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The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Fr. Michael Gaitley

In this vastly popular talk, Fr. Gaitley describes the "second greatest story ever told" - a story that encompasses Divine Mercy, the life of St. Pope John Paul II, and the crucial role that Marian Consecration can play in your life. Fr. Michael Gaitley is a priest in the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and the director of formation for the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy.

Be sure to also check out Fr. Gaitley's groundbreaking book on Marian consecration, 33 Days to Morning Glory.

Average Rating: 4.61 based on 71 ratings
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Customer Comments

The CD was very informative. Fr. Gaitley was very interesting, and I loved the presentation. It made me reflect about my love for Mary and for our beloved Pope John Paul. This is a CD that I will share. Barbara - Dearborn Heights, MI
The world needs more dedicated priests like Fr. Michael Gaitley! Roland - Thibodaux, LA
Fr. Gaitley's presentation is easy to listen to. John - Bristol, VA
I had no idea the Divine Mercy has been around for so long, and I had no idea Pope John Paul was so involved with the Divine Mercy. Also, learning some of the history of Pope John Paul was very interesting and enlightening. Ron - Cottonport, LA
Fr. Gaitley presents the historical background of Poland's unique role in preserving freedom in Europe and Blessed John Paul II's consecration to the Blessed Virgin. Fr. Gaitley gives steps for anyone who wishes to consecrate his/her life to the BVM. He is an excellent, captivating teacher and presenter. David - Columbia, SC
The talk was very enjoyable. It was presented in a light format that was very easy to listen to while driving. The information presented was valuable and useful. It inspired me to pursue Marian devotion and consecration. I am more than pleased with this work!!! Steven - MI
I've heard most of the stories before but had never heard them all tied together in this way. My next move will be to read the books recommended by Fr. Michael. James - Marion, KS
That is The First Greatest Story I have ever heard. I am Polish/American. It is hard to believe how much one can learn from such a short talk. I am also consecrated to the Heart of Jesus through Mary. That tells it all. God Bless you, Fr. Mike. Lidia - Baltimore, MD
The personalization, the humor, the connections of the dates and years to God's revelations, and the good ideas on deepening faith. This CD has moved me to do the Consecration to Mary, and to pass this CD along to a young man considering a vocation to the priesthood. Madeleine - Carlsbad, NM
For a weary Catholic trying to come home, this was an amazing educational tool! I had little familiarity with Marian Consecration and didn't recall much about Pope John Paul II's life and contributions. Wow, what a story! Fr. Gaitley is a storyteller that you want to keep listening to. His voice is friendly, and he leaves you wanting more when the CD ends. Liz - North Augusta, SC
I found it to be very interesting and informative, especially since I am also doing the Marian Consecration for Men Only [33 Days to Morning Glory]. Robert - Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Fr. Gaitley was enthusiastic about Marian Consecration and tying that thread with recent world history and with the desire to encourage one to strive to become a saint even in today's time and culture. Barbara - Lititz, PA
Informative about Marian Consecration and the historical relevance of Poland. Kevin - Coleman, MI
This was a wonderful explanation of the Divine Mercy miracle and what took place for many years where the Divine Mercy was in action and preparing the world for one of the most powerful connections with Jesus, God, and Mary. Before listening to this CD, I had a great devotion for the Divine Mercy. Now I want to learn even more about it, and my devotion has increased tremendously. The second time I listened to this CD, my 12-year-old daughter was with me, and even she was amazed by it. It will be one of those CDs I keep listening to all the time, and every time I'll hear a new message. God bless, Fr. Michael! Liz - Milton, ON
I had just finished reading Michael Gaitley's first 2 books and doing his Consecration to Mary so I was eager to hear this recording. It answered some questions I had about why I didn't feel as close to Mary as I had while doing the consecration. It filled out and expanded what I knew about Poland and Blessed JP2. It pointed me to the Encyclical on Mercy which I will read. But mostly it moved me in a spiritual way. As I listened to it while walking my dogs, I found myself laughing and also crying as the beauty of this gift from God became ever more present to me. Bless Fr. Gaitley Jini - Silver Spring, MD
I discovered new things about our Catholic Faith I did not know. Also, the presentation was quite good. I've passed this one around. Guy - Macomb, MI
