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Understanding The Lord's Prayer

Dr. Scott Hahn

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The Lord's Prayer is the centerpiece of the most famous sermon ever preached - the Sermon on the Mount. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that this prayer "is truly the summary of the whole Gospel." Blending scripture with the incredible insights of the early Church Fathers, Dr. Scott Hahn helps us discover the critical importance of this prayer in our daily journey of faith.

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Biblical Truths, Prayer & Devotions


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Customer Comments

This is an absolutely brilliant outline giving biblical proof of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist! Mike - Bogota, NJ
This has opened a new vista for me, a convert. How beautiful the concept, and the presentation really kept me rapt. I can't wait to get to Mass now! Maurice - Ft. Myer, FL
It has given me some incredible tools with which to defend my faith! I wish to purchase several of these CDs to distribute them to friends who do not know the full truth. Randolph - St. Claire, PA
This provided a better understanding of what the Eucharist is and how it is foreshadowed in the Old Testament and is the new Passover meal. It helped me understand the Mass better! Denise - San Diego, CA
Very compelling! A beautiful encounter of the Eucharist as he recalls individual scriptures so we can follow along. Excellent! Darlene - Rohnert Park, CA
This CD provided, phrase by phrase, the very meaning of what Christ taught when he gave us the "Our Father" in the Sermon on the Mount. Every Christian should listen to this, so that they know deep in thier hearts what they actually pray when they say "Our Father........" Adam - Skowhegan, ME
Scott Hahn is always good. He has away of explaining the bible in a way that everyone can understand. Colleen - Spokane, WA
I have never heard a in depth explanation, even 5hough I am a cradle catholic. Wereally weren't taught the bible in school or in church. The prayers were memorized and no analysis was presented. Now I'm playing catchup and I am finding your CD's extremely helpful and I will be purchasing many more in 5he future. Thanks and God Bless.
What I enjoyed most about this talk was that it provides a deeper and more expanded understanding of the words that make up The Lord's Prayer. I also appreciate the Biblical references and the Catechism references that substantiate Dr. Hahn's comments. Melody - Leesville, LA
I was very interested in how Dr. Scott Hahn developped the whole talk. Almost every detail intrigued me. I am not even sure why I would listen to it 3 to 4 times when I was driving in the car and still learned and was interested in it. sonya - toronto, ON
I was raised a Protestant and the Lord's prayer was never stressed as much as it is in Catholicism. I never understood how important it is and how much it serves as a guide to how to properly pray. Derrick - Bullville, NY
Absolutely excellent. I have listened to it 2x and will do it again with paper/pen so I can make notes. Listened to it in the car with husband. He doesn't really like things with a religious agenda and reluctantly agreed to me playing it. Soon though he was hooked! Linda - Leesburg, FL
Scott Hahn is an awesome speaker who is very knowledgeable about the Catholic Church, I learn a lot from his talks. Thank You. Brent - Decatur, IL
wow! thank you for a clear and inspirational explanation of the Lord's prayer. Fantastic presentation Philip - Val-Morin, QC
Dr. Hahn's explanation of the Lord's Prayer was phenomenal! He had my full attention throughout the entire discussion, and I was disappointed to reach the end of the cd. As he talked, I found myself nodding my head in agreement with what he was saying, and learning new things about the prayer and the church that i had never heard before. Thank you for this life-changing gift. Natalie - Galloway, OH
A great way to explain the "Our Father"! Gave me more insights....I will never be able to pray it the same way again.
It was well laid out and no boring at all. The time duration allowed me to complete it in 1-2 car trips. I have listened to it twice already and have started a third repeat with it! Paul - Farmingdale, NY
opened up the meanings of the lord's prayer in a way that i had never conceived were there victor - plattsburgh, NY
Every Christian should hear this cd and I loved it. I have taught this prayer for over 30 years to children in RCIA and while I am always looking for great material on the Lord's Prayer, this cd gave me sooooo much to add to my lessons. Tricia - Fairfield, OH
Breaking down the different petitions of the Lord's Prayer in ways that gave me a fuller understanding of them. Sandy - Cedar Creek, TX
It taught me the true meaning of the Lords Prayer matthew - Grand Rapids , MI
I really enjoyed the details of the structure of the prayer and illustrations of the implications the prayer has that get lost over time. I saw the Our Father in a whole new light! John - Richfield, MN
I really enjoy listening to this CD by Dr. Scott Hahn. He is gifted in ministry and has a wonderful way of expressing and explaining God's word. Many of us, including myself, recite our Lord's prayer and often times fail to understand what is really in it! Thank you so very much! DAVID - ENTERPRISE, AL
The division of the Lord's prayer into 7 petitions (3 and 4 petitions regarding to our needs) The explanation of the parts of the mass that replicate the vision of heaven in the book of revelation E - Abuja
new understanding of the Lord's Prayer, literally the same week I was attending bible study from this book Mark - Texarkana, TX
He takes the Lord's prayer to new heights. Creates a much deeper understanding of it. Beautiful inspiration for listening to on the way to mass. amber - fort worth, TX