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What's So Great About Being Catholic?

Jason Evert

There’s ultimately only one reason to be Catholic: because it’s true. In this outstanding presentation, Jason Evert shows us the beauty and the treasures of the Faith, as revealed through the Saints and Sacraments.

Jason has spoken about the Catholic Faith to more than one million people around the world and is the author of more than a dozen books, including Saint John Paul the Great, Pure Faith and If You Really Loved Me.

Average Rating: 4.60 based on 43 ratings
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Customer Comments

This is a powerful presentation that not only reminds us why we are catholic, but it also provides ways we can explain it to others who may ask us why! Mary - Lindstrom, MN
I can not think of anyone that should NOT listen to this talk! Ray - East Peoria, IL
What a wonderful presentation; humorous, down-to-earth, and resourceful. I truly enjoyed it! Nancy-Warroad, MN
Jason always has inspiring talks! Paul - Ville Platte, LA
Compelling reasons be thankful for the our Catholic faith! Julie-Sterling, VA
Jason's testimony is awesome...Listen and be not afraid! Mickey- Philly, PA
Jason Evert does an amazing job explaining how sharing our Catholic Faith is not as intimidating as it might seem. Darrell-Barboursville, WV
Jason Evert has a talent for reaching young people on a personal level. This CD was entertaining and educational at the same time! Norm-Biloxi, MS
Besides being very informational, Mr. Evert has a great personality and a gift of presentation that makes you want to listen over and over the story of how great it is to be Catholic. Brian - Springfield, IL
Jason's obvious faith shines through throughout this whole talk. His humorous ways of bringing up objections and situations which we all experience really hit home John - Youghal
Jason is funny and authentic. I plan to pass this on to a non-Catholic friend who has agreed to investigate the church. Peggy - Dickinson, TX
Reminds me of what a treasure is contained in the church and makes me proud to be a member and encourages me to want to do more to evangelize my friends and family. Edward - La Jara, CO
The speaker was very engaging. He used words and was able to unpack some very challenging concepts about our Catholic Faith. Cynthia - Parma, OH
The speaker was very easy to listen too & very relatable. With some humor, I did learn a lot from his CD. Mary - Pittsburgh, PA
This talk was so captivating with funny, interesting and poignant stories. It is obvious the Holy Spirit guides your speakers...thank you!! Bridget - Rehoboth, DE
The way it was presented. I made me start thinking about my faith. Colin - Pickering, ON
I loved all the saint stories! I learned a lot and was so inspired by them. Laura - 56377, MN
A down to earth, amusing talk that everyone in our family especially my teenage daughter understand many interesting aspects of the catholic faith that is often overlooked in faith formation. She was interested, intrigued and inspired by this talk by Jason Evert! Michele - Frisco, TX
It was informative yet amusing. I laughed out loud with some of it. I forwarded it to a close friend who has been in and out of the hospital knowing it would make her smile. Charlene - Tiverton, RI
This has caused a renewal in me....it has highlighted sources of truth and arguments supporting those truths. Gail Gudahl San Jose,CA gail - san jose, CA
I enjoyed his presentation style. The humor was much appreciated Mike - Morgantown , WV
This talk by Jason Evert just reminded me once again of all the traditions and uniqueness that our Church has!! Stephanie - Vine Grove, KY
What an excellent talk by Jason Evert. Interesting, thoughtful, and well-referenced with a lot of humor thrown in. A great discourse from start to finish. Steve - Pasadena, MD
Ease and humor of the speaker while presenting facts. William - Ridgeland, MS
Information is presented with truth & humor, relating to young & old. Karly - Ocean springs, MS
Great job! A good resource for all ages! Lisa - Bayville, NJ
Absolutely enjoyed hearing about the richness of my faith. It gave me a wake up call. Joseph - Durban
My boys and I have listened to this talk several times! Its a favorite! Jason is a great speaker, the presentation is very educational, inspirational, and entertaining! Angie - 77316, TX
Jason Evert shows the true love he has for his Catholic faith. He has a true love for Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Brian - Tillsonburg, ON
Made me think about why I am Catholic and proud to be. Ann - Marshfield, WI
The talk discussed interesting martyrs and saints of the catholic church. Justin - Lalor Park, NSW
I really enjoyed the stories he told of St. John Paul II and the lives of a few saints and blesseds. Jeremy - HALLSVILLE, MO
