my family and to put this faith, hope and love for God into practice. A - PA
Ultra motivational story Frank - Houston, TX
Very inspirational story! Excellent message about love. Agena - Greenwood, IN
A truly inspirational story with a very powerful message. This talk expresses the power of the human spirit, the power we have to touch one another, the power of the love of Jesus Christ we give to one another. How can we make a difference? Listen to this CD and find out the power God has given each one of us to love and the result of that sacrificial love. One of the best CD's I have heard in the Lighthouse library and I have listened to many. Truly moving and emotional. Deacon Mike Turner Michael - Rocklin, CA
My nephew Matt Thompson's house blew up last Sunday in Sault Ste Marie Michigan. He has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 40 percent of his body. He has facial, mouth, nose and throat burns. He is supposed to have surgery on his hands, feet, arms and legs either tomorrow or Saturday. He was mercy flown to the Burn Center in Ann Arbor Michigan. He will probably be there at least three months. The CD was an encouragement hearing about someone else going through recovery from severe burns. The CD was loaned to us by our neighbor after we shared our prayer request with them. Charles - Oklahoma City, OK
I enjoyed it all. It made me cry. I cant imagine the pain that john oLeary went thru as a 9-year old boy. And his sisters who were by his side and his older brother. It all made me cry. And what about that radio announcer - unbelievable! . His mother telling him that he had to decide If he wanted to live or die. I have an older sister who is 71 years and in a nursing home. She is a little menrally impaired and shes in a nursing home, hardly no-one of her siblings visit her.. I hurt so much when I go visit her cause she doesnt want to be there and she begs me to bring her home. Shes always ask for ou r mom (who died 17 years ago) I keep seeing myself dragging to go visu her (I try to visit het on Saturdays or sundays. But not as often as I should) but then I tell myself "IT ISNT ABOUT ME - WHAT ABIUT GER SADNESS AND HER LONESOME SELF". Shes the obe suffering and ive got it all - health, famiky, love, freedom... I coukdnt velieve john was saying the same words I tell myself: "it usb t about me." maria - Kansas City, KS
I enjoyed how the personal stories of many individuals played a role in effecting his life/survival. By their example of love, he was able to overcome this tragedy. It's very inspirational for how we can help others and face our own crosses in life. Andy - 62040, IL
My kids and I LOVED this CD because it was impactful and gave us the opportunity to define the word FAITH. John not only defines faith and lovevin his talk, but also gives examples of them. Now my 5 year old now can repeat the definition of faith, and I as a mother try to explain that definition in our every day lives. John's talk is helping me teach my kids the Catholic faith and love. Thank you! Nelly - Fort Irwin, CA