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The Saving Power of Divine Mercy

Fr. Jason Brooks

Pope John Paul II said that Divine Mercy is THE message for the third millennium and God's gift to our time. There is nothing that mankind needs more than Christ's Divine Mercy. To help us avail ourselves of that loving mercy, Fr. Brooks focuses on what we know of God's Mercy, our response to His Love, how we can become merciful to others, and how to become apostles of mercy. 

Bonus: At the end of this presentation, the Divine Mercy chaplet is led by Fr. Francis Peffley, Mark Forrest - an Irish tenor, and Muriel Forrest.

Average Rating: 4.43 based on 30 ratings
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Customer Comments

Wow! A much needed message full of hope and encouragement for all souls cut off from God through sin. A promise of mercy from our Savior. Jesus, I Trust in You!! Consuelo - Wichita, KS
Fr. Brooks speaks with enthusiasm and wisdom; he loves sharing God's message as much as I enjoyed listening. Thank you for this work. Joe - Dickinson, ND
Yes, please continue to teach about the Divine Mercy and St. Faustina book. Ewa - Rochester, MN
Fr. Brooks explained the Divine Mercy very well and spoke to my heart. I will be playing the CD over and over again. I like that it contains the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at the end. Bonnie - Chesaapeake, VA
He talked about how we must trust in Christ's mercy. I think that was good, and I liked what he said about forgiveness. Karen - Dillon, CO
This CD was moving and inspirational! It reminded me of Jesus' unfailing love and forgiveness. I will recommend it to others! Trudi - Porcupine Plain, SK
The part about forgiveness was my favorite part. To forgive is divine, that's why it is so difficult to do, so hearing it reinforces and strengthens the soul. Armando - FL
It was very interesting, and I especially liked the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the end. Peggy - Sanford, FL
It explained the significance of the passion of Christ in our lives and why we should pray the Divine Mercy. I just loved the prayer at the end, too. Jo-Anne - District Heights, MD
This CD is a good way to get the word out how God loves his people. If you listen, one could learn something. Curtis - Clinton, OK
It was good but very basic. Donna - Lindenhurst, NY
Dear Fr.Jason, First let me thank God for the Holy Spirit you have received. It was a nice talk, but I would like to listen to more. Do continue your mission. Remember us in your prayers. Thank you. Alex - Dubai
Excellent CD - I love the LORD JESUS! It gives clear understanding of Divine Mercy, and I now understand that without GOD, I can do nothing. Gizelle - Dubai
That God is the forgiving Lord and his love is unconditional. The speaker has a thorough knowledge, and his talk is very inspiring to us as a family. Diana - Dubai
The priest made me aware of the love of God. I would like my sons to listen to it. Kathy - Georgetown, TX
Very clear on the history and facts. Very clear on the relationship of the story to scripture. Bo - Ville Platte, LA
Love the passion in communicated by Fr. Jason Brooks Roger - Chicago, IL
It is definitely a topic that needs to be shared. Peter - London, ON
Really explained a lot about Divine Mercy. Robert - Johannesburg
The talk was very inspiratinal coming from a converted person, who se mission was to denounce the Catholic Church. The fact that he found the truth seeking evidence to comdemn the church is amazing. Also the historical account of the Divine Mercy has a deep spirtual meaning for me since in the last couple of weeks, the Divine Mercy has made its existence so apparent in my life. Thais - Miami Gardens, FL
All I can say is...PERFECT! Bridget - Rehoboth, DE
It is such a beautiful message. The tone was a little highfalutin; but the words of Christ and the message was so wonderful that I hope it could be looked past. It's really good for a believer who needs that affirmation that God is truly in LOVE with her. Laura - Sartell, MN
A very clear message of the power in Devine Mercy. Looking forward to Mass today. God Bless Kory - Parker, CO
It provided a better understanding of God's Divine Mercy. Rosemary - Trevose, PA
This talk have a very practical, yet educational talk on Divine Mercy. It presents the complex subject matter in a way that is easy to understand and inspires on to bring it to practice. Andru - Bloomington, IL
The music was very inspiring. I have heard and read about the Devine Mercy but learned more about it. I enjoyed saying the prayers. I also like it song like on EWTN Devine Mercy at 3:00 each day. Virginia - Waynesboro, PA
It was not only very knowledgeable but at a level I was able to comprehend. The examples made to every day living was a great help. Thank You Joan - Queensbury
It was not only very knowledgeable but at a level I was able to comprehend. The examples made to every day living was a great help. Thank You Joan - Queensbury, NY
This was an inspirational as well as educational CD. My wife and I both liked it, and have recommended it to our friends. John - Sierra Vista, AZ
I was very moved by the explanation of Christ's Divine mercy for us and how it is always there no matter what. Andrea - SAINT MARYS, PA