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Spanish – Nuestro Enemigo y sus Aliados

Padre Ernesto Maria Caro

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Toda nuestra vida se va desarrollando en medio de una lucha: Satanás y su ejército contra nosotros, los hijos de Dios. Pero, ¿cómo combatirlo sin conocer cómo pelea? En esta charla, el P. Ernesto María Caro nos ofrece estrategias para vencerlo, sabiendo que Jesucristo ya lo ha vencido en la cruz. Esta plática es parte de un seminario con 6 pláticas que se titula Nuestra lucha cotidiana contra el tentador, disponible en o bien en

English Translation: 
Our whole life is is developing in the midst of a fight: Satan and his army against us, the children of God. But how can we fight this battle without knowing how to fight? In this talk, Fr. Ernesto María Caro offers us strategies to overcome this fight, knowing that Jesus Christ has already defeated on the cross. This talk is part of a seminar with 6 talks that speak to our daily struggle against temptation. Now available at as well as

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Spanish - Discipulado Misionero Del Encuentro a la Misión

Spanish - Discipulado Misionero Del Encuentro a la Misión

El Señor Obispo Jorge Rodríguez STD, Obispo Auxiliar de Denver, nos habla del camino más significativo de todo cristiano y nos explica la necesidad de tener un encuentro personal con Jesucristo. Escucha, de boca del Señor Obispo, sugerencias para tener una vida de amistad íntima con Jesús. Nuestro encuentro con Él, despertará en nosotros el deseo de cumplir la misión que nos confía, la salvación de las almas.

English Translation: Missionary Discipleship from Encounter to Mission
Bishop Jorge Rodríguez STD, Auxiliary Bishop of Denver explains to us the necessity of having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Listen as the Bishop gives suggestions for having a life of intimate friendship with Jesus. Our encounter with him will awaken our desire to fulfill the mission that entrusts to us: the salvation of souls. This title is only available in English.


Una enseñanza y teología muy profunda, en una charla tan sencilla. Edna - Arizona

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English Translation: 
Families today are under a great attack from all sides. The subtle deceptions sown by the enemy are taking root and are confusing many by labeling evil as "the new good," supplanting eternal truths. In this talk, Br. Ricardo Grzona helps parents and families travel the road back to truth, health, and life. . . the way back to Christ. God calls us to take a step forward in the faith, entrusts us to the family, and asks us to witness to God in today's society.


“Wow! Easy to understand and even easier to live out!” Bradley - Englewood, CO

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Jason Evert, conferencista y autor católico, nos presenta los cinco grandes amores del Papa San Juan Pablo II. Nos comparte historias sobre la vida de este santo, contadas por los que conocieron. Prepárate para conocer cosas que no sabías sobre este santo hombre de Dios que, entre otras cosas, promovió la devoción a la Divina Misericordia y la Consagración Mariana, ayudó a derrocar el comunismo en Europa, articuló lo que hoy se conoce como la Teología del Cuerpo y se hizo amigo de los jóvenes como ningún otro Papa lo había hecho.


“Una charla estupenda sobre un santo increíble. San Juan Pablo el Grande es una gran inspiración.” Bradley - Salina, KS

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“This talk led me to a greater understanding and appreciation of how Mary’s ‘Yes’ at the Annunciation ushered in our own recreation and restoration in the fullness of grace!” Steve - Madison, WI

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A Scriptural Walk Through the Mass

For Catholics, the Mass is entirely familiar, but often not well understood. Scripture scholar and well-known author Dr. Edward Sri takes listeners on a journey through the sacred liturgy that is sure to help Catholics experience the Mass more fully as the most powerful and important prayer of the Church. Dr. Sri examines the historical and biblical roots of the words, prayers, actions, and gestures contained within the Mass in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of their significance.


Some people may say that Mass is boring. But I believe you will change your mind after listening to this awesome talk! Julie - Bluffton, SC

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Such an informative talk! Eileen - Phoenix, Az

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Humanae Vitae 50 Years Later: History of Dissent and Defense


Great overview of the history and the truth of Humanae Vitae. Pope Paul VI pray for us! Cory Jane - Baraboo, WI

Absolute Relativism

Absolute Relativism

The New Dictatorship and What to Do About It

In Absolute Relativism: The New Dictatorship and What to Do about It, Chris Stefanick tackles all the tough questions about relativism by showing how bankrupt and impractical it is. 

Using a down-to-earth, easily accessible question-and-answer format, Absolute Relativism shows that far from being the answer to world peace – or even personal peace of mind – relativism suffers from a self-destructive rot.

About the Author

Chris Stefanick speaks to more than 50,000 teens, young adults, and parents annually. Chris is the founder and president of Real Life Catholic.

Product Details

Published: 2011 
Pages: 59

Praise for Absolute Relativism

“In his 2010 book Light of the World, Pope Benedict XVI stresses that 'in the name of tolerance, tolerance is being abolished; this is the real threat we face.' That threat to human dignity has a name – relativism – and Chris Stefanick explains and refutes it with energy, imagination, clarity, and force. Stefanick is one of the most engaging young defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today, and his booklet Absolute Relativism is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to understand the spirit of our times and the challenges we face in a world increasingly without a moral compass.”


Customer Comments

“Wow! Easy to understand and even easier to live out!” Bradley - Englewood, CO
“Awesome speaker, awesome talk. Use these easy steps to help others fall in love with Christ.” Julie - Bluffton, SC