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Who Do You Say That I Am

Bishop Robert Barron

Fr. Barron illuminates with conviction that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah and revelation of God become man. He shows how Jesus fulfills the four tasks of the Messiah according to the Old and New Testaments and how the living legacy of Christ is proclaimed by the Church.

Average Rating: 4.79 based on 29 ratings
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Evangelization, Jesus Christ


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Customer Comments

Fr. Barron gives such a deep, rich presentation on Christ, and brings it home to us in our modern-day thinking! Rennie - Spokane, WA
Fr. Barron’s gentle and yet biblically forceful and intelligent apologetics are a breath of fresh air to all Catholics. Charlie - Fairfax, VA
Fr. Barron’s eloquence and wisdom convicted me that this is the one true Church of the one true God. Mike - Hamilton, NZ
A beautiful CD for anyone who may struggle with doubt. Monica - Wichita, KS
Some of Father’s comments were so eye-opening and foundational that I wish I would have considered them long ago. James - Mentor, OH
This CD furthered my understanding of Jesus as the Messiah and what I am supposed to do as a Christian. Matthew - Brentwood, NH
I really enjoyed the CD and passed it on to my Protestant dad. I was very interested in how the author brought the synoptic gospels' Christology to life with how a first century Jew would have seen Jesus. I enjoyed the talk at the end of the CD on confession as well. It was very interesting, especially how John Paul II gave his confession to a priest who had fallen away from the Church. Definitely a keeper! Chris - Saco, MT
Fr. Barron speaks in such an insightful and gentle way. While I have listened to many of his talks and heard some of this information before, it was still new to me; this CD has given me a better understanding of who Christ is and how I can follow Him. Sister Madeleine - North Vernon, IN
We subscribe to the CD of the Month from LCM. When they arrive, we are always eager to hear them. Sometimes we listen more than once. All are inspiring, educational, moving and thought-provoking. Thank you for this wonderful service. Fr. Robert Barron is a great speaker. This was a very insightful CD about who Christ is, was, and always will be. I beg you to continue this work. God bless all of you. Maria - Yalaha, FL
Fr. Barron is an eloquent and compelling speaker. This shows Catholic scholars are acquainted, even intimate, with the Scriptures. The Church desperately needs more educated and eloquent catechesis such as this, and more importantly, the fire of the Spirit. Matthew - Chicago, IL
Fr. Barron is so easy to listen to, and he presents our glorious Catholic Doctrine in words that those of us without a theology degree can understand and embrace. Our Church is very blessed to have such a teacher! Bette - Broomfield, CO
I saw Jesus and his teachings from the view of a first century Jew and will use this information and perspective in teaching RCIA classes. Scott Hahn's story of Blessed John Paul II and the priest "beggar" was awe-inspiring. I love CD of the Month Club and can hardly wait for the next one to come!! Suzanne - Chattaroy, WA
This spoke about how Catholicism is the only religion that really focuses on Jesus being Divine and God, and how other religions have figures. However, they are just people who "found the right path to god." I thought it was very interesting how Jesus is the only person in history who was believed to be 100% human and 100% God. The presentation was wonderful. It was educational, and in-depth with many examples. Brett - Hawthorn Woods, IL
What most benefited me about this talk was my faith in Jesus Christ is real to me, and I can share my faith journey with others. But Fr. Barron gave me the courage to also say it is a mystery, and I do not comprehend the full mystery of His Resurrection and the Trinity. But I fully believe. Lynn - Carol Stream, IL
Well presented, clear. Great speaker. Presents materials with passion and in easy- to-understand terms. Uses good examples and analogies that make material easier to understand. Carol - Battle Creek, MI
I love to hear Fr. Barron speak about the Catholic Church and the life of Jesus. I first saw him on EWTN and have become a huge fan. I learn so much from Fr. Barron - his insights into the life and Gospel of Jesus are very interesting and inspirational. I wish everyone could hear what he teaches because they would understand the life and teaching of Jesus so much better than from reading a book. Fr. Barron has a way of tying all things together in the life of Jesus and in the life of the Catholic Church so as to enlighten and edify the listener. And that makes it an enjoyable experience, as well as an educational one. Lorraine - Tampa, FL
Fr. Barron is a well prepared, interesting and informative speaker. Detailed explanation of Jesus as Messiah. All of his talks are excellent. Gifted speaker. Tom - NY
It opened my eyes to how deeply Jesus was rooted in Jewish culture and the promise of the Messiah and how he fufilled that. We loose so much of the historic value of the Messiah, so I was thrilled to have someone explain it to me. There were so many moments where I would excitedly exclaim (out loud mind you) "No way!" because I could not believe what I was learning. Truly wonderful. Alonna - St. Clair, MI
I liked the feeling of being personally closer to Jesus and the reference as the sacrificial lamb of God at Mass. This CD can be listened to many times with new insights. Virginia - Louisville, KY
I am really trying to get to know the Bible and also my Catholic faith through the Bible. Fr. Barron brings alive the Biblical truths of our faith and clarifies where our beliefs come from so clearly. john - camden, DE
Another fantastic talk by Fr. Barron. I loved this and just about everything else he has ever produced. Thank you for bringing this talk to us. What a wonderfully thorough and yet easily comprehended talk on that most basic question "Who is Jesus?" I loved this talk and am looking forward to listening to many more. Thank you! Anthony - Ashburn, VA
How true and honest this talk was. Also very informative. How I would love for many of my Catholic brothers and sisters to hear this. I'm sure some may not be ready for it, but some I believe are and this could help them in their journey of faith to understand the teachings of the Catholic Church. I thank God for Fr. Barron on his teachings, he's helped me grow in my faith to a deeper level.
I really enjoyed the step by step program of talking about how the Jews at the time would have viewed Jesus. I realize that modern Christians miss a lot of things in the Bible that would've been neon signs to first century Jews. It's really interesting! Rachael - Corpus Christi, TX
Fr Barron sparked my faith. I have fallen away--many times have darker moments of doubt. And Scott Hahn's short words on Penance helped this cradle catholic to really see the value and meaning of the Sacrament of Confession. And I hope soon to make the first ever meaningful confession of my life. And i am soon to be 70 years old. Please pray for me. Thank you. carole - douglasville, GA
I enjoyed how the bishop spoke as a down to earth type of guy who inserted humor as a per of his talk and described things in terminology that I could relate to. The bonus talk afterwards was very good as well. kelly - Aiken, SC
What a combination . First Bishop Barron then Scott Hahn on confession.A one - two knockout combination from two erudite skilled communicators . Bliss on a CD. . Uplifting in these difficult times. Bernard - Vaughan, ON
I love listening to both Fr. Robert Barron and Professor Scot Hahn, who gave a short talk on confession. They both give clear and understandable explanations. Their style is engaging and holds ones' interest. Above all I believe I'm getting the truth of The Catholic Faith and Bible. Also Fr. Mitch Pacwa all doing amazing work for the Lord. Cork
This lecture answered so many questions about Jesus that I knew I had but couldn't even formulate. An essential resource for a deep understanding of our Savior and our role as evangelists. Peter - Fort Collins, CO