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The Shadow of His Wings

Matthew Arnold

Fr. Goldmann was drafted into Hitler's army while he was still a seminarian, and later assigned to the dreaded S.S. Throughout World War II he remained faithful to his Catholic convictions, proclaiming the faith to his Nazi countrymen.  From his wartime ordination to his construction of a prison chapel, this thrilling true-life adventure is an inspirational testimony to God's providence and the power of prayer.

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Customer Comments

I could not stop listening to this CD! This amazing journey with Father Goldmann strengthened my faith in the power of prayer. Claire - Bridgton, ME
WOW! The story of Father Goldmann is truly riveting, and a great testimony of deep faith in God. Pat - Burlington, ON
I love listening to this story and have loaned it to another person, who I felt needed a pick-up in his faith. Peter - Larne
It gave true witness to the power of prayer. It was also interesting, because it was a true story and had historical value. It was an engaging story that my whole family enjoyed listening to. In fact, I think the fact that it was history, not just faith, made it more interesting for the men/boys in the car. It was a great story. Janet - Ridgefield, CT
This is by far the very best CD I have received from Lighthouse. I had never heard of Fr Gereon, but now I pray to ask for his intercession because I am convinced he is a saint. What a great example of courage and humility and boldness and witness in the very belly of the beast! Forget James Bond or Indiana Jones, the boys and men of the parish want to be Fr. Gereon. I only wish that I had a fraction of the virtue that this man does, a true Catholic soldier who did not waver or crumble at adversity, but faced it like the truly holy man he is. Our Church could convert the world if we had generals like Father. This CD also taught me the power of faith, and especially how to distrust myself and put full confidence in God, and how to pray more often and more humbly. I loved this story so much I went and bought the book to get more details! Michael - Warren, MA
I have been studying the Third Reich in depth for several months now, but this subject was from a very different angle. The amazing faith of everyone, from Fr. Goldmann to the "little sisters" was inspiring. God's Providence shines through it all. Thank you for making this CD possible. Linda - Omaha, NE
The story was completely engrossing and inspiring. We have purchased many copies of the CD from our parish bookstore and have given it to friends, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. All agree the testimony to be compelling. It's like listening to a modern Apostle Paul. Joy - Mt. Dora, FL
Very stirring and spellbinding. Gary - Fargo, ND
I had read the entire book previously, and the CD did an excellent job of condensing the material, and was read very well. The power of prayer is the message that was effectively delivered in the CD. It has renewed my desire to prayer for others. Lynne - Bakersfield, CA
Very inspiring following Fr. Goldmann's life. It was wonderful to hear how God opened every door for Fr. G to become a priest under the most trying circumstances. God surely watched over him and as the war progressed, he lived his life in the will of God. Over 30 years ago, I read the "Cost of Discipleship" a story about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It was a very moving book that I have never forgotten. I look forward to purchasing this book to read more of the life of Fr. Goldmann. John - St. Petersburg, FL
I was so taken with the story of Fr. Goldmann, not only from the spiritual perspective, but for the historical content. It was very inspiring to hear how powerful prayers can be, and it gives you hope that, if the situation arises, I would have the faith and courage needed to sustain. Stephen - Seaford, NY
This was so inspiring, I shared it with a youth in our parish who is obviously a candidate for the priesthood. I also read the book. The CD is completely faithful to the book. Rebecca - LaGrange, KY
Outstanding!!!! How a man kept and protected his faith, his life, and the lives of others through hellish times. Cincinnati, OH
The historical value and accuracy of "the Shadow of His Wings" by Matthew Arnold is a wonderful Blessing. The story of Fr. Gereon Goldman benefited me as an addition to my knowledge of Hitler's Germany and the benefits of the Priestly presence of Fr. Goldman. Ron - Westerville, OH
I enjoyed listening to Father Goldmann's incredible experience and faith increased by the prayer of the nun. It helped me believe even more that prayer is powerful. Mariana - APO, AE
The story of Father Goldman is miraculous, the faith of those around me, his faith during such a difficult time. A German catholic in Hitler's army, trully restored my faith that there were so many good men there, eventhough you get one picture of the nazi horrors from history. This is a personal account that is more humane. Deb - Hummelstown, PA
The teaching of faith is so strong it encourage people ti stand by there beliefs in time of great trials...and not to be afraid to do so...also the power of prayer in supporting other people...and keeping promises to full fillment...that God hears all prayers and His plans are fullfilled...Praise God.. Susan - Dublin
I loved hearing a German Catholic talk about his experiences in WWII. I also was inspired by the tenacity with which he pursued his vocation and clung to his faith and morals in an impossible situation. My father lived through that war as a boy, and I know that no where near all Germans were Nazis. It's nice to hear that from a media source! Kaethe - Stafford, VA