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Science, the Origin of the Universe, and God

Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ

All too often, science is falsely pitted against Faith to disprove the tenants of Christianity. In this informative talk, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ – expert in physics, philosophy, and theology – debunks this powerful myth as he discusses the Big Bang and the Origin of the Universe with sound reason, credible science, and faithful theology. This talk is a must-listen for anyone wrestling with the biggest questions regarding Science and Faith.

Visit Fr. Spitzer's website for more information and material on this subject at www.magiscenter.com.

Average Rating: 3.82 based on 17 ratings
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Customer Comments

"If you think that the Church and Science are at odds, you have to listen to this CD." Ray - Peoria, IL
"Fr. Spitzer proves that science and faith can co-exist harmoniously." Aaron - Palm Bay, FL
"I am in such awe at the incredible mind of Fr. Spitzer. I need to listen to this more than once!" Julie - Sterling, VA
Clear, excellent explanations without the fluff. A reasoned approach. Jim - Mequon, WI
This talk was fantastic. I did not personally have questions regarding the faith in this area, but I love science and was curious as to how I could talk to atheists an in general get to know some of the proofs for God's existence. After the first three minutes of the talk, I had to pause it and exclaim to my mom in the car beside me, oh my gosh, there was a proof of God's existence right there in just a few, logical sentences. This talk is great not just for evangelizing others, but I think it's great for evoking even greater awe in how everything came to be through God its creator. Lucas - Aberdeen, SD
Fr. Spitzer's talk helped to increase my faith in the existence of God as I have often found myself easily challenged by certain scientists, including Stephen Hawking, who are essentially non-believers. His open discussion about the various aspects of physics and philosophy and the fact that they really aren't in conflict with religion has greatly reduced the confusion I have had when reading any material by a skeptic or atheist. By nature, I tend to be a skeptic and feel the need to explore something of major significance, such as the existence of God, with some scrutiny. In short, Fr. Spitzer's talk on this subject has given me peace of mind. Kevin - Keene, NH
even though there were a lot of words i didn,t know or under stand i still liked it for what i did get out of it. P.R. - valley center, CA
Fr. Robert Spitzer really inspired me to look further into the science behind the christian/catholic faith. As a person who grew up catholic and "lost the faith" at an early age (around 13 yrs old or so)I began to doubt EVERYTHING. I was definitely one of those people who believed that science and God could NEVER coexist. While I still struggle with some of the concepts and a natural doubt and reluctance to believe, I feel as if this lecture had really helped me understand the other side of the spectrum. Caitlin - Tucson, AZ
Everything!He explains things so almost anyone could understand the complicated nature of physics. I love how he explains the proof of the soul. His data is very credible and is solidly backed by other professionals in the different fields of science and medicine. I want to listen to it again! Buffalo, MN
1) The presentation was very clear. 2) The discussion was grounded in well- documented scientific and philosophical ideas. 3) Fr. Spitzer is not only highly informed but knows how to share his positions in a manner that helps bring a person to a common sense conclusion. 4) Having had my own education and experience with an individual who experienced a "near death experience" during a serious operation, I can confirm that Fr. Spitzer's discussion of this part of the CD was very accurate. John A. - Kalamazoo, MI