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Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Admiral Jeremiah Denton

Admiral Jeremiah Denton spent over seven years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. In this moving presentation, he recalls how, through the power of prayer, he withstood extreme torture rather than betray God or his country. For his valor, he was awarded the Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, the Navy Cross, and the POW Medal. He is now a champion of various humanitarian causes.

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Customer Comments

A most human account of a most inhumane experience. Human, "with a spark of divinity". It moved my soul. Mary, CA
What meant the most to me was Admiral Jeremiah's personal testimony. It spoke volumes to me because it's relevance in our current society that denies Jesus as our Saviour and the Son of God. Barbara, ON CA
very touching and informative personal recount- brought it all to life for me. appreciated his story and sharing it with all carmela - paducah, KY
It told about his time in prison and I feel that it would be a good cd for the prison ministry that I am currently in. david - fort madison, IA
I enjoyed the portrayal of strength through faith along with devotion to Mary. Shelley - Pewaukee, WI
Mr Denton tells a compelling story of his great perserverance. And we know this is happening to catholics every day somewhere , whether its Nigeria, China, Iraq, Afghanistan... Tim Staples is always a joy to hear. I was so happy to see his bonus on this cd. linda - chelmsford, MA
A most human account of a most inhumane experience. Human, "with a spark of divinity". It moved my soul. Mary - San Diego, CA
I loved this talk by Admiral Jeremiah Denton. Jeremiah Denton has inspired and motivated me to have a deeper, stronger prayer life. Like St Paul he was full of joy while imprisoned, because he talked to Jesus & Mother Mary with faith & humility. He is a great role model for all those who are persecuted or imprisoned to never give up hope. I also enjoyed the bonus excerpt of "The Bible Made Me Do It!". Tim Staples' conversion story is powerful & deeply moving. We must remember to pray for all our separated brethren & fallen away Catholics. Angel - Belvidere, IL
This talk was so inspirational. Admiral Denton was touched by God in the midst of his suffering. For those who may think they are alone and are without hope, this talk is full of the light of Christ. Kara - Midland, MI
The power of prayer is real and his testimony to that fact is very touching. Gerald - Alexandria, VA
Admiral Denton's talk reaffirms the importance of religion in a soldier's life, and how faith in God can get one through the darkest of times - may this talk also be a reaffirmation to Catholic chaplains in the struggles they will face. As a Vietnam Veteran, I appreciate your distribution of this inspiring story of Admiral Denton and other POWs' tremendous courage and sacrifice. Gerry - Louisville, KY
It was extremely moving and touching to hear how Admiral Denton survived his ordeal through prayer. One felt close to him as he recounted experiences as a POW and how his devotion to the Lord saved not only himself, but helped carry many others through as well. Tim - Sussex, WI
This was story was amazing,inspiring, and encouraging. Admiral Denton reminded me that we have to rely on God at all times, especially in times of great suffering and doubt. Gwenn - North Star, OH
Emphasis on prayer's ability to win the war against the culture of death Sheldon
Really powerful message. I listened multiple times. Naples
Great for helping to defend the Catholic faith. Laura - Patchogue, NY
I was so moved by Admiral Denton's witness to the power of prayer and the graces he received--and his humility. His love for God came through every word. The second speaker (Tim Staples) was so good, that I am humbled by my own inability to defend the faith. He was inspiring in a different, but complimentary way. Becky - Jackson, WY