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Which Came First - the Bible or the Church?

Matthew Arnold

Have you ever been asked where Catholic beliefs can be found in the bible? Here is a crash course in history proving that the bible is a Catholic book. Matthew Arnold offers convincing evidence showing that the Church has faithfully proclaimed and preserved the fullness of God's Word down through the centuries. This will provide all the facts you need.

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Customer Comments

I wish I had this CD 40 years ago! I think every Catholic family and school should have a copy! Patricia - Dunnellon, FL
Lord! It helped me realize so much about the way I am seen by my children and the things I need to change. Thank you! Diana - Austin, TX
The information is beyond anything I?ve known! It has been the source of continuing discussions that deepen our faith. Debby - Big Bear Lake, CA
The understanding I have gained from this has greatly benefitted my ministry in RCIA. Daniel - Tulsa, OK
As a cradle Catholic,I have to say that this is the most complete discussion of the Bible's origins, the Catholic Church's position in it and the Protestant imitators that I've ever heard. I am suggesting that our RCIA team either include this CD or expand upon our current material to include more of what is contained in this disc. Joseph - Cypress, TX
Very informative of the history and content of the Bible. It was done so the average person could understand and arm themselves with facts. It was succinct and interesting. The narrator's voice was very good. Thank you Karen - 46074, IN
I hardly knew the beginning history of the bible but this cd really explains everything in detail. Nicholas - Owensboro, KY
I really loved this teaching. It was very educational and Scripturally based. I listened to it twice. Rose - Martinez, GA
Mr. Arnold did a good job on this topic. But I feel that there are more things which he hadn't touched at all. I don't know whether because he didn't have enough material to use or of time constraints. I feel that the best person to talk or discuss about these matters should be a Catholic priest or theologian whose area of expertise is the Bible and church history because they can discuss it better and more expansively. rosemarie - Winter Garden, FL
I enjoyed everything about this CD. I have listened to it several times. Mike - Northampton, PA
The history and verification of the Bible as inspired and a better understanding of the Catholic Church as the original provider of the Bible to all people. Sandra - Corsicana, TX
Enjoyed this tremendously! I was even able to engage my husband into listening because of this historical content. It was so wonderful to do something together! Karen - Auburn, ME
The CD was packed full of historical information backed up by pertinent Scriptural references. Excellent for the average Catholic like myself to give the Catholic perspective, not often taught to craddle Catholics, in defense of their Faith. Frank A - Lk Arrowhead, CA
It benifited me to know that Church came first and then the Bible. I was under the impressioin that Bible is the only source for salvation but now I know that to understand the bible I have to understand Tradition of the Church and Holy Scripture in context with the Church Rosario - Mississauga, ON
Awesome!! Stephen - New Brighton, MN
I loved it. Its historical references helped paint a picture that made the history of the bible very clear. Teresa - San Antonio, TX
Downloaded this on my Phone App. The talk is very educational and has many facts. It helps me understand that we 21st century Christians can take the Bible for granted and this is where this talk truly helped. Matthew Arnold does a great job narrating. Thank you. Abel - Corpus Christi, TX
Awesome!! New Brighton, MN
I have a friend who loves to quote the bible and has much misinformation about its history. After listening to it a number of times I'm ready to share it with her. Thank you for this wonderful resource. Val - Utica, NY
It provided a great overview of the formation of the Church and the Bible. I enjoyed the frequent use of scripture throughout the presentation. KK - Naples, FL
I think I just found the CD I am going to give to my southern baptist co-worker. As good as Scott Hahn's CD's are this does a spectacular job at laying out Church history and the development of the bible and how it relates to the mass. Jared - Milan, IN
This talk corrects a common misconception that the Church forbade Christians from reading the Bible. Laurel - Chicago, IL
I'm really wondered to know that the early Christians were not holding or reading the Bible but listened to the church for their Spiritual needs. It is mentioned in the CD that New Testament did not come before the church but from Church.That enlighten my knowledge that the teachings of church are equally important as reading the Bible. subin - Davenport, IA
Though a cradle Catholic and knew that the Church was established and existed prior to the Bible I learned the history of the creation of the Bible. This will help me in explaining the Faith to my friends who believe that the Bible is the only source of Divine Revelation. The way it is presented is beautiful Melissa - Walker, LA
It confirmed what I had learned previously, plus added more information of the history of the Bible in a excellent chronological presentation. This CD is very helpful for those who want to understand what and how of the Bible for us today. Robert - Austin, TX