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The Passion of Christ In Light of the Holy Shroud of Turin

Fr. Francis Peffley

The Holy Shroud of Turin was called the greatest relic in Christendom by Pope John Paul II. In fact, the Shroud is the most studied scientific object in the entire world. Fr. Peffley presents new and detailed scientific and medical evidence for the authenticity of the Holy Shroud. This presentation brings greater clarity as to the depth of the agony of our Lord's sorrowful Passion, which he voluntarily took on for love of us.

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Customer Comments

This brought me face to face with the intense suffering of Jesus and inspires me to live my life much more deeply committed to Him. Phyllis - Williston, VT
Fr. Peffley answered ALL the questions I had about the shroud. After listening to this presentation, I came away with a much deeper love for Christ's love for us on the cross. Aaron - Elburn, IL
I am in the process of conversion to the Catholic Faith. This CD gave me a deeper insight into how Christ died on the cross. DeHeer - Plainfield, IL
Fr. Peffley ties all the various different items of truth and speculation together in his talk. I consider myself well read regarding the Shroud of Jesus, and all the "scientific" study that he debunked with the authoritative sources just fascinated me with information I had heard in bits and pieces, but never brought it together. The history that he presented just by reviewing the marks on the Shroud was amazing. Doug - Apex, NC
This is a powerful, moving and informative talk. I learned a great deal about the passion of Christ, as well as the Shroud of Turin. I recommend it to everyone. Pamela - Paulden, AZ
It helped to deepen my faith in light of the passion. I have always believed the shroud was the burial cloth of our Lord, but Father gave details I have never heard, reaffirming my belief. Gail - Utica, NY
Very easy to listen to and understand in layman's language. Stu - North Olmsted, OH
It is the first talk I have listened to that brought the Lord's death and resurrection into human terms. I felt like I was there at the scourging, along the path to Calvary, sitting at the cross with Mary, and present at the tomb. I often forget how truly human Jesus was, and to reflect on the content of this talk, it truly brings Jesus' redemptive and atoning suffering and sacrifice to life. Chris - Carlisle, PA
The CD is fascinating. I listen to it in my car again and again. As an interested non-Catholic, it moved me closer to checking RCIA classes at my church. Who am I to dispute the shroud? Lynn - Haverhill, MA
Wealth of factual knowledge presented in an "easy to listen to" style. Gave me a much greater appreciation for the Passion and new ideas for Lenten meditation. Patricia - Woodstock, IL
I found this talk very enlightening, giving a very vivid explanation and description of our Lord's wounds and His obvious pain and suffering. I would recommend this to everyone. Peter - Billings, MT
I have no words worthy to explain. It was wonderful! Fern - Lawrenceburg, KY
All the information on the Holy Shroud confirmed, reminded for me again, that Jesus died a horrible death on the cross for us. He loves us that much. Washington, IN
I have just read a book about the Shroud and it was great to hear most of the book confirmed on the CD. Paddys River, NSW
This talk gave us a new realization of how Our Lord suffered. The details of His Passion and Death have opened our eyes to what He really underwent for us and how much He does love us all. The scientific info on the Shroud is fascinating. Thank you for this wonderful talk. I will be ordering more to give away. Carol - Livingston, TX
The research behind the excellent information and the Catholic sense with which it was presented. mike - Fayetteville, NY
I have recommended this CD to several persons. It is fantastic and really brings home what Christ suffered during his Crucifixion and the scientific proof that what we are taught is true. I think it would be especially great to listen to during lent, but I have enjoyed it now and have listened to it several times. Patricia - Utica, NE
It was a clear and easy to understand description of the authenticity of the Shroud. I had never heard the results before as it related to the actual wounds and how it fulfills the scriptures. I can't wait to share this. NY
Fr. Peffley presented a strong case supporting the Shroud's authenticity while casting significant doubt on claims that it was forged. Terry - Federal Way, WA
it was great intresting and very informative. also scientific i haven't heard of the Shroud before. i just got so much from this cd it reavealed a lot to me Brian - Austin, TX