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The Forgotten Virtue: Pathway to Holiness

Fr. William Casey C.P.M.

God opposes the proud but bestows favor on the humble. (1 Peter 5:5) In this revealing talk, Fr. Casey shares how wisdom and blessings come through a healthy cultivation of the virtue of humility, and he equips us to be vigilant in avoiding that often subtle temptation and danger to the soul, which is pride. He shows how humility allows us to see things, and ourselves, as they truly are, and how pride makes us prone to serious mistakes, both in our spiritual and practical lives. At the end of this presentation is a bonus segment from Confession by Fr. Larry Richards.

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Customer Comments

This talk was extremely helpful in understanding how detrimental pride in one’s spiritual life can be, and also in recognizing true and false humility. Thanks, Fr. Casey! Patrick – McHenry, IL
As I thought about Fr. Casey’s words, I began to see myself differently, remembering that without God, I am nothing. Anne - Cascades, VA
Fr. Casey presented a clear explanation for developing the virtue of humility. Clear understanding of the importance of living life according to God's will and not one's own selfish interests. John - Richland, MI
Being humble is one of the most difficult tasks for a human being. This CD states the importance of working against pride and how to reach that goal on a daily basis. Jocelyn - Woodbridge, VA
The effect on me was intense. The speaker presented the subject in common-sense terms that everyone can understand. Margaret - Aiken, SC
The most valuable advice was on how to detect pride in our lives and become truly humble. Menyi - Forest Lake, MN
I just love your ministries to all faiths. I am studying The Catholic Church and its teachings trying to dispel the myths of what I was taught or not. I have some of your cd's and they just bless me so!! Please keep up the great work you are doing. Skip-VA
It helped me reflect on how I can deepen my relationship with God. It was such an inspiring CD that it encouraged me to meditate more on the Scriptures and continue to put my trust in God that He will give me the grace to grow holier in my daily spiritual journey. Gilda - San Francisco, CA
EXCELLENT! This is the second title with Fr. Casey as the speaker to which I have listened (Sacrament of Penance is the other title -- I highly recommend that title as well). I find Fr. Casey's speaking style energetic, enthusiastic, passionate, engaging, and appealing. Some might say his style is somewhat "old school", but I really like it. I found the discussion of how to be mindful of the movement of pride in oneself helpful. My favorite part is the Litany of Humility; it is a prayer that I have been saying along with the CD because trying to cultivate the virtue of humility is something that we are all called to do. Paul
It really went into depth about where to start in order to obtain the virtue of humility. katica - sydney, NSW