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Vatican II, Mercy, and You

Fr. Michael Gaitley

In this illuminating talk, Fr. Michael Gaitley recounts how Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, later Pope St. John Paul II, used the teachings of the Second Vatican Council with great success to help Catholics in his diocese live their faith to the full. Learn how Vatican II provides a map to help us enrich our lives through faith and effectively experience the good news of God’s divine mercy.

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Church Teaching, Divine Mercy


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Customer Comments

This talk has turned around my view about Vatican II (because I had very wrong perceptions about it before) and encouraged me to strive for true holiness. Daniel - Vancouver, BC
A most powerful message. Judy - Murrieta, CA
Through the teachings of John Paul II, Fr. Gaily unveils the riches of the Second Vatican Council, and how it was the greatest grace of the twentieth century. Jeff - Monument, CO
Once again, Fr. Gaily has opened my heart, drawing me into a better understanding of our Church and the message of Divine Mercy. Ideal - Grand Rapids, MI
Helpful insight into Vatican II. I am just getting ready to read Lumen Gentium, so this was good perspective. I did not know any of the detail of how JP II used the Council so, effectively in his Diocese and then as Pope. charles - Cincinnati, OH
We listened to Fr. Gaitley on a trip home from Branson, Mo. and we looked and the clock as he said his last word and it was 3:00 PM. I called that a major God Wink. We saw Fr. at the Midwest Family Conference and really like his preaching. Gary - Wichita, KS
I really like the way Fr. Michael Gaitley explains the importance of Vatican II, Saint John Paul II and the message of Divine Mercy. He is very clear and simple in his terms, so I can understand him perfectly. His passion about the topic and joyfulness are very contagious. Great talk!!! Luz - London, ON
It is very relevant during this Year of Mercy. I will share it with family and friends. I made my consecration to Divine Love at the Easter Vigil and have never experienced this rate of growth in my spiritual life before! Thank you to Fr Gaitley for writing the excellent retreat book explaining Divine Mercy and Love! Jackie - Zanesville, OH
Fr. Michael is on fire for the faith and wants you to find that same love, He is so powerful in his teaching. laura - itasca, IL
Father Gaitely is a most engaging and enthusiastic presenter, I would recommend most of his presentations; i.e. "33 Days to Morning Glory" and "33 Days of Merciful Love", to only mention two of the video series and books that I purchased. All excellent I would like to purchase this CD of "Vatican II Mercy & You" Thank you for having this available and FORMED, I really enjoy and appreciate the programs available. So far they speak directly to the Heart Thank you, thank you, thank you Patricia Dawn Patricia - Thousand Palms, CA
I like the reminder of Divine Mercy, it really touched my heart to know how much God loves us. I need to add this chaplet to my daily prayers. Regina - Parma, OH
Father is a great speaker. The right mix of education and humor. Joseph - Madison Township, PA