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Signs of Life: Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

Dr. Scott Hahn

In this informative and dynamic presentation, Dr. Scott Hahn guides us to a deeper faith through the Old Testament historical roots that underlie Catholic beliefs and practices. Dr. Hahn clears up common misconceptions about specific liturgical rituals and traditions, and responds thoughtfully to the objections raised about them.

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Biblical Truths, Apologetics, Sacraments


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Customer Comments

"The best explanation I've ever heard on how the Sacraments are signs of God's covenant with us!" Julia - Mastic Beach, NY
I enjoyed learning about our Catholic customs and our sacred traditions. Chick - Clarksville, MD
I really like talks that reference the Jewish Roots of our Catholic Faith. Karen - Winter Haven, FL
Inspired me with a greater appreciation of my Catholic faith, commitment to increase my prayer time and better understanding to 'defend' the practices of the Catholic church. beverly - sebring, FL
The more I learn about the Catholic faith the more I treasure it. I love Jesus more and more all the time. Lisa - Kingston, ID
It was nice to be able to learn the biblical roots of ourCatholic Sacraments tessie - chino hills, CA
As a Catechumen I learned so much from the CD. Even though I was raised in a Catholic Church by my adoptive parents this gave me so much more information. What i loved most about it was that it gave Scripture to prove the Church's validity in all that it teaches. Dillon - Riverview, FL
Dr. Hahn's tracing of the patterns of covenant through both testaments was insightful. David - Denton, NE
My 5th grader was in the vehicle and listening when I was playing the cd;when we reached our destination he exclaimed "That is cool! We are talking about the sacraments in Religion Class. Can I take it to school and share it with my class?!" Marjorie - Milwaukee, WI
The history of the sacraments and Latin roots. Melissa - Tucson, AZ
After years of listening to Dr. Hahn's talks, there was yet something in Signs of Life that I did not know! I was fascinated by the realization that the number 7 is not just lucky, it is Covenantal!! That is what I loved. I have listened to this CD a number of times now (in my car -- Dr. Hahn's CDs are the ONLY things I listen to in my car) and I love that when I turn on my car and start listening from where I left off last, I hear something "new". It is so edifying and compelling; these lessons solidify my Catholic Faith, especially since I live in the Deep South of the Bible Belt. Thank you. Donna - Ooltewah, TN
The content was well presented. Dr. Hahn's enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. David - Maple Ridge, BC
Besides the educational value, I have a renewed sense of hope today. Thank you Dr Scott Haun and thank you God the Father , the giver of the 7 sacraments. Loren - Naples, FL
Very well organized, informative, inspirational. Hard to be objective, but I enjoyed this talk much more than one of his books I've read recently! Kay - DUTTON, MT
Scott Hahn has an incredible connection to his listeners. I really related to the comparison to the number 7 in the sacraments across the Old and New Testaments Joe - White Plains, NY
Normally I watch the videos on Formed, but in this instance I decided to try a audio recording. Lucky me I found Dr. Scott Hahn giving this presentation. I'm currently working through a RCIA Program, and thoroughly enjoying all of this wonderful information/education that this audio has given. The benefits of this talk, in my opinion, is obtaining a thorough understanding of the linkages between the events between the old and new covenants, there number and meaning, then weaving those concepts to modern life as well as spiritual life. William - Van Nuys, CA
I always learn something from all forms of media from the Augustine Institute. Maxine - Littleton , CO