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True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort

Fr. Lance W. Harlow

The intercession of our Blessed Mother is especially important for our troubled times. St. Louis de Montfort's classic work on Marian consecration, True Devotion to Mary, provides a well-trod path to the profound graces that the Lord offers through Mary's prayers for those who trust in her intercession. In this presentation, Fr. Lance Harlow offers clear and insightful commentary drawn from the Saint's text to help explain this consecration to Jesus through Mary and the spiritual effects one can expect. This will greatly benefit all who are interested in Marion consecration.

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Customer Comments

AWESOME CD! As a convert, I did not understand the beauty of our Blessed Mother. WOW! She is such a treasure and gift from God. Denise - Avonmore, PA
This presentation leads one on an outstanding faith journey to a greater love and knowledge of Jesus through Mary, His mother and ours. Charles - Cockeysville, MD
I am beginning 33 Days to Morning Glory. This cd helped me under St. Louis' book better and will aid me as I start my retreat. Vicki - Weston, MO
This cd was amazing, I have listened to it about 40 times and I am still finding new things to meditate on. You need more cds about devotion to the Holy Mother and why it is so important. Dawn - McHenry, IL
Fr. Lance Harlow spoke in terms that was easy to understand. I felt like I was sitting right there in his audience. I have the CD almost worn out, it plays in my car everyday and each time I listen to it I learn something new. It was a gift from a Legion of Mary member at my church, St. Dunstans in Fredericton, NB. Thank you for offering this to people like me who want to learn more about Mary and have a close relationship with her. Marlita - Fredericton, NB
FR. Lance W. Harlow was funny and shared a lot of information. I was put at ease after listening to the CD. I would purchase more. Veronica - Tucson, AZ
The presentation explained how devotion to Mary can bring us closer to Jesus. Mary is our mother who wishes us to speak to her each day. The cd describes specific ways to grow closer to Mary. This cd is my first Lighthouse program. I was very impressed and look forward to future presentations. Maureen - Louisville, KY
An amazing CD. Helped me to rediscover, understand and practice True Devotion and brought renewed meaning and purpose to my consecration to Jesus through Mary. Makes the practice of True Devotion real and practiceable. This is a very important CD and topic for those who want to grow in holiness and want to learn (as St. Louis puts it) the easiest, shortest, most perfect and most secure way to lead us to union with Our Lord. Scott - Kitchener, ON
It encouraged me to further my devotion to Mary in the way of St Louis de Montfort Gail - Apache Junction, AZ
Beautiful way to learn about the True Devotion to Mary as I prepare for the Total Consecration. Helen - Fargo, ND
This talk came to me at the perfect time, which is usually how God works. I was glad he began his talk by outlining the false devotions. I was especially glad to hear the reminder that love of Mary is not in competition with Jesus. I was raised Catholic and have always kind of loved Mary by default. But this talk opened up the power and beauty of Mary and the possibility of really knowing and loving her. I started my consecration today! Theresa - PA
My family just completed 33 Days to Morning Glory and then I found this CD. It was a beautiful way to revisit the book and remind me of all the good things we had read together. Lynne - Houston, TX
This audio is amazing, it has gotten my bond with Our Blessed Mother stronger, like never before. I now start, today, my day of Consecration to Jesus through Mary. Being a cradle Catholic, sadly, I have never heard of such thing. Until I heard this audio (including other LCM audios on Mary), on which I was searching for some kind of way to build up my relationship with Our Lady, after it was torn apart by misunderstandings of our separated christian brothers. It has helped open a new route for a joyful journey with Mary, Our Mother. Blessings to all, and may God bring you Peace. Ruben - West Salem, WI
The whole educational aspect of the talk and how Fr. Lance tied it together with what is truth regarding Our Lady. He was clear that it is Christ centered but how Mary truly plays a part in salvation history. Our call to holiness is a very special aspect of living that is not talked about enough in our Catholic living. Having finished 33 Days To Morning Glory, listening to this talk greatly helped. Kate - Kingston, MA
Many talk about Consecration to Mary in different formats, but Father Harlow offers good advice on the follow up to Consecration. He made me curious about his book Fred - Clovis, CA
Helped me to fit some serious theology into my busy life. Jennifer - Melbourne, FL
I enjoyed how Fr. was able to reflect on the 7 examples of how one may not in reality have True Devotion which allowed me to reflect on my relationship with our Mother and her son. Rino - Rockville, MD
Father talked about how we can give the bad parts of our lives to Mary as well as the good. He also talked about how evil spirits tempt people more as they grow in holiness. Kaye - Houston, TX
It helped to put in greater perspective my Marion Consecration personal retreat and helped with the preparation for my consecration. Adrienne - Thibodaux , LA
It made the True Devotion more accessible??? I have read St. Louis's book, and this helped with clarification. Cheryl - CA
This talk is probably the best I've heard about true devotion to our Blessed Mother. It was comprehensive and will tell the listener why consecration to the BVM is the surest way to becoming holy. I learned a lot from it. Thank you very much! C. - NJ
I had started to read St. Louis de Montfort's book True Devotion to Mary and never finished it. I went through the 33 Days of Morning Glory program and learned more about Mary and St Louis de Montfort and thought I would try his book again. I did not though. Then I saw this CD at our church and after listening to it, it has motivated me to try the book again. I plan on getting the book Fr. Harlow talks about on the CD to help me more with St. Louis de Montfort's book Patricia - Clarksville, TN