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St. Philomena - A Saint For Our Times

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Though St. Philomena lived approximately 1700 years ago and was only discovered in the catacombs of Rome in the early 1800's, her faithful witness as a young virgin who was martyred for her purity and for her fidelity to Christ speaks powerfully to our culture, and especially to young people. Commonly referred to as a "wonder worker", she has the distinction of being the only saint canonized solely on the basis of the profound miracles attributed to her intercession. Learn more about St. Philomena and what a powerful advocate we have before the throne of Almighty God.

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Customer Comments

Truly inspiring! Mark - Portland, OR
It's amazing that this saint withstood so much torture with such holy determination even at the young age of 13! She is a true example of purity for all, especially in today's permissive culture. Anne Marie - Scarsdale, NY
This is exactly what people need to hear in these times we are in. We need to give God's word to as many people as we can. Roland - Thibodaux, LA
It's always a joy to hear about the life of a saint. Their great courage, faithfulness, and pure love for Jesus never cease to gain my spiritual hunger to learn more about the richness of our Faith. Laura - Jennings, LA
As a teenager, I wore the St. Philomena cord for purity. I can see now how powerful it was because I never had a problem with sexual encounters and entered my marriage a virgin. As a grandmother, I will now renew my devotion to her on behalf of my children and grandchildren. Joan - Vancouver
I had never heard anything about St. Philomena's life before listening to this CD. It encouraged me to invite her into my prayers and also the Virgin Mary, as well as St. Maximillian Kolbe and St. John Vianney. Sarah - Grand Forks, ND
An incredible saint! Such a hero for our times! Megan - St. Charles, IL
It gave information about a little-known saint and her great devotion to Christ even at 13 years old. WOW! Al - Jackson, MI
This is an incredible, exciting, inspiring story. I knew of this saint, but in the accounts I read, no one referred to the things the speaker told us on the CD. I think this would be of interest to many people. I certainly will be telling her story now! BC
St. Philomena is an awesome saint. I knew very little about her and come to find out, she is one of my patron saints - my birthday is August 11, her feast day!!! Thank you for uniting me with my beautiful Philomena. God bless you. St. Philomena, pray for us! Job - Riverside, CA
Very interesting and awakening information on a saint who seemed obscure until now! I loved the reading of her locution, too. Chelms, MA
I am the mother of six children. Five of them are daughters so St. Philomena has been a welcome story in our home. I love that she remained pure, despite what her parents desired. Sometimes we parents are wrong and it was eye-opening to see a young girl who knew what was right, who made a commitment to Christ and stayed faithful to Him even though it meant death for her. This story gave all of us courage to stand strong when faced with people who are trying to lead us to sin. I also truly enjoyed the 10-minute "sneak peak" of Blessed Pier Giorgio. It was so interesting that we got the Blessed Pier Giorgio CD right away! Heather - Troy, MI
I never knew so much good came from St. Philomena! I was thrilled to learn about Christ's little princess, and doubly thrilled to learn more about St. John Vianney, one of my favorite saints of all time. This was a beautiful talk, loaned to me by a recent convert, and it inspired in me a new devotion to St. Philomena. Elizabeth - Mentor, OH
i didn't know of saint philomena and what a powerful saint she was and how many miracles where preformed in her name. It has given me a new devotion roseMary - new waterford, NS
It was beautiful. Inspirational. I really liked the Per Georgio talk too. Nedra - Baton Rouge, LA
I learned so much about this wonderful saint. I had previously known nothing about her :( Mary - Brenham, TX
I did not know much about St. Philomena even though I have had the opportunity to visit Rome and the catacombs. Her purity and faith inspires me and I now call upon her intercession each morning. What a wondeful Saint for young Catholics and older ones to implore her intercession. linda - broomfield, CO
Great info about St. Philomena. She has become one of my favorites. The talk gives her live story (what we know of it anyway) as well as details of the many miracles attributed to her. A saint of healing! Jimmy - Conway, AR
This CD was extremely inspiring. I didn't know anything about Saint Philomena until I heard this CD. It encouraged me to find out more information about her and make a devotion to her. I've purchased the oil and cord. Ruth - Montgomery, AL
St. Philomena is a saint that I have never heard of before. It is so inspiring to learn about the saints and miracles and to learn more about our Catholic faith. Lecompte, LA
Saint Philomena's life was amazing, to think that such a young person had to undergo such cruelty and still stay true to Jesus is so sad but inspirational. What is really sad is how people can be so cruel especially to children. Raymond - Westfield, MA
Just a beautiful story of a young girl's love for Christ. All our youth should hear this story. Tammy - Delphi, IN
St. Philomena was unknown to me until about 1-2 years ago when I was looking through my grandparents book shelves. I have wanted to know so much about her and she is now my little saint also. My mom gave me this cd to me this year for Easter, and I really love it! Allison - College Station, TX