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The Hidden Power of Forgiveness

Jeff Cavins

Jeff Cavins unmasks the trap of unforgiveness that prevents so many from living in the freedom of God's peace and halts spiritual progress. He explains with clarity how forgiveness frees not only the one who is forgiven, but the forgiver. The importance of this is shown in Christ's words, "As you forgive others, so I will forgive you" Matt. 6:14. Includes free bonus segment from Anger and Forgiveness by Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald.

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Customer Comments

This brilliantly exposes satan's tactic to keep us at odds with one another through unforgiveness and shows our great need to forgive and be forgiven! Consuelo - Wichita, KS
Forgiveness is SO needed in our world today. This inspires me to act on my good intentions to forgive others and myself. Charlie - Belews Creek, NC
Jeff Cavins is an amazing teacher. This is an amazing tool to help others understand how to forgive and not be afraid. Years ago, I went through the process of forgiveness, and it set me free. A priest who had counseled me saw me 5 years later and said that I looked 10 years younger than the last time I had seen him, and I've been healthy. I've been able to educate others on forgiveness. This CD is the most powerful tool to teach forgiveness and very easy to understand. Rejeanne - Shelby Township, MI
This was wonderful - Jeff Cavins is a very good speaker. I need to listen to this on a daily basis since the ability to forgive is my weakest attribute. Charlene - Hadley, MA
I've had a hard time with forgiving people who have wronged me. This CD has opened my eyes to new reasons why I should forgive them, even if they aren't reconciling with me. Jennifer - Woodstock, CT
This talk was so powerful and thought provoking. I have since shared it with an Evangelical Christian friend of mine who was also very moved. The first time I listened to this talk, I became so engrossed that I actually had to pull over to the side of the road so I could really absorb the content. Yvonne - Trenton, OH
While Cavins' ongoing references to "being offended" seemed to lack the empathy so many of us need when we are dealing with the trauma of being profoundly hurt by someone we loved, he nevertheless nails it on 70x7 and "It is finished." Keith - Columbus, OH
This opened my mind to forgiveness. We all need to continue to work on forgiving others no matter how light or severe the offense. Michelle - St. Henry, OH
I was troubled by my unChristian behavior in that I was holding a grudge against a coworker who had offended me. After listening to the CD, I forgave him. Then I went to confession and asked to be forgiven myself for my unchristian behavor. Now I feel better as a result of the CD. Chick - Clarksville, MD
Having experienced child abuse from my mother forgiveness has been hard for me even at the age of 61 so I was thrilled to find this cd. Tricia - OH
Very relevant Bernadette - Roanoke , VA
It is very hard to forgive what hurts us. This the Catholic Church understands. It is also dangerous not to forgive because the anger within us becomes a monster that devours us. Lupe - Savannah, GA