I loved how it gave me a more personal idea of how love for others can manifest and be used for the glory of God by religious. Tina -MI
I loved learning this year about Divine Mercy and this talk definitely provided some deeper information on Divine Mercy. I also enjoyed the way Fr. Michael intertwines the two hearts and divine mercy together, this CD is awesome! Colleen - Pennsburg, PA
My favorite part of the talk was when Fr. Michael pointed our that Mary, Jesus' mother, was at the core of Divine Mercy. Tessa - Charleston, SC
Fr. Michael Gaitley is great. I love how he tied in Poland, JPII, St. Faustina and Fatima and how Our Lady warns her children to pray, confess, and make penance for the reparation of sinners. John - Houston, TX
Fr. Gaitley's talk is so interesting and enthusiastic. I've listened to this CD numerous times and never get tired of his zeal about consecrating our lives to Mary. Ginny - PA, PA
It was a great talk, one of the best. AR
This is one of my favorites of the Lighthouse Catholic Media... Korban
Loved it. Bought ten and gave them to friends. Claire
Loved this CD. It is life changing! Jane
There is so much information that I have had to listen to it several times and I enjoy it every time I do. I enjoy hearing the excitement and passion in Father Mike's voice! Truly a cd I will treasure! Lynnette - Leonard, TX
This timely message is spot on for the New Evangelization. Fr. Gaitley explains how Our Blessed Mother always points to her Son, Jesus and His Divine Mercy. It's the perfect message for our youth too; especially young men and women who might be in "Monk Mode" attempting to navigate through this confusing culture. Fr. Michael's energy is contagious,engaging and amazing! Ray - Sebastian, Fl. Raymond - Sebastian, FL
I have read Fr. Michael's book 33 Days to Morning Glory and have done the consecration. Hearing his presentation of the message of Divine Mercy in our times is so beautiful and hopeful! Emily - Conroe, TX
Father Michael combined humor, historical scholasticism, and enthusiasm to deliver an extremely powerful talk. I am on fire to start preparing for my Marian consecration! Erin - Hattiesburg, MS
I was expecting to learn more about Mary's life, but I was treated to a number of new discoveries instead... always a devotee of Pope John Paul the second, the enlightenment about his journey was exciting, as were the revelations about Ste. Faustina, the Divine Mercy revelations (to me, and the historylesson about Poland among the more relevant. Leah - DeKalb, IL
I love Fr. Gaitley's use of his personal journey to tell this important story. It encouraged me in reading "33 Days to Morning Glory." Sarah - Anchorage, AK
Fr Gaitley is engaging, enthusiastic and encouraging.. Having listened to this talk I want to deepen my relationship with Mother Mary. What a wonderful message, she is always present for us. J - estero, FL
Fr. Gaitley is very knowledgeable and entertaining. He uses humor and keeps the subject interesting. I learned a lot about St John Paul II and His devotion to the blessed virgin Mary and the Divine Mercy. Great job Roger - Chicago, IL
I enjoyed the talk and benefited from it as well. I enjoyed two things. one,the conception of the Divine Mercy. Two,the fact that Fr. Gaitley also highlighted his experience, the difficulties he faced and how Our Lady helped him overcome them. I have learnt that no vocation is easy, there is always something to sacrifice. I am a devotee of Mary through the Legion and Queen of all Hearts and I have drawn encouragement to keep up the race through this talk. Thank you. Ogar - Abuja
The history and the love of God shines through. Jennifer - Taylor, TX
I really enjoyed how the speaker put together great devotions of St. JPII, such as Mary and how that leads to devotion to Divine Mercy. Great insight. Maria - Burnaby, BC
The history and the personal stories. Alma - Lisle, IL
It revealed the Spirit moving in my life. I didn't pay attention to the speaker's name at first. As he spoke, God made me aware of certain "coincidence s" in my life... I happen to be listening at exactly 3 PM (Divine Mercy Hour) to the 'MP3. The speaker mentioned his name again mid way during the talk & I had recently read 33 days to Morning Glory so I said Wow - He wrote that book. Then he mentioned a girl named Blanche who prayed for him-- I said "Wow"- my name is Blanche. And today is the day that Pope John Paul II is being canonized a saint. Also I grew up in a church and still belong to Our Lady of Fatima Church so I am familiar with the connection of Mary and Fatima... Praise God for His Mercy!!! And for loving us! Blanche - Lafayette, LA
