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Trust in the Lord

Monsignor Thomas Richter

This talk is practical. It is for everyone-beginners and masters in the spiritual life. We all know that growth in holiness is largely about growing in trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. But how does one do that realistically? 

In this talk, Bismarck Diocese Vocations Director Fr. Tom Richter will describe in concrete terms what the interior act of trust looks like, and what we must choose in order to grow in trust.

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Customer Comments

Wow! I could listen to this CD everyday. Jennifer - Marin, CA
This was the first LCM CD I heard. It was exactly what I needed at that time and I have passed it on to several friends. This talk set a protestant friend on a journey - to know more of the Catholic faith. Annie, CA
It helped me to realize that I can't change the issue(s) that cause me to worry too much. I can't control what happens. No matter how much I pray for that issue to get better, ultimately I still just need to trust in the Lord. Diane - Scheller, IL
The initial appeal was Fr. Richter's enthusiasm, humor, and "guy next door" personality. The content made me see things in a new light and inspired me to change my prayer life. Mary Anne - Plainfield, IL
He repeated the three main points of the talk, making it easy to remember in times of need (always). The talk was straight to the point, and it touched the very heart of what is needed to trust in the Lord. Best CD I've ever heard on the topic! I've told friends about it, and given it to family members. Marlborough, MA
Fr. Richter helped me to better understand how to trust in the Lord. His humorous, yet informative, style is infectious. You just want to listen to this talk over and over again. I have spent a lot of my life identifying with the stay-at-home son in the parable of the Prodigal Son. I now understand that I need to receive the gifts of the Father and trust in the Lord. You have to listen to this talk! Caroline - Monroeville, NJ
Wonderful message, and beautifully given! Terry - St. petersburg, FL
Trust in God is something that I struggle with all the time... yes, sometimes I trust Him, but I found that there were times when I thought I trusted Him and then realized that I really didn't. This CD was EXCELLENT in helping me see my suffering as a way to grow spiritually and to trust God by that means... I loved how it was put "That [our suffering] right there is the holiest place in your life... potentially... if you learn how to trust in the Lord and let Him do what you can't". No doubt one of the BEST! Rebecca - Irving, TX
The essence of this talk was timeless. I wish I had heard this talk 20 years ago (or more.) I was not only inspired; it answered a question for me that I did not know I had, if that makes sense. Every Catholic or Christian should listen to this. The icing on the cake is that Fr. Ritcher is a gifted speaker and gave this very important subject richness and humor. I will never forget this talk and refer back to it nearly daily. Suzanne - Nakusp, BC
This talk gave me a new way to think about the Parable of the Prodigal Son. God wants us to be dependent on Him always. Rose - Philadelphia, PA
The speaker was humorous, and his message was so important. I listened to the entire talk three times in the first day, and I have played it many more times since. He helped identify how to trust in the Lord, and gave practical methods for doing so in our lives. Jackie - Santa Clarita, CA
The CD gave me a new perspective on how I pray. It was humorous in parts and very down to earth. I would like all of my friends to hear it and will be ordering copies for them. Emily - Kenosha, WI
Oftentimes when in the midst of a storm, I do focus on the storm instead of trusting in God and praying over and over again until the storm passes. This talk redirects my focus on prayer and consenting to receiving God's gifts. Menyi - Forest Lake, MN
Fr. Richter is entertaining and informative, clear, and right to the point. Overall, he helped me a lot with my faith. Karen - Charlottesville, VA
In a simple and clear language, this very inspirational talk is so dense in theological content that every time I hear it, I find a new "sentence" that captures my attention. Meditating upon it has led me to better understand what God expects of us and how to apply this understanding to my daily life. This is one of my most cherished CDs from my Catholic Lighthouse collection. It would be great if Fr. Tom could present us with more CDs on other inspirational subjects. Maria-Antonietta - Woodbrige, ON
This talk helped me to realize in concrete terms how and what it looks like to put my trust in Jesus alone, and that I cannot be in control, and that I am totally dependent on God, and that He is all that I want to beg God the Father for. God is my everything. Thanks you so much for this wonderful CD, and may God bless Fr. Richter! Elizabeth - Overland Park, KS
It was a blessing to listen to this CD. I learned the truth about God's love and what it means to trust him. This message gave me hope and practical advice about how to trust God. I hope that everybody will listen to this message. Isabel - Austin, TX
I especially enjoyed the humor, the clear organization around 3 Scripture quotes, and his new ways of looking at Trust. Unfortunately, I am newly divorced and struggling with my new found job in a new home, etc...and this CD became and continues to be a lifeline. I still smile every time I hear the humor. Thank you! Beverly - Greenwood, IN
All time favourite Lighthouse CD; could listen to it every week. You are a gifted communicator Fr. Tom! I would love to hear more from you!
It was well organized around three parts with a Scripture quote for each part. As each part was explained, application was made to our individual lives with Jesus-- how trust is the most basic aspect of our spiritual life and how trust comes into its most important role when we are up against something we cannot control--like Peter walking on the water until he got distracted with the problem instead of keeping his eyes and heart and head on Jesus. Sister Patricia - Wichita Falls, TX
I have listened to alot of you cd's and almost all of Matthew Kelly's so when I listend to Fr. Tom Richter's talk on Trust in the Lord it blew me away. On the cd it says he needed to replace Matthew Kelly because Matthew Kelly couldn't make it. This is the best cd that I have listened to. For the first time I truly understand what Trusting the Lord means and how it can be done. Mind you it is still hard to put into practice, but Fr. Tom put it into such an easy and simple way. I hope Fr. Tom does more cd's than this one. I have been looking for more with his name on it, but have not seen any. Please persuade him to do more. It has really touched my life. I also loved his sense of humour in the talk. Diane - Salford, ON
