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Understanding the Crusades

Dr. Thomas Madden

Dr. Thomas Madden is a professor of History at St. Louis University and has appeared in such venues as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and The History Channel. 

In this eye-opening presentation, Dr. Madden debunks popular myths surrounding the crusades and shows us how the different misconceptions regarding the crusades have fed in the tension between the East and the West.

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Customer Comments

This CD is a shortcut to all of the facts about the Crusades that everyone should learn, study and commit to memory ~ in order to Defend the Truths of the Catholic Faith. Theresa - York, SC
I am glad to learn more about this time in history. This talk was so interesting! Rachel - LA
This CD l gave me more knowledge of the Crusades, far better than any textbook I have ever read. Listen with an open heart and mind. Bobbi - Makoti, ND
Dr Madden provides info on the Crusades that he backs up with historical documents, court records and history professors. One listen is not enough! Monica - Whichita, KS
One would be amiss to not listen to get a better understanding what happen and has happen after the Crusades! Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
This talk is eye opening as it puts in context what is happening today. I didn't realize that the whole mid east was christian and the Muslims took that over in the middle ages and would have taken over Europe. The crusades saved Europe. Bob - St. Petersburg, FL
I had only negative, vague information about the crusades. I loved that this talk presented the reasons for why the church entered into the crusades and how this still plays out in Islamic/ Christian history. Excellent talk. It was also much more interesting than I was expecting. Not dry, boring church history. Allison - Gilbert, AZ
I found this talk very enlightening and entertaining as well. Dr. Madden speaks authoritatively on the topic of the crusades. I think it is vitally important for Catholics (and everyone) to see the historical events pertaining to the Church and the world in a more comprehensive and scholarly way. This is an excellent resource. Vanessa - Allen, TX
I really enjoyed the history of this talk. It was extremely beneficial and would actually like to hear more information regarding this topic. Mary - Sycamore, IL
Well researched and full of facts. Ed - Markham, ON
It was great to hear about how the narrative of the Crusades according to various societies has changed over the course of history, and how what the Crusades mean to people has in a way affected the world a lot more than the Crusades themselves. It's easy for people to get swept up in the sensational story we've been told about this period in history, and this talk is a good opportunity to think complexly about all people involved. Burbank, CA
Accurate and fresh historical perspective. Sarah - Lansing, MI
Not just this cd, but all of the cds that are offered through LightHouse has been a spiritual journey. Being able to play the cd on my way into work everyday, really starts my day right and allows me to bring Christ into my day - everyday. Being able to re-listen to each talk allows me to grow my understanding of my faith and deepen my faith and love for Christ. I am eager everyweek at church to go and look at the kiosk and see if there are any new additions. VICTOR - Elgin, IL
This truly edifying CD should be required listening in Confirmation and RCIA classes. Richard Joseph - Westerly, RI
The CD Understanding the Crusades by Dr.. Thomas Madden was educational, informative and enjoyable. I also enjoyed the short narrative on Fire And Sword. Frank - Elgin, IL
Through multiple courses in both high school and in my European Studies course in college the crusades were rarely discussed. Everything that I have been exposed to painted a picture of Catholic aggression and conquest for financial gain. I wanted to learn the real story from credible academics so I listened to the talk. It shed light on the subject and really changes the view on the crusades as a whole. Zachary - Columbia, SC
Very informative and well presented. JOHN - Wake Forest, NC
it provided me with a perspective that I was not aware of ... both from the Christian standpoint as well as the muslim Viviane - North Bay, ON
I have never had a good understanding of the Crusades. It has been a long time since I did any even minimal (like a page or 2 ) study of it during college history course. I found it very helpful in learning exactly what the crusades were and how they have actually not led to the problems today....except by lies about the crusades.....with the Muslims who are attacking Christians and killing all who do not agree with them. Thank you for providing this talk on Christine - Marlborough, MA
This is a topic that was not taught when I went through Catholic schools and has gotten a lot of attention in modern media. In light of the ongoing tensions between Christianity or even secular westerners and Muslims, it is important to get accurate, supported information on the Crusades. I appreciate the clear and easily understandable presentation. Laura - AP
This talk is fabulous. It clearly explains the Crusades in an understandable and easy to remember way. I teach Medieval History for an online Catholic school. I will be recommending this to all my students. Mary-Mark - Los Angeles, CA