I loved hearing the different stories of the saints. Rebekkah - clay, NY
I just really liked his humor but also his great passion in how he delivered the talk and the examples he gave were really inspiring!! It was the first lighthouse cd I had ever listened to and I'm soooo glad I did!! Mallory - Tully, NY
I just happened to catch his talk while waiting in the car for my daughter during her Faith Formation class. I am so glad I did! I will be looking to order the audio CD for my own use and to gift other people. Thank you, Jason, for your talk, it was both inspirational and entertaining! Anh - Pleasanton, CA
Jason Evert explains, in simple to understand terms, that the Catholic Church IS Christ's Church because he, Jesus, created it. Furthermore, if we truly want to uncover the real meaning of Christ's revelations to us, we need to accept BOTH Scripture AND Sacred Traditions - as instituted by Christ Himself. Mr. Evert uses his own life experiences as an analogy, and in a way that all of us can relate too. I look forward to more of his CD's! Terence - Niagara Falls, NY
This was an awesome talk. My friend asked me, "how come we weren't taught of it this way?" He meant the beauty of the Catholic Church especially the saints. We need more talks like this by young apologists for the youths: a good humour and story-telling way. Christine - Auckland
Jason Everett is wonderful! Please continue to create media geared toward teens and young adults!! The Church is Thirsty for it!!! Maureen - San Diego, CA
As a new convert, I enjoyed the humor, and "realness" Tonya - Auburn, WA
It was thought-provoking and made me yearn for more knowledge and information. It was light-hearted enough to keep my attention, which is not easy, as I am a very visual person. Jeanie - Nazareth, TX
The CD and talks is one of my favorites! I appreciate how honest Jason is with his personal testimony; the stories he chooses to share about our faith are radically interesting, versatile and create vivid imagery. Christine - Spring Hill , FL
As a teen, it was easy to relate to because the talk was up-to-date. The jokes were targeted at our demographic and scientific evidence was included which adds some credibility to the talk too. Andrea - Melbourne, VIC
This made it easy for me to explain my religious faith to my (at the time) christian boyfriend. He thought we worshiped false idols; and the speaker just made everything fun to explain. Daisy - Bakersfield, CA
Great CD, wonderful speaker. Gives one much to be grateful for in our Catholic Faith. Thanks for offering this one. Jason is a blessing. Nancy - Mt. Dora, FL
Being new to the Catholic church, I enjoyed that the speaker spoke about questions that I myself have had in my journey to join the church. Additionally, I liked how both speakers talked about what it truly means to be Catholic and how the call of God touched the hearts of many of the examples that were given throughout the talk. What was most endearing was the speakers story about Mother Teresa. How her solid faith allowed her to know beyond a doubt that she could go retrieve the children from war torn area with the protection of a cease fire that was not present the day before. Listening to this DVD has helped me have a greater understanding of what faith itself is. Additionally, I have been given a better idea of how each one of us can demonstrate our faith in our everyday journey in life. I am truly grateful that my baptism sponsor choose this talk as a baptism gift. I have learned a great deal from this talk and have taken what I have learned to heart. Michael - Wood River, IL
I learned more about some saints, especially Saint JPII. It's always good to be reinforced as a Catholic, to really think about why we're Catholic. It makes me focus on my story- why I am Catholic. I enjoyed the talk, it was refreshing to hear from Jason. I listened to it as part of the supplemental resources for the YDisciple program. Thank you! Jenn - Billings, MT
It does bring out many interesting points that I had not really thought about before. I was disappointed when it was over I had to immediately listen again. JoAnn - Hackensack, MN
Jason's speaking style and his stories of some of the great martyrs of the faith that went before us with the same sacraments we have now. Daniel - Munroe Falls, OH
Jeff Cavins was very enthusiastic. Used personal experiences and examples. Informative Kathy - Sugar Land, TX
Great CD, wonderful speaker. Gives one much to be grateful for in our Catholic Faith. Thanks for offering this one. Nancy - Mt. Dora, FL
I always love hearing stories about Saints. I grew up as a Catholic, and I'm familiar with the "popular" Saints, so listening to these new stories about other Saints was refreshing. Also, the fact that the speaker is not a priest makes it easier to relate. Mario - ESTERO, FL