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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. John Bergsma

Dr. John Bergsma is an Associate Professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and was a Protestant pastor for four years before converting to the Catholic Church. In this enlightening talk, Dr. Bergsma shows how our respect for the traditional canon of Scripture, as well as our understanding of the Catholic Faith, can be greatly enhanced by the Dead Sea Scrolls- the greatest archaeological discovery of all time.

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Biblical Truths, Apologetics


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Customer Comments

Absolutely fascinating! Nancy - Warroad, MN
Amazing new insights into scripture, revealed by the discovery of scrolls hidden for centuries in a desert cave. Fascinating! Jeff - Steubenville, OH
Bergsma blows the lid off the Protestant notion of ‘Salvation Through Faith Alone’. Bob - New Hartford, NY
Dr. Bergsma masterfully explains how the Dead Sea Scrolls further solidify the idea that the Bible is indeed a Catholic book — our family heirloom! Joshua - Covina, CA
This CD sparked a realization in me that the bible is beautifully relevant in our lives today. It is a brilliantly orchestrated, living library pointing to a vivid Church, loved by our perfect God. Mary - Keller, TX
Are you wondering if the Catholic Faith is really authentic? Listen to some stunning historical evidence that will take the mystery out of the puzzle. Prepare to be enlightened! Julie - Sterling, VA
I enjoyed the way Dr. Bergsma shed light upon the Essenes, their calender which surprised me for the last supper, the difference in the Sadducees and Pharisees, the man who carried a jar of water... surprises in each topic and so much more. I look forward to receiving the set on this subject and all that it includes for an increase in biblical understanding and my walk in this Year of Faith. Thanks so much! Jane - Thomasville, GA
The speaker kept the interest of the listener. I enjoyed it simply because it gave me a more in-depth look at the Catholic religion and why it should be an important aspect of my life. Diane - Kansas City, MO
It gave me a great introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls and their relevance to our interpretations of the bible. I am glad to see that the ancient manuscripts being discovered are pointing more and more in the direction of Catholic Tradition. Aaron - Clyde, AB
I *LOVE* how he laid out what he was going to talk about at the beginning, and then he highlighted the IMPORTANCE of the scrolls at the beginning. He didn't just say why their discovery was important--he HAMMERED their importance by repeating his point in several different ways. This helped me understand how critically important the scrolls are for apologetics. THANK YOU, Dr. Bergsma, for speaking DIRECTLY to me! Patrick - Mason, OH
I kept hearing the words "Dead Sea Scrolls" but never knew what they were. Through this CD, now I know. Sue - amsterdam, NY
Very interesting how the Dead Sea Scrolls provide proof of the Church, actual written pages of Books of the Bible and great insight into the Essene monastic life. Very informational and uplifting and a must for anyone interested in Apologetics. Chuck - Topeka, KS
In discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls, scholars can have a better understanding of what is meant by "works" in Paul's letter, you are not saved by works but faith alone. It shows the kind of works Paul was referring to. That's just one point,there were so many others. Mary - Montreal, QC
I found this CD fascinating. I learned so much. It just adds to my understanding of Catholicism, and helps me see the ancient foundation that was set for Christ and for His Church. Bobbi - Sykesville, MD
I have listened to this CD at least seven times, and I never tire of listening to Dr. Bergsma. His insights on the Dead Sea Scrolls are pure genius! I love this CD so much that I ordered the whole 3-CD set, and cannot wait until it arrives. I have passed this CD on to others hoping that it inspires them to learn more about our faith as it did me. Patsy - Alpine, AL
I enjoyed this speaker very much. He explained the history of the Scrolls and tied it into biblical texts wonderfully. Will listen again. Megan - Wall, SD
It was fabulously interesting! It is great for answering objections about the bible and the structure of the church. Claire - Wilmington, VT
Dr. Bergsma is a scholar and brought the history behind the scrolls. I appreciate his academic background and sharing this knowledge with us. Rev. Juanita - Los Gatos, CA
This CD was so very enlightening in so many respects, but especially in the explanation of the differences between the synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of St. John on the timing of the Crucifixion due to the differences in the calendar from the Essene community and the rest of the Jewish people. Dr. Bergsma explained the significance of the man carrying the water jar as one from the celibate Essene community and pointed out that the upper room was in the Essene quarter of Jerusalem. Powerful and clear explanations all the way through the CD!!! Linda - Shelbyville, IN
It was able to clearly identify the true meaning of the controversial works (of law) which helps to destroy one of the pillars of the Protestant foundation. Additionally, the outline was exceptional and helped to guide learning. Angel - California, MD
How Dr. Bergsma enlightened me about the ancient Hebrews on who the sects were, that they had different canons of scripture, explained the meaning of words in the bible that were not explained [man carrying a jar] before. I gave away my three copies I bought at the back of church and will buy more! Michael - Goshen, OH
It was fascinating to learn about a part of Catholic and Christian history I had never seen before. Tom - Fort Walton Beach, FL
Everything was awesome! I just listened to this CD (it's May) I thought it would be boring but I've listened to it twice and haave ordered the complete set.! Jeanette - Dubois, IN
Very well presented and concise history of the Dead Sea Scrolls and how the content of the scrolls not only provides insight into what 1st century Judaism was like, but also provides strong theological support for Catholic tradition. Madonna - Burr Ridge, IL
It provides a wealth of information about the beginnings of our church and how Jesus is the new Adam with his acts of clay and water as just one example. There is so much in this talk that I get something new from it every time I listen to it. Bruce - Pittsboro, NC
I have been very interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I saw a museum exhibit of some of the scrolls and have read articles about them, but this was the first time I found any information from a Catholic perspective! thank you! Ann - Germantown, WI
Learned so much - outstanding Jean - MORRIS PLAINS, NJ
After purchasing and listening to this mp3 file, I just knew that I had to order the 3-CD set which I found on St. Paul Center. This was so powerful. I have been blown away. Michael - Columbia, MO
The fresh insight into the Qumran community. I enjoyed the Essene's community structure which seems to be patterned after the early Church. With both Apostles, John and Paul, John the Baptist and even Jesus himself I cannot help but believe that there had to have been a direct connection with Qumran and the Church. Dr. Bergsma's scholarship has been so exciting on this subject that I have just ordered his 3-CD set on this subject. Keep up the excellent work. Michael - Columbia, MO
I enjoyed the high levels of scholarship of the talk, yet it was accessible to a layman like me. It really whetted my appetite for the full 3 CD set. John - Dover, DE
I was ignorant of the dead sea scrolls before listening to this. I decided to listen after a co-worker asked if I really believed in the dead sea scrolls and now I can say I do. Dr. Bergsma has done a great job at laying out this topic. Jared - Milan, IN
I am a Catholic Priest who lived in the Holy Land for 2 years, and the talk really confirms what I have learned. At the moment I perform my ministry in Colorado, Craig, Meeker, Rangely. Enrique - Meeker, CO
It helped me understand better how it relates to our religion Christopher - hamrun
The historical and detailed explanation of how the scrolls impacted not only the scriptures, by adding to their legitimacy, but also the impact the scrolls had on validating our traditions to the Protestant world. Melissa - Tucson, AZ