I will look more seriously at Marian Consecration. That's the "bottom line". I didn't expect that. Seeing up front that this talk was 59 minutes long, frankly I didn't expect to listen to the whole of it. In fact, I listened with rapt attention. I confess a special feeling for Pope John Paul and for Poland, a man, now saint in whose presence I have been and in whose footsteps I have (sometimes unwittingly at the time) trod. I have lived in Poland, as has Father Michael, the presenter, and have a similar feeling about a place that it would seem God has repeatedly used, from Jan Sobiecki to Marshall Pilsudski to Karol Woytila. The title of Marion Davies' history of Poland comes to mind: "God's Playground". Father Michael has woven together an excellent blend of his own personal journey of faith, important historical facts, from Fatima to Gdansk, with the deeper spiritual meaning of Divine Mercy. His lighthearted, jocular, very American style is going to appeal to a wide audience. Thank you for a very thought provoking and well-spent hour. James - Orange, VA
Just to say one thing, how Fr. Gaitley connect the audience due to his personal fire to spread the devotion of Divine Mercy. Eric - Ivanhoe (Melbourne), VIC
This was a close repeat of a talk I recently heard Fr. Gaitley deliver in person at the Devine Mercy Conference but it was worth hearing it again. NY
the fact that combined wit "A Shot Heard Round the World" it makes the life of John Paul II come alive & show us how much he is a saint in our time. Thank you for making these available. Ba rb - Williams Lake, BC
The message of Divine Mercy was something the Holy Spirit had been nudging me with recently, but Fr. Gaitely's talk really tied things all together and helped me to recognize God's message of mercy in my life. Kathleen - Edmonton, AB
Fr. Gaitly is an inspiring speaker & renewed my love for Blessed John Paul II, for the devotion to the Divine Mercy, & for the Blessed Virgin Mary with this talk. It is truly amazing the way God is working in our world, especially through His Mother & through the devotion to the Divine Mercy. Stephanie - Slidell, LA
Fr. Michael made clear to me the value and meaning of the concecration to Mary. I have read and prayed both his book and the LM Book and now I understand the meaning of them. Formerly, I prayed the Rosary daily, but since the books I have found myself praying The Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. Mary has been working in my life and I just did not know it. Agnes - Portage, PA
I liked the way that he explained devotion to Mary and its benefits. As a convert, I still have some trepidation regarding Marian devotions. This CD really brought about a conversion on that front, and inspired me to do the consecration to Mary through his 33 Days to Morning Glory book. Our Parish has done that consecration together in the past, but I never felt comfortable participating in it before. Laurel - Pineville, NC
this cd was fantastic! the timing was perfect with the canonization of the popes. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to this. It reminded me of the graces of our Blessed Mother. Sandra - Geneva, FL
Fr. Michael's down to earth way of expressing a Heavenly subject. Michael - Cincinnati, OH
I loved the background history. Things don't really make sense to me until I can paint an image based on my own understandings, history of course is the easiest way to do that for me. I've listened to this 4 times so far, get new things out of it each time, and plan to listen to it several more times. Heather - NY
The details we miss in our daily life that can make huge difference in our existance. Nelly - Hollywood, FL
The details we miss in the daily life that are very important for God and that can make a huge difference in our lives. Hollywood, FL
Some weeks ago, I was wondering why the presence of Mary was important for a Catholic like me. I started to attend the weekly Holy Rosary session at my local parish and started a novena for healing purposes, but still was wondering why??, wasn't the presence of God and the one of his beloved Son enough for us?. Today, before the mass, I was looking the material that the Church offers and read the CD title...it caught my eye immediately, I said: "It is what I was looking for, Thank You, Jesus". Gabriela - Livonia, MI
I have listened to this CD several times. It lead me to buy the book 33 Days to Morning Glory. I am on day 28 of my retreat. Nancy - Fair Play, SC
What I LOVED about this talk was that the speaker unfolded the story in such a passionate way. You could sense he was as excited to tell the story as you were to listen to it. It is absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Martha - Temecula, CA
Father Gaitley's youthfulness! . . am sure the main reason Our Lady picked him to be "her beloved son" ( her Priest ) to serve as "Fr. Joseph" for the Divine Mercy Apostolate is: he is one of St. John Paul II's "Dear Young People". While I've regularly consecrated myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the Marian Movement of Priests (as a married layman), Father Gaitley's engaging presentation has "dusted off" the memory of the last (and only) time I did the 33 day consecration according to St. Louis de Monfort ( i.e. around 1976). I will begin my next 33 days this coming Monday (July 13, 2014), in time for consecration on August 15 . . .my last day at work, before my retirement. . . just before my 70th birthday. Elizabeth and I have been married 32 years (July 24). Our two boys - Patrick and Peter - both live out west (Calgary/ Edmonton). Both love and live the Faith. Both have found and married faithful spouses, and each have found stable work. Both were married on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Peter and Melanie a year ago; Patrick and Amy two years ago. Thanks be to God ! ! Bob - London, ON
