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The Truth

Fr. Larry Richards

What is the meaning of life? Fr. Larry Richards tackles life's biggest question with straightforward, timeless, and often jolting answers. In this one-of-a-kind, life-affirming reality check, he unlocks the mysteries of our existence and opens our hearts and souls to the meaning of life. The Truth will give you concrete answers on how to live.

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Customer Comments

This was probably the most beneficial CD our family has ever heard! It had a profound effect on several family members and I will be forever grateful!! Toni - Peachtree City, GA
I work in the Prison Ministry for Spanish inmates, and Fr. Larry's presentation has provided me with great material to share in my ministry. Esteban
This is by far one of the best talks I have ever heard! Classic!! It helped my wife on her journey to the Catholic Faith. Rennie - Spokane, WA
Wow? From the beginning, my ears were glued to the speakers! It's pretty powerful stuff. I want to hear it again! Fr. Shawn - Alton, IL
Exceptional speaker; presentation was awesome; critically important topic. EVERY single baptized Catholic NEEDS to listen to this talk! Mark - Leominster, MA
What I enjoyed the most was that everything he said was what I needed to hear in plain talk. He spoke the truth! Roland - Thibodaux, LA
I love listening to the talks when I am not teaching pre-K. The Truth really had an impact on me. I am also a Catholic Youth Minister and when Fr. Larry emphasized that we cannot judge, that we should love and NOT judge, it made me realize how hard it is to not be judgmental. This is something I always tell the youth, but sometimes we think we are being helpful, when in reality we are not loving as Christ loves, and we are judging for what ever reason. Candice - Plant City, FL
Fr. Richards is a superb speaker. His personal stories weaved within his message are touching. Jeffrey - Quincy, IL
The speaker kept my attention and admitted his own flaws. He reminded me to put God first and give my money to the church and charity. Elaine - Minot, ND
This talk drew me closer to the Lord and made me think about where I am in my life. Des Moines, IA
Very inspirational talk on our Faith. We all need a personal relationship with God, and we can do all the works we want, but the way we love God is by loving others! We are giving this CD to the parents of children going through confirmation and First Holy Communion in our parish at the 3rd grade level. I absolutely love Fr. Richards, as he is a down-to-earth humorous speaker! Maria - Napoleon, ND
This is an amazing talk that is incredibly appropriate for our young people and for those that have left the Church. Oviedo, FL
He was very frank, plus entertaining. It makes you want to change the way you are living. Ronald - Decatur, AL
Fr. Richards is a very inspirational speaker. He doesn't beat around the bush and lets us know what should be important in our faith life and how to focus on it. This was a great CD, and I passed it on to my son. Bert - Farmington, NM
Fr. Larry Richards is such an engaging speaker and explains things in such a relatable way. I've listened to this talk more than once and each time have come away with something new to consider. He really calls you to take a look at some very specific areas of your life and honestly consider how well you are living out the faith you profess, how faithful you are in responding to the call to discipleship. Olivia - Spencer, MA
outstanding speaker. amazing and very good points made throughout. Stephen - New Brighton, MN
Engaging, inspirational, practical--fabulous step by step approach on how to have a relationship with Christ and reminder about what should be our priorities as Catholics and Christians. Elisabeth - Green Cove Springs, FL
A fresh perspective on how to live a life that is God focused joe
Straight talk about the truth of our existence & the path to go home to the Father in heaven. Dee - Dayton, OH
This is it. The meaning of life. You don't need to look any further or deeper than this. Fr. Larry is such a dynamic and honest speaker. I keep listening to it over and over. Thank God for this talk! Matt - St. Marys, OH
I am not Catholic, as I was brought up in the Baptist church. I'm currently struggling with whether to convert to the Catholic Church. With this in mind, I have found Fr. Larry Richard's talk "The Truth" to be extremely helpful to me, and I've listened to it multiple times because it is such a wonderful presentation about knowing, loving, and serving Jesus. Fr. Larry's presentations are engaging, well presented, and I highly recommend "The Truth," as this CD has made a dramatic impact in my life as I go through this Faith journey. I am looking forward to hearing other presentations by Fr. Larry, including "Confession." Fred - Woodstock, GA
He was very informative and makes you think.
Incorporating the Bible in everyday. Marcia - North Ridgeville, OH
The explanation Fr. Richards provides is simplified and not overly complex. David - ROCA, NE
This talk has helped me to reorganize my life in the way in which God has intended it to be. It has helped me to gain a broader perspective on the meaning of life by organizing it into three specific categories: to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world. Emily - 73072, OK
The talk was easy to listen to and easy to follow. Not too fast or too slow, very engaging. I feel inspired to spend time every day listening to God and not talking to Him. Melody - Spearfish, SD
If you're wondering where to start/what cd to buy first I highly recommend this one. Fr Richards is a great speaker. This CD will set you on the right path to understanding our purpose for life Laura - Houston , TX
I love Fr. Larry's CD's. He is a powerful speaker and very informative. He's one of my favorites. I've listened to it several times over the years. Ruth - Montgomery, AL
His story about his experience with Lectio Divina and the dream that God gave him.. When he realized that he was loved by God. Not accepting this is not trying to be humble.. It is upsetting to God. The speaker Fr. Larry was engaging and challenging to the listeners... Had a lot of great information that I may incorporate into a talk I am giving on a retreat soon. Don't know how this CD got into my car but I'm glad it did! Pauline - Yorktown heights, NY
Fr.Larry tells it like it is. No beating around the bush.He definitely has inspired me to change my life. Mary Ann - Mississauga, ON
Fr. Larry Richards is a delight to listen too. I've already heard this CD several times especially during the lental season. I enjoyed most how he made me realize how much God loves me and wants to give to me. Suzette - Mesa, AZ
Although I am a practicing Catholic, I found Fr. Larry Richards talk so inspiring and learned so much more about my faith. All his stories were wonderful, insightful and brought home the point of dying to self in order to become more like Christ Jesus. I especially loved his prayer surrendering to Jesus which I wrote down. I plan to recite and ultimately memorize as part of my daily prayers to the Lord. Salvatore - Silver Spring, MD