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Who Am I to Judge? Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love

Dr. Edward Sri

Discussing moral issues with family and friends can be a challenge in a culture that strongly promotes the idea that there is no objective truth. Speaking from a wealth of personal experience, renowned author and theologian Dr. Edward Sri provides 5 “keys” to enable Christians to oppose with logic and love what Pope Benedict XVI called the “dictatorship of relativism.” He also clarifies the proper understanding of what it means to judge, and the importance of making good judgments.

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Customer Comments

This talk not only helped me understand what relativism is, but more importantly it gave me simple, practical ways to defend against it. Rowena - NSW, Australia
Dr. Sri defuses relativism with love. The best talk on the subject to date! John - Denver, CO
This is the first time I've listened to a talk that addressed an issue that allows you to talk about the truth with someone that you disagree with, but it doesn't mean that you don't love them. Tim - Nebraska
I enjoyed how relatable it was. I learned a lot about responding to Relativism and what our faith believes. Kristyn - Hudson, NH
Dr. Sri is in touch. He argues on behalf of the Church from a place of love, humor and concern, yet with the realistic issues close at hand. I've already applied some of the techniques he taught in the CD and feel they have made me a more effective and compassionate communicator on the issue of relativism. Theresa - NY
The definition of relativeism! Realizing how relativeism relates to our attitudes and responses to those who challenge it. The 5 points made us more aware of how people can change their beliefs because of it. Reminding us of the true virtues in life is what should identify us. In total view of the CD, it reinforced us to stand up to our virtues and how to respond to being judged by others. Len & Gail - Millville, CA
I loved the practicality Edward Sri gave to pose questions to those with a relativism view. Lauren - Leonardtown , MD
I love that Dr. Sri gave talking points to use when conversing with a relativistic friend, and not be overly offensive. Megan - Meridian, ID
Edward Sri is an exceptionally gifted speaker who knows how to deliver essential information in an interesting format. The listener finds themself captivated by his Catholic teachings, which suddenly seem so easy to understand. I look forward to learning more from Edward Sri. Mary - Harahan, LA
So much truth.....It is easy to be convinced in today's world that we are being judgmental if we disapprove of any immoral actions/lifestyles. This was a good reminder to stand strong--with love. Melissa - San Antonio, TX
This was the best of all the good talks on CD that Lighthouse Talks offers through our Catholic Church. It was interesting and held even my husband's interest, which is hard for any CD to do. It explained what is going on in our culture, relativism as a new belief system that puts pressure on our young people to conform to this way of thinking. Dr. Sri gives a simple way to respond to this line of thinking so that we can stay true to our Catholic values and helps others be freed from the constraints this view puts on our Catholic moral values. Joan - Cedar Hill, TX
I loved the way it was presented. It was down to earth and I loved how he used real-life situations as examples. It made me stop and think about my life and how I handle situations now and how I will handle them in the future. Sharon - Alexandria, KY
An understanding of what relativism is and how it relates in today's society. Myra - Forney
Listening to CDs on a commute is an efficient way to travel. The breaking down of details into 5 subtopics helps to retain the lesson. It is a relevant topic for the current condition. Andrea - Albemarle, NC
I loved this talk and will buy more for my friends. I have also read the book and it is a good light introduction to a very important topic. Shawn - Toronto , ON
Very clear. Showed me things I didn't realize, and helped confirm things I did already know. Mike - Rutland, MA
Dr. Sri's presentation was clear and compelling. TJ - Valparaiso, IN
His key points are definitely tools I can and will use with people I know and interact with. One of his "keys" (about the definition of freedom) has really spiked a desire in me to delve deeper into this topic. I feel energized! Jennifer - Falmouth, ME
I already have recommended it! Edward Sri gives insight that I never thought of, so engaging! Jane - Lawrenceburg, IN
First of all, I have a name for the sickness ! Dr. Sri has an incredible way of making a hard topic easy to understand . His talk help me see what I was doing wrong with my children; I was judging their souls. I have a great tool now to face Relativistics with love and great conviction . Luisa - Hoover , AL
Identifying Relativism was wonderful. Robin - Batesville, MS
Wayne - Scarborough, ON
How to respond to someone that is intolerant or a realativist. Ashlyn - Phoenix, AZ
For the first time I now understand why I have struggled in my life. Why I am different in my family and have a discord with my twin. This topic has opened the door of understanding and has brought me peace. I received this gift on Easter Sunday at St. Thomas More, CO and it was the best gift I could have ever received. Thank you Dr. Sri. Donna - Castle Pines, CO