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The 3 Stages of the Interior Life

Matthew Leonard

Join Matthew Leonard as he walks through the three stages of the spiritual life, helping you progress toward union with God and enter the interior castle written about by St. Teresa of Avila. With humor and concrete examples, this presentation is sure to aid you in your journey to becoming a saint.

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Customer Comments

An easy-to-understand talk that unveils a deep theological topic. Norm - Biloxi, MS
A clear explanation of the interior castle from the writings of St. Teresa of Avila. Mary - Serena, IL
Engaging speaker. Makes his subject approachable. Made sense for me the concept of St. Theresa's Interior Castle, and I'm now more motivated to read it. John - Stafford, VA
I have been listening to the three stages of the interior life. I have listen to it three times and every time I hear something more. It is good for me to understand where I am and where I'm going. Thank you so much! Sue - Sioux city, IA
I enjoyed the explanation about spiritual dryness. I get to understand more now what I'm going through. That it's not about the absence of God in my life nor a weaking of my spiritual life in fact it is God's way of bringing me into a deeper spirtual life, a deeper relationship with Him. Vanie - Pasig
As I am about to embark on a Lay Carmelite Formation program, I figured this CD was right up my alley. WOW - Was it ever! I was already exposed to the topic, but the way he broke it down was genius. I loved the way he wove humor into the topics - very reverently but in a way that clearly communicated his thoughts. I can't wait to write up a review and get it put into my parish's bulletin (I work with another couple on our parish's Catholic Media Ministry that stocks the CDs, booklets and pamphlets in the display in the back of our church)! Kate - Steger, IL
Matthew Leonard is down to earth and very funny and interesting to listen to. Thank you! Linda - Richfield, WI
It was an encouragement to those of us in the purgative way to not be discouraged or give up when God is inviting us into the illuminative way. I have been on the cusp before, but have for one reason or another turned back and slipped, but I am more motivated than ever to progress in the spiritual life (as I've been recently married), and this GPS should serve me well as I seek to know God more intimately and unite myself to Him. Carlos - Dallas, TX
This was a fantastic cd. I've listened to lighthouse cds for many years and this is definitely in my top 5 all time favorites. The speaker was very thorough yet easy to comprehend while still being funny and engaging. The topic was an important one for people to hear and helps to get us on a right path to sanctity. The interior life is often a subject that seems lofty or difficult to grasp. Matthew Leonard made it easy to understand and also something to be desired. Lee - The Woodlands , TX
A clear, concise abbreviated version of Interior Castles. I would highly recommend it. Mary Marron-Corwin, M.D. New Jersey Mary - South ORange, NJ
I loved it because I learned quite a bit in less than an hour. Mandan, ND
To let go of self and give all to God. To Trust. Aim for Heaven NOW to be ready when God takes you. Arlene - Orange, CA
I first heard of the idea of Spiritual Theology when I listened to all 17 CDs of Dr. Brant Pitre's "Spiritual Theology" class. It really was one of his college classes. It was great, but how can I share the basic idea with someone else when it's contained on 17 CDs!!? However, this single CD is perfect! And extremely easy to listen to and clear to understand, at least as a general idea. If the idea takes root in the listener's soul, he can then go and get Pitre's class and learn in greater depth. I'm thinking about getting 4 or 5 more copies to hand out to a few friends. Jill - Visalia, CA