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The Right Perspective

Fr. Mitch Pacwa

Father Mitch is a priest of the Society of Jesus, a highly respected scripture scholar and author, a regular host of EWTN Television and Radio, and the founder and president of Ignatius Productions—a catholic teaching and media apostolate. Listen as Fr. Pacwa describes the "big picture" of the Catholic Faith while explaining the perspective that Catholics ought to have in their relation to and with God.

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Inspirational, Personal Growth


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Customer Comments

Thought provoking only as Fr. Mitch can do! Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
A great teacher who explains so well what our relationship with God should look like! Julie - Sterling, VA
The teaching is inspiring and taught me the relation between the Sacraments and the death and resurrection of Jesus. Weldezion - Mountlake Terrace, WA
There was so much valuable information in this talk, I will listen to it over and over again! Carrie - Salem, OR
Fr Mitch beautifully weaves humor into the truth of our Faith! A must listen CD! Ray - East Peoria, IL
Father Mitch helped answer with amazing clarity and simplicity questions in my mind regarding the Catholic faith, especially regarding sin, God's knowing all things, and the sacraments! Daniel - Vancouver, Canada
This talks transforms my understanding of God and it will really help me explain God and out catholic faith to others. Julie - St. Petersburg, FL
It was a great piece to make me focus on what is truly important. Alexis - York, SC
Had the blessing to visit the Holy Land with Fr. Pacwa in 1998, and what an anointed/awesome spiritual "Peregrinage" was for my husband and I. Fr Pacwa so clearly conveys the "eternal and so very clearly "reality" of our every day need to seek our Infinite, Merciful God and Creator. Never get tired of listening to his presentation over and over. Again, do you also have this one translated to Spanish. I have several relatives in Peru who I would love to send such. Gabriela - Cape Coral, FL
There is always something new to learn from Fr Mitch. Russell - Madison, SD
Fr. Pacwa does a good job explaining the difficult concept of redemption, God the Father, and grace. He makes apt analogies and relevant observations. Auguste - TX
I am familiar with Father Pacwa and I like his humor and his no nonsense attitude. I appreciated that he drove home how serious sin is and the significance of who you are sinning against. And made me understand why I should fear God. I always disliked hearing that I should fear God but his explanation made it a non issue. I am going to leave for others to hear for themselves... lol. And in the midst of some serious subjects, Fathers always kept it perfectly clear about how much God loves us. Claudia - Arvada, CO
I am always searching for the Catholic Church's response to contemporary interpretations of Jesus' teachings. How beautiful to hear a liturgical scholar defend the position of fearing God and despising our own sins. Fr. Pacwa's unyielding mantra of the duty to evangalize is inspiring. Glorious message! Can't stop playing it. Thank you. Kelly - Marengo, IL
Father's enthusiasm and passion for the truth shines through in the energy of his voice. Meghan - Madison, VA
The inspiring and honest way that Fr. Pacwa presented his message of understanding ourselves in relation to God. Thank you and are prayers are with Fr. Pacwa as he faces these heart issue challenges in his life. Pamela - Island Flls, ME
How Jesus is in the present always, no past, present and future, only now. This is why the redemptive act is applied to our sins now. Also that greatest sinners can also achieve forgiveness. He explained why children must be baptised also. Pamela - Washington, LA