How enthusiastic Fr. Michael Gaitley was. It was real life experiences. John - Turner, ME
Short and to the point Tina - Winter Garden, FL
I really enjoyed how Fr. Mike gave an excellent background of St. Pope John Paul II's life and how it related to Mary and world history. Melanie - Minot, ND
The history of the importance that Poland has played in the battle for the Catholic faith. Tina - Fort Myers, FL
I truly enjoyed the explanation of the history behind the Divine Mercy, how it came to be, how it was greatly supported by Saint Pope John Paul II. It is a powerful message. Mark - Pittsburgh, PA
great explanation of Devine Mercy message and correlation between St Faustina & St John Paul II Elena - San Antonio, TX
This is one of my favorite CDs! Fr.Gaitley really puts into perspective the history of God's use of Poland to save western Europe over the past 400 years, and how this relates to the Blessed Virgin Mary's intervention, Saint John Paul's fascinating work on Divine Mercy and Saint Faustina. He does a great job of tying all this information together for a wonderful CD, and I would recommend this to both Catholics and Protestants who are considering Catholicism (I was brought up Baptist, and am praying about coverting to the Catholic Church.) Fred (Woodstock, GA) Fred - Woodstock, GA
This Talk benefited me by explaining how Marian consecration,Saint John Paul II,Our Lady of Fatima,and The Divine Mercy all went together hand in hand. Jonathan - Monroe, GA
I have listened to parts of this talk twice and heard new information each time. I plan to listen to it again in the future as it is an excellent presentation and well worth the time. David - Houston, TX
It helped me to understand the 33 days of morning Glory better. oveder - palm Springs, FL
Just a wonderful story! Fr. Gaitley does an amazing job of connecting all the dots and tells such a beautiful story with such passion. I can't help but listen over and over again. Lauren - Magnolia, TX
Fr. Michael Gaitley has a very lively and expressive way of sharing his experiences of his faith journey! Hi s love for St. Faustina and St.John Paul II inspired me to finish reading the Diary of St. Faustina and to do another consecration to Our Lady! Thank you Fr. Gaitley! Colleen - Delta, BC
It demonstrates through specific examples the role of Mary in the spiritual life of the Individual and of the Church. Teresa - Quincy, IL
The clear explanations. Franky - Castleford, ID
Father Gaitley uses situations we can all relate to in telling this amazing story. His relationship with Blanche was so touching, but had this magnificent twist that was so unexpected, yet so believable. The events surrounding blessed Poland were a revelation to me as was the date Gorbechev dissolved the Soviet Union. Quite Profound! and far from coincidental. The big reveal for me was from the story of Fatima and the vision that frightened the children so, only to become(nearly) reality decades later. I have already purchased both "True Devotion to Mary" and "33 Hours to Morning Glory" since finishing this CD. I can't wait to sent the CD off to my sister in Tennessee and get her take on it. I'm praying that by following the advise of Fr. Gaitely and reading, meditating, and working through these books, that I, too, can have a closer relationship with Our "Little, Little" Blessed Mother and through her, have a closer and deeper relationship with her son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. This CD made me want to shout from the rooftops that Our Blessed Mother wants each of us to have a relationship with her and that through Divine Mercy, we can all rejoice because Our Lord has made a place for each of us and through his mercy we can each claim that place with him! Sue - Maineville, OH
The love that Mary has for us. Info about the Divine Mercy. Del - Annaheim, SK
Fr. Gailey is a dynamic speaker who touched my soul with the divine mercy message. We are living in an incredible time of grace And have to do all we can to save souls including our own. beth - hamilton, OH
Having already done Fr. Gaitley's "33 days to Morning Glory" and "Consoling the Heart of Jesus", this was a great review. Fr. Gaitley is so enthusiastic, it's hard not to get excited about the message of Mercy and Love poured out on us by Christ and his Mother. Lori - Luling, LA
I love Our Lady of Fatima! and the talk caused me to choose St. John Paul as my patron Saint! Henderson, KY
