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We Must Go Out: the Sacrament of Confirmation

Fr. Michael Schmitz

It is through the Sacrament of Confirmation that a Catholic is fully initiated into the Church. Why then do so many newly confirmed Catholics never come back? In this talk, Fr. Mike Schmitz addresses this concerning trend in the Catholic Church with honesty, energy, and humor. Focusing on the true nature of Confirmation, Fr. Mike challenges ALL Catholics to see this sacrament not as a "graduation" from the Church, but as a commissioning by the Holy Spirit to go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel.

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Sacraments, Youth, Confirmation, Pentecost


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This is a talk for the New Evangelization. Father Mike packs it full of new expressions that open up everything, and powerfully draws us into the great mysteries of our faith. Wow! Seth - Laconia, NH

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Fr. is really engaging and challenging. Definitely called me on. Mike - Philadelphia, PA

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This talk is as insightful as it is entertaining! Joseph- Williamsburg, VA

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Order by March 31, 2019 to get 20% off during our Lent and Easter promotion!

Retail Price for 1 CD: $5.50 
Sale Price for 1 CD: $4.40 

There’s ultimately only one reason to be Catholic: because it’s true. In this outstanding presentation, Jason Evert shows us the beauty and the treasures of the Faith, as revealed through the Saints and Sacraments.

Jason has spoken about the Catholic Faith to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books, including Saint John Paul the Great, Pure Faith and If You Really Loved Me.


This is a powerful presentation that not only reminds us why we are catholic, but it also provides ways we can explain it to others who may ask us why! Mary - Lindstrom, MN

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Mark Hart does it again! Every Catholic should listen to this!!! Todd-Coral Springs, FL

Customer Comments

"I wish I had heard this talk before I was confirmed." Chris - LA
"Amazing! Fr. Schmitz has powerful insights into such a beautiful sacrament." Marian - OH
I can't wait for the students in my confirmation class to hear this. This talk makes complex theology easily understandable. Deacon Bob-TN.
This talk is really good. You're right, Fr. Schmitz does a fantastic job of explaining the Sacrament of Confirmation and making it relevant and practical for our lives. This talk is just the right balance of humor, catechesis, and relevancy. Angela-Virgina Beach, VA.
Fr. Mike does a wonderful job of explaining Confirmation, something often misunderstood, in a way that pinpoints the call of every Catholic and will inspire those who hear it to put their faith into action. Jason-Beaver, PA.
Praise God for this energetic, engaging talk on Confirmation!!! Cheryl-Ontario, CN
This Talk is unbelievable! Fr. Mike truly has a gift for taking these really important topics and presenting them in such a way that easy to understand. WE MUST GO OUT is no exception, this talk changed the way I approach my own Confirmation. Steve- IL
Fr. Michael Schmitz has a true gift of bringing the Gospel to life for both the youth and the not so young. This talk is a must for all of us preparing for Confirmation this Easter! Nelson-ID
This, and many others, fills in the gap of my Catholic learning since the high school. WE do not learn at mass on Sunday...but had no enrichment of our faith any other time or place either. Gert - Sweet Home,, OR
I loved this CD so much I plan on getting one for all of the confirmation candidates for St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Poinciana Florida. God willing I will be able to get sponsorship from either the church or one of our parents. Eva - Poinciana, FL
Outstanding! Not only would I recommend it to others I purchased several copies and gave them as gifts to the people whom I completed my confirmation program with. Peter - Pleasanton, CA
I really enjoyed Fr. Michael's explanation on how and why Jesus Christ is the one true God. He debunked all other religious figures and showed how Catholicism is the Truth! Kamon - Lake Charles, LA
Our Grand Daughter Ellie Sink, was at Seek in Nashville, TN, so inspired by your Talk Fr. Mike, and so now I just went into your site and heard Sacrament of Confirmation. Ellie will be making her First Communion and Confirmation this April, and U have inspired her and us with your commitment, thank U for being there for her and us. We look forward to hearing more. Bob & Bea - Marion, IL