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Unlocking the Book of Revelation

Dr. Michael Patrick Barber

Dr. Michael Barber, host for Reasons for Faith Live on EWTN, is Professor of Theology and Scripture at John Paul the Great Catholic University. In this exciting presentation, he reveals the deep treasures hidden in the Apocalypse, demonstrating the practical implications for living in today's modern world. When is Jesus coming? Listen and discover the surprising truth!

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Customer Comments

It literally blew me away! This CD on the Book of Revelation is so rich in detail and Old Testament understanding! David - Deerfield, IL
Excellent! I think all Christians need to hear and study this message. It should be widely distributed! Arnold - Rochester, NY
GReat new insight on book of Revelation, I learned soo much Charles - Parsippany, NJ
It helped to uncover the deep mystery behind the Book of Revelations. It discussed why Communion is so important to Catholics such as myself. Matthew - Elk Point, SD
Emphasis on the Mass, and how understanding Revelation allows one to understand the meaning of and what lay persons do during the Mass. Jerry Bowers - Cleveland, OH
I was raised a Catholic, left the Catholic Church for some 40 years, and then returned. I have to say, that even with my education as a Catholic, I was stunned how 'Unlocking The Book Of Revelation' opened up my eyes to the real meanings behind The Book of Revelation. I have to assume that this CD was approved by the Catholic Church and is considered accurate. Prior to this I could not understand a lot in The Book of Revelation. In our world today people have talked about stuff like the Rapture, the Anti-Christ, and all of the other stuff that are shown on TV and talked about in books, magazines, etc. People are being mislead. There need to be accurate sources of information. Much that is shown on TV today is inaccurate. There will probably not even be a 'Rapture.' Unless it is written somewhere in the Bible (which I need to read more) we probably do not even know how it will all end, except that Jesus will come again. 'Unlocking The Book of Revelation' was what finally made a lot of sense and seemed logical to me. Thank you. Terry - Pueblo West, CO
I always thought this part of the bible was strictly for future events. This CD described many past events through history that had the same signs of the "end of the world" thinking. Sue - Amsterdam, NY
Michael Barber explained the book of Revelation so well and its connection with the Mass. I wish all Catholics would listen to this type of information/evangelization. Too many Catholics know absolutely nothing about the Mass and so have left for more 'interesing' churches. If they knew what they had, they would never leave. Lorraine - Winslow, ME
It continued to grab my attention. Stacy - Arlington, TX
The Book of Revelation is notoriously opaque and difficult to understand, but Mr. Barber makes it very clear, and his speaking style is engaging. What I liked most is that, like Dr. Scott Hahn, his mentor, he ties it into the Catholic liturgy. Thomas - Eagle River, AK
very clear and easy to follow. Donald - stewartville, MN
How the Book of Revelation related to the Mass John - Warminster, PA
I thought it was extremely interesting and very engaging! I learned things I had not heard before. Janet - Prospect, KY
Clear plain language Maureen - Green Valley, CA
I had never thought about the Book of Revelation as it was explained in this c.d. It made so much sense and I felt a complete understanding of everything that was said, which has to come from the Holy Spirit. It also made me feel more firm in my beliefs. Alejandra - Houston, TX
We purchased the CD from the parish where we go to church. I was very pleased to see it was being offered since we are huge fans of EWTN. We purchased it for a protestant friend of ours who is caught up in the end days according that particular view some people have of Revelation. It has helped us to be able to discuss the right way of reading the book and hopefully bring him into a closer relationship with Christ and His church. Please keep up the good work! Debra - Cedar Hill, TX
The most important words in that talk that deeply touched my heart are the ones where the precher talks about second comming of Jesus, and that we do not have to wait for Him at the end of the world, we can meet him everyday during the Holy Mass. This is so beautiful. Thank you. The second thing is that we should not cling to this world, defending the earlhy church, like Israelites did while the Temple was destroyed. We do not belong here, but we belong in Heaven. That is amazing. Sr. Katarzyna - West Allis, WI
Understanding that the Book of Revelation is not just about the end times, but also the end of the earthly church. The symbols refer directly to events and images in both the Old Testament and New, so an understanding of Jewish (and thus our own) history is key. Louise - London, ON
It provided more context for Revelation than I had known previously. Very beneficial for understanding the Mass. Ingrid - Dundas, ON
What I found so wonderful was that the talk explained that a lot of the events had come to past as John wrote; destruction of the temple, "end of the world" as it related to the Temple ,etc.. However what I found the best of all is that as a Catholic , it has been very stressful to hear our Faith as being evil, the whore of Babylon,criticism of our Holy Mass. The explanation of the hows and whats of our Mass as it relates to scripture and who the great whore was, has eliminated any doubts about my faith and I feel it may help me and others to gently correct others about the misconceptions of our Catholic Faith. Thank you so much for educating me!! God Bless Raymond - Westfield, MA
It illuminated a very controversial topic and part of the Bible and made it very interesting and approachable which is important to me. K - AZ