I am Polish and so, have particular interest and affection for both saint Faustina and Saint Pope JP2. Learning more about his life and how his spirit develop and supported the Church's understanding of life led me to seek even more about him. I read Why he is a Saint right after hearing this talk ad its changed alot for me. Very interesting and engaging talk. I even recommended it to my aunt who is a fallen away Catholic! Rachel - Austin, TX
Fr Gaitley was very easy to follow and I like it when there is humor in the talk. It makes me want to do the consecration. I have the book from this talk too and now I'm anxious to read it. Sylvia - Austin, TX
Always the inspirational message of the depth of God's love for we sinners and the selfless love of His Most Blessed Mother to use herself through God's divine grace, to lead us closer to Him. Carene - Lutherville, MD
I love St. John Paul II and believe he should be made a Doctor of the Church with the emphasis on mercy! I used to go to many conferences and pilgrimages but am no longer able to do so. Thank you for making talks by wonderful Catholic speakers available to everyone. God bless you in your ministry! Fleurette - Belton, TX
I did not know Pope John Paul II history and connection to Divine Mercy. It was very interesting, I also like the speaker sharing his own life story. Jacqueline - Honolulu, HI
Fr. Michael Gaitley is a wealth of knowledge and his talk gave me so much hope in the Divine Mercy. Deborah - Los Angeles, CA
How clearly the speaker established the connection between divine mercy, Fatima, and Saint John Paul II. Patrick - Dumont, NJ
The cohesiveness of Michael Gaitley's lecture and his inspiring drive to bring listeners to the Blessed Mother. Gina - Houston, TX
I found out more about Poland's part in God's plan for the salvation of the world. Dominic - Albany Creek, QLD
Explained Mary in a way that was understandable and relating how Mary’s prayers assist each of us in how we live our daily lives. Cynthia - Winona, MN
I had read the book of the same name and was so excited to find the cd at a church I visited. Now I can share it with more friends. It was so interesting to me that I want everyone to know about it. I had already bought the book for a friend and she loved it and passed it on to her pastor who is from Poland. Now I can share the cd with my friends in my home town. Easier to send and also easier to get people to pop in a cd. I liked his easy style and his use of personal life stories sprinkled with humor. Thank you! Elizabeth Devore Elizabeth - McDonough, GA
It gave me hope. The beautiful way Father Gaitley ‘connects the dots’ of God’s plan of mercy and grace for us. Kathy - PortLand , OR
This talk increased my enthusiasm and understanding of Divine Mercy and devotion to Mary. As soon as I finished listening to it, I decided to start preparing for a Marian Consecration, which was something I had been putting off for years. I am grateful to God that I heard this CD! Laura - CA
I loved how Fr. Gaitley interwove the story of St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, and the apparition at Fatima to explain the love of our Holy Mother and her witness to the Mercy of Christ. Magnificent! Carolina - Gainesville, FL
Really interesting and informative Angelina - Greenville, SC
I enjoyed how Father Michael talked about the Divine Mercy and our Blessed Mother, you can hear how much love he has. I have not really followed Divine Mercy as I should and now that I have heard Father Michael he has moved my heart, spirit and my faith to follow daily. I will certainly tell my family about his talk it was truly moving. Thank you. Susie - El Paso, TX
Father Gaitley tackles topics that at the surface seem dry and too difficult to take on. His enthusiasm is contagious and he describes concepts in simple and approachable terms. He is an excellent spiritual guide and cheerleader! terri - Janesville, WI
Excelent sound. It is importamt for a good understanding. The message is profound and inspiring. Enjoy it from the beginning to the end. Luisa - Lynnwood, WA
I learnt things about Pope John Paul the second that I didn't know before, in a addition to connections made in history relating to Divine Mercy, divine intervention. Also, I learnt what conceceration to Mary really means, and its importance Martina - Waterloo, ON
I am near the end of reading 33 days to morning glory. This talk has very much deepend my understanding of what I am doing and helped me even better prepare for the brown scapular. Thank you! I listened to twist all on formed.org. Michelle - Buffalo, NY
I really enjoyed this talk because the Priest talked about Mary and what it means to have a relationship with her and ultimately Jesus Christ. I am a new Catholic and so I was looking for something to discover what that meant. Sarah - Sandusky, MI
The father was very engaging. His talk was well thought out and supported. It really spoke to my personal needs and experience. I have direction on what steps I want to make next. Heather - Westborough, MA