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Shameless: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

Jeff Cavins

As a young adult, Jeff Cavins left the Catholic Church and became a Protestant Pastor for 12 years. After returning to the Catholic Church, Jeff became a nationally known speaker who has helped hundreds of thousands come to a clearer understanding of Scripture and our Faith. In this presentation, Jeff explains the meaning of shame and teaches us how to engage the struggles of the heart.

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Inspirational, Personal Growth, Pro-Life


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Customer Comments

This talk will help many of us who have experienced shame in our lives find true healing. Ida - Leesburg, IN
Exceptionally enlightening! Deacon Bob - Kingsport, TN
The speaker was interesting and informative. I enjoyed listening to him! Lidia, IL
The talk helped me deal with shame that I've been carrying around with me for a long time. My eyes have been opened to God's forgiveness. This talk also helped me see that sometimes it's easy to get caught up in passing judgment on others, when we should be praying for people instead. Dave- Midlothian, IL
Good speaker and nice overview of the topic. Mandy - ON
Everyone experiences shame at some time in their life. How they deal with it can make all the difference in their lives. This CD brought tears to my eyes, I wished I had listened to it 50 years ago. It can be a lifesaver for those living with shame, and for those who will come up against it at some point in their lives. Fifty years ago, when I was 13 and a freshman in high school, I was scrawny and didn't know a single person and was subject to intense teasing and ridicule by the upper classmen. I lived in shame until I met a woman in college who let me see my worth. This CD would have been a life-saver for me; I'm glad Jeff Cavins gave this talk to help countless others through their shame. Edward - Chase, KS
No matter what others may think of my, I am God's child and He loves me just as I am. Ma. Carmen - Makati City
The talk was warm and practical. It provides many biblical references so that the audience is more convinced and interested to read the Bible even more. Maryana - Singapore
Beautiful explanation that never heard before anywhere. benedict - Penang
I loved the validation and encouragement that came from differentiating good or healthy shame, and bad shame, and the hope and healing that began when I became aware of my own shame induced tendencies to either hide or to seek blessing instead of coming to the Living water to be cleansed. L - Wylie, TX
I have listen to this CD over and over and have given it to friends and family...I found it VERY Healing.. Bringing lies and falsehood's of darkness into His Marvelous Light. Where His light disperses all darkness and sets us free to have life in abundance. Marietta, GA