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Walk the Walk: Following Christ as His Disciple

Dr. Tim Gray

Being a disciple of Jesus has always been synonymous with being a Christian. From the Scriptures and from his own experience, biblical scholar Dr. Timothy Gray explains how Christian discipleship calls us to follow in the footsteps of Christ as engaged participants in God's plan, ordering our lives to bear witness to the Lord in our families, workplaces, communities, and to the world.

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Customer Comments

After listening to Dr. Gray, I now realize that being a disciple of Christ is exciting and even dangerous at times!" Steve - Chantilly, VA
The scripture examples were perfect for driving home the point that following Jesus at distance can lead to denying Him. I've listened to this cd three times and each time I get something different to reflect on in my spiritual life. Mari - Tampa, FL
A truly practical talk for our present day Ese - lynn, MA
Another awesome talk!! I also like the bonus at the end! Ana- Toronto
Great CD!!! JoAnne-New York
I really gained insight about following Jesus as Dr. Gray talked about Peter's journey with Christ. Sherry - Neenah, WI
I have a long commute to work and back daily form where I live. This is my third CD I have enjoyed from LightHouse. I enjoyed this CD in particular because it emphasized Peter's denial of Christ and his feelings of inadequacy during his interactions with Christ. It is something I think every Christian can relate to daily. As a Christian, I think this is a daily struggle and to be reminded of Christs never ending love and patience is truly a blessing. I think this is one of the most valuable stories in the Bible. Jenne - San Miguel, CA
I really enjoyed the gentle words and knowledge. Like Mother Miriam, Scott Hahn and many of your speakers are doing God's will and you can hear it in the heart and Spirit. Fiat is clear. Praise be to God!! I have been back to the faith because of EWTN and Catholic radio. Guided of course by the Holy Spirit. The rosary is key! Holding hands with Mary as she brings us all closer to God :). I have had a relationship with God my entire life. The sacraments simply make common sense. And you all explain it very clear. AMEN!! Theresa - CA
Feel this is one of the hardest walk trying to be a good christian so I found this cd to be informative about the whys anf hows to follow Jesusas we are called to take the Word out to the people. Tricia - Fairfield, OH
This CD really helped to open my eyes on how to be a true disciple. Jacquiline - Princeton, TX
It is beneficial to me because of the ways the speaker re-affirms our faith and the references he made.Simply a great talk to inspire us into our faith journey. Cathrina - Victoria
Right up my alley! Kalee - THE DALLES, OR
Yes, I thought it was excellent and passed it on to other Christian friends to consider using this in a Bible Study this fall. So many of us call ourselves "Christian" maybe because they were Baptized and they may not even go to church and others go to church once in awhile when it is convenient for them or useful to them for Christmas to get that "Christmas Spirit" and I was one of them in my 20's and early 30's. Once I received Jesus into my heart and became a born again Christian is when I finally searched for the Truth which is in the Word that was made incarnate for our salvation. So many are walking about thinking they are saved but have not turned their life over to Jesus and Mary and want to give God permission to do as only He wants for our lives. Peace and Joy only comes when you give your life to Jesus. I learned so much about the "name of Jesus" meaning. Thank you. We never stop learning. Janet - Halifax, NS