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Seven Last Sayings of Christ

Dr. Scott Hahn

Spoken as He suffered the agony of the cross, the seven last sayings of Christ recorded in the gospels have been the subject of prayer and inquiry by Christians for two thousand years. In this revealing presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn unlocks for us the deeper significance of Our Lord's last words, carefully chosen so that we might better understand the immense love of God for every person and His plan of salvation. Learn how Jesus' words are as profound and gripping today as when He uttered them on that first Good Friday.

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Jesus Christ, Lent & Easter


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Customer Comments

This CD has re-started the spark I had lost! I am looking forward to listening to the other CDs I purchased! Bob - Fremont, OH
This was amazing! Anyone who has questions about converting to Catholicism should listen to it ... so encouraging and enlightening! Mandi - Lewiston, ME
As a convert to the Catholic Church, it was a blessing to hear someone speak on some of the reasons I became Catholic! I plan to pass this on to my sons. Margaret - Cincinnati, OH
Wonderful reference and historical facts that shed light upon how solid the Church is. This CD had me shouting, 'Yes... that's so true!' Chris - Barrington, IL
As always, I love how Dr. Hahn reveals all of the foreshadowing of the New Covenant in the Old. I happen to be ill this evening and may not be able to attend Good Friday Veneration of the Cross at my parish tomorrow, but this CD brought me to the foot of the Cross tonight. Thank you! Beth - Holt, MI
Scott Hahn has got to be one of my favorite apologists. This CD fit perfect for this time of year, as we prepare for Easter. Again, the theology I've gained is priceless, and the depth of our faith has been revealed even more to me. Talks like these give our faith a sort of proof and solidifies my belief in the Catholic Church's teachings. Praise God! Edel - Leduc, AB
I have listened to it twice. I'm going to listen to it a third time. I'm really enjoying it and trying to take it all in. I'm going to pass it on to other people. Thanks! Kathleen - Port Sanilac, MI
Scott Hahn has to be one of my favorite speakers due to his ability to enlighten the listener with rich yet easy to understand theology. This CD is a must for everyone who wants a deeper understanding of Jesus' sacrifice and love for us all. Thank you for this beautiful ministry. Edel - Leduc, AB
Dr. Hahn really deepened my understanding of the signifigance of the words spoken by Christ from the cross and what it took for him to speak them. Mike - Canton, OH
This was the first time that I heard a presentation by Scott Hahn. I have heard these 7 sayings of Jesus for many, many years, but his in-depth explanation made them come alive for me like never before. Kevin - Brampton, ON
I listened to the CD in the car today, a few weeks before Holy Week and Easter. The 7 last words were a wonderful meditation in preparation for Holy Week. The CD also helped make my understanding so much clearer of Jesus' time on Calvary. I think my next few days of meditation will also be more clear. Thank you! Marie - Knoxville, TN
Very Biblical. Learned nuances I did not previously know. Mark - Gaylord, MI
Scott Hahn is an ardent defender of our Faith. He is so totally committed to discernment and to immersing himself in all aspects of Catholicism and then communicating his knowledge and understanding to all who care to listen. An amazing speaker and presenter. He has deepened my knowledge of the Catholic Faith and has made me a more devout and informed Catholic. Carol - Mesa, AZ
The content was absolutely riveting and confirmed my return to the church after an absence of 47 years. Peter - Toronto, ON
The fact that John Bergsma is a convert brought a fresh/sincere quality to his presentation. In his efforts to imagine scripture in a contemporary sense, he was successful. His references to "this guy", or other such references to the ordinary, Bergsma is believable. Kevin - Port Jefferson, NV
Found this CD at our parishes annual book sale and grabbed it up quickly. Scott Hahn has this amazing amount of knowledge and is able to share that knowledge with people of any educational background. He is able to pull so much information out of the scriptures to reinforce his lectures and show how firmly grounded the Catholic Faith is. This CD was an absolute inspiration to me. Donnie - Salem, AR
I am a catholic from birth and I have been raised in the catholic faith but I have never been so moved and learned so much and wanted to hear so much more than I did. I listened to the CD at least 10 times and I have a couple of others and I plan on getting more. How I would love to hear him in person. I looked at a local bookstore and they had a couple of his books and they said that they tried to get Dr. Hahn to speak in our community but I think we are just too small of a community for him but thank you for the cd. I got them from my church so I will be looking to get more. Thank you and God Bless. Nancy - Bay St Louis, MS
I used it as part of my lenten journey. Mary Beth - Johnstown, PA
It helped us understand the true meaning of Jesus's crucifixion. Lucy - CA
Dr. Hahn always gives me marvelous new insight into scripture passages that I've heard for years. This talk in particular, where he speaks about his father's death, helped me to start to forgive my own father who passed away recently. Betty - Charlottetown, PE
The picture of a suffering Christ on the wood of the Cross taking infinite care in word and deed to fulfill the opening of a new covenant, a new freedom road, an opening of the gates of Heaven to our Father's eternal loving presence - to become the divine Lamb of God and bring us out of Adam's sin thru the new Passover - is moving beyond words. Dr. Hahn's clear, Scripture based descriptions and teaching on the Old Testament foreshadowings of Jesus and Mary and their importance as irrefutable evidence of the Father's love and the perfect sacrifice of His Son. The story of his father's conversion created in me a deep personal spiritual experience that has stitched together a "hole" in my soul and brought healing to a wounded heart. It's now my hope that I will be able to pass that healing along to others. I am profoundly grateful and passionately moved to action. THANK YOU! Patrick - Milton, FL
There is more to what Christ said on the cross than what I had thought of before. I will be playing this CD more because of how much there is to it. Margaret - Justin, TX
It helps me to more clearly understand the Mass. It leaves me speechless about the Passion. ..fills my heart with so much more gratitude and love for Him. It makes me realize that it will never be enough, that I am nothing, yet He loves me infinitely. Donna - Drums , PA
It was very educational. He explained what things meant at the time of Christ. That made things more clear to me. I always learn something from these CD's. Robin - Belding, MI
I have been working on my faith and trying to reach closer to our Lord and this CD explained a lot to me. I had never watched the Passion and I watched it this year for the first time and when I listened to this CD it really brought out the sayings for me. Scott Hahn is a wonderful speaker and I would like to get more of his CD's. Nancy - Kiln, MS