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The Necessity of Divine Mercy

Fr. Chris Alar MIC

Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, reveals the urgency to live and share the powerful message of Divine Mercy. He explains the basics of the Divine Mercy feast, image, novena, chaplet, and hour of mercy, and how to incorporate them into your spiritual life.

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Divine Mercy


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Customer Comments

I loved the entire CD. I learned so much that I didn't know about Divine Mercy. I can hardly wait to listen to it again. Diane - Houston, MS
Fr Alar explained aspects of the Divine Mercy Promise that had previously not been clear to me and it was a great joy and comfort, giving me much peace, and encouraging me to spread the message of God's love through Divine Mercy. Ann - Huntsville, AL
Gave me a clearer picture of understanding of Divine Mercy. Kathy - Grand Junction , CO
Our world needs to hear about Divine Mercy and Fr. Alar explained it so well! He explained the differences between plenary indulgences received and Divine Mercy. His example about his grandmother was incredible and a story that I want everyone to know! I will be sharing this talk with "everyone." Deborah - Weaverville, NC
I was riveted from beginning to end of this CD. This is going to be my greatest tool for this Year of Mercy. Patricia - Flushing, NY
Wow! I was blown away by the Divine Mercy CD. Fr. Alar couldn’t have explained our need for Divine Mercy any better. I've been to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. but didn’t fully understand what it was all about. I am so thankful for Lighthouse Catholic Media for creating these CD’s. I can’t wait to share this with my family and friends. I plan on being at the National Shrine on 3 April for the Divine Mercy Sunday Mass. This CD couldn’t have come at a better time during this Lenten season. Thank you Jesus, I Trust in You! Joanne - Medway, MA
I learned a so much about the Divine Mercy devotion and message given to Saint Faustina by our Lord Jesus Christ. The talk was very informative and also very inspirational and I am looking forward to the Easter octave, especially Divine Mercy Subday because of the graces that flow on that day. Everyone should listen to this talk to learn about the graces that flow through the Divine Mercy! Sam - El Paso, TX
It very clearly stated and explained the message of Divine Mercy and how it is important and integral to the life of the Church today. Debbie - Vernon, CT
This CD really explains how much a grace Our Lord has given us in Divine Mercy. Fr. Chris really unlocks all the benefits; from the Special of Promise, the difference between this Promise and the Church's Plenary Indulgence, and the confession requirement being 20 days as opposed to what many believe to be required on "the day of."the ability to pray the chaplet for the deceased assuring us that Our Lord is offering His graces and mercy to anyone we pray the chaplet for regardless of the time of their death. His recounting of the realization that he could pray for the "death bed" conversion of his grandmother most touched me!! Edward - Kanata, ON
Clear and to the point. Easy to understand. Great speaker. It is fantastic. Thank you. Lauren - Gainesville , GA
I really loved the explanation of the connection between Divine Mercy and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Cheryl - Fairhope, AL
This CD was not only interesting BUT eye opening too. I was educated even more about the Divine Mercy Chaplet and its benefits to myself and others who have passed away. And it also gave me more encouragement to make the novena and attend Divine Mercy Sunday Liturgy and what it means. Awesome CD. MaryBeth - Thorp, WI
It was the most informative explanation of Divine Mercy that I have heard or read about. I have been giving copies of this CD to others.
I listened to the Divine Mercy CD. What a blessing it was to me as my husband's son committed suicide because of the extreme pain he was in due to medical problems. To know that we can pray the chaplet and that it will help him back when he did so, is just the most wonderful news we could possibly have. Thank you for this wonderful, inspirational message. sylvia - Lake Alfred, FL
I've thought a lot about the fact that there is no time for God and developed my concept of what that is. But his speaking to praying the Chaplet for souls related to his grandmother really gave me a new insight into what happens when we pray. I had never really though about how prayer in time relates to prayer in God's "no time". Awesome!!! Albert - Monument, CO
Everything was explained so clearly and with enthusiasm. I felt my soul wanted to sing! And below I love ALL the topics Lighthouse puts out! God Bless You! Cathy - Rexford , NY
Such simplicity of explanation!!! We have several Spanish speaking Brethren, and would love to find a Spanish Translation of this CD. Please let me know where I can purchase them. Libbi - Hartsville, TN
Truths about praying for dead Fayla - Lake charles, LA
Very informative Tj - Orillia, ON
I learned about the indulgence attached to the feast of Divine Mercy, and how praying the caplet for those who have died will benefit them at the time of their death. Judith - Kennewick, WA