Changed how I view all that has happened and will happen in my life! Jeannine - Troy, MI
This talk reinforced the idea of trust in God with everyday examples. The speaker was very easy to listen to. Judith - Fountain Valley, CA
Father Richter is an exceptional speaker. He especially knows how and when to use humor to keep his audience on track. I bought the CD after listening to the first several minutes of it because his wit and humor captivated me - as well as the subject being of particular interest! Terence - Sanborn, NY
The way Fr. Thomas Richter explained the emense love God the father has for me and that everthing we need He has given. We just need to prepare ourself to receive it. Kevin - Denham Springs, LA
The simple but enlightening explanation of trust in a new way. It will make me think every time I worry about money - this is the place where trust begins, in our weakness. Paulette - Tarentum, PA
Msgr. Richter spoke straight to my heart. He addressed issues I've had with prayer with beautiful, easy to absorb examples and scripture. I have already bought copies for several friends and have listened to the talk several times, myself. It is one I will repeat periodically as there is more to grasp each time I listen. Thank you for this. Eileen - Halfway, OR
This CD is an eye opener, a heart opener, and a soul opener! I am listening to it over and over to make sure that I commit everything to memory. Since I struggle with low self esteem and trust issues with God, I especially like when Fr. Richter said that God's goal was to make us absolutely dependent on him, and that's okay. It takes so much pressure off me. The bonus section also speaks to God's love, trust, and mercy. I can now practice letting everything go and give them to the Father and Jesus---something I have not been able to do. Michelle - Branson, MO
It introduced me to the older brother in the story of the prodigal son in a way that I had not thought of before. It made me realize how little I trusted in God because I, like the older brother, was not receiving everything the Lord was constantly offering, as if God was holding something back. The talk also explains practically what the act of trust looks like which has really transformed how I approach God when I am not trusting Him; this new approach has really changed my life. FL
I listened to the CD several times in one day in order to absorb the message. It was a completely different point of view than what I had ever heard before regarding the Lord's love for us. Rosemary - 60137, IL
The simple, enjoyable and humorous way by which Fr Tom delivered the talk and drove in the all important meaning and how practically to trust in the Lord. Joe & Divina - Melbourne, VIC
I listen to this CD whenever I am afraid or need encouragement. One of Lighthouse Catholic Media's best CDs. Rosemary - Glen Ellyn, IL
We like Fr Richter and enjoyed him at st Anne's , he gets to the point and makes it in a very nice way .in 5 minutes fr richter can say better what takes others 20 minutes, you don't feel preached to you feel like you've talked to a friend . He doesn't talk down to you . You can listen several times and still enjoy You ask if I recommend fr richter. I buy fr richter and give him to friends Evelyn - Baldwin, ND
This teaching helped me to trust that God loves me in all my circumstances. I particularly liked the explanation about The Prodigal Son. Praise Jesus! Pat - Cornwall
The speaker (Father Richter) was so funny, passionate and full of truth. He made me look at things more clearly. Now, I don't look at my issue as a problem but as a blessing that God is trying to teach me patience and to trust in him. This is by far, the best lecture I've heard on how and why we should just Trust in God - regardless of what your circumstance is! I can't thank you enough for this CD. I listen to it often. Katrina - San Antonio , TX
This talk was one of the best I have heard yet from Lighthouse Catholic Media. I loved all of it. I've been recommending it to my family. I am the retreat coordinator at my university and our next retreat's theme was on trust. This talk greatly helped me and the team prepare the spiritual components of the retreat. I've listened to it a few times now and it reminds me of what trusting in the Lord really means. Trusting in the Lord becomes more appealing and less intimidating. Michelle - San Antonio, TX
I loved the structure it was divided into three parts which made it easy to follow. I also loved the sense of humour of the speaker it made the talk light hearted, even though it was serious. It was just in time for me, just what I needed. Iyere - london, London
It's exactly what I believe. The talk was made so clear. Heather - Cowichan Bay, BC
Topic was very timely for me. It perfectly connected with this whole journey I am on in this Year of Divine Mercy. Speaker is very enjoyable and connects the dots. Time allotted for the talk was perfect. susan - Long Prairie, MN
This was point on. Father is a powerful speaker. THE best talk I have ever heard on trust in God. Mary Mary - 07079, NJ
10, 10, 10 excellent. A Blueprint in HOW to T rust in God. Really useful. Ivona - Cambridge, Cambs.
I listened to this talk at least 5x and then passed it on to my sister. Fr. Tom Richter is an engaging speaker who balances humor and wisdom. Jeanette - Kingsford, MI
Father's talk was very inspiring and interesting. It encouraged to my spiritual growth and helped to strengthen my faith. Teresa - White Plains, MD
Have listened to the tape probably 100 times. I get new little tidbits out of it every time. Don't know if I've ever heard anything more inspirational. Just the other day I had to take some toothpaste to try and fix the cd as it was skipping....Our parish Lighthouse program doesn't have this particular CD available any longer. Would definitely like to hear another sermon by him. As much as I like Matthew Kelly, this is the best ever. May God continue to bless you and your work. Jean - Murfreesboro, TN
I have listened to as many as four dozen CLM CDs, and have found them all very helpful. But of all of those I have heard, I keep coming back to this one. Last night, on a drive back from Steubenville with our prospective-student daughters, I played it for my sister, telling her it was probably my very favorite, and when Father Tom's (Richter) talk was done she responded in such a way as to express agreement. She too, is a serial listener to your CDs. Thank you for your ministry. As a former theology major essentially educated out of the faith for years by a catholic-in-name College, I now thank God for your trusted, faithful presentations. Tony - Youngsville, PA