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Why Do We Have a Pope?

Dr. Scott Hahn

As a former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn knows very well the common objections non-Catholics have to the Catholic Faith. In this informative talk, he tackles the tough issue of the Papacy and defends our belief that the Pope is part of Christ's design for His Church. Become better equipped to respond to those who attack the crucial role of the successor of St. Peter in the Church's mission.

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Customer Comments

This would convince even the most skeptical person! John - Richmond, VA
This CD gave me the knowledge and the tools to explain why Catholics have a pope. Thank you! Danielle - Broomall, PA
The clarity of how the pope continues today, after Saint Peter and all the other popes have passed. Soyla - Wenatchee
Listen to this for Professor Hahn's insight where he draws upon Isaiah 22:20-24 to explain the 'keys' and the need for succession. It will blow your mind. No other Catholic apologist whom I have encountered presents this particular insight. Professor Hahn is brilliant as usual... and his insights illuminating! Jerson - Mumbai
It was so fascinating and inspiring to hear his conversion story. Megan - St. Charles, IL
It really helped me have a better understndingnof the mass. Ann marie - Mission Viejo, AP
it made me realize the importance of the pope Patrick - belvidere, IL
That Dr. Hahn explained the Biblical basis for the Holy Father. Debbe - Pasadena, TX
I never knew that there was so much biblical evidence for the existence of the office of Pope, this talk really helped me understand why it's there. Gavin - Naperville, IL
This, and many others, fills in the gap of my Catholic learning since the high school. WE do not learn at mass on Sunday...but had no enrichment of our faith any other time or place either. Gert - Sweet Home,, OR
Amazing historical evidence that proves not only the reason, but the need for a pope. Thais - Miami Gardens, FL
I really enjoy Dr. Hahn's enthusiasm. He is very knowledgable and passionate about his topics. Sherry - Nixon, TX
I very much enjoyed the Biblical basis for the talk -- how Dr. Hahn referenced specific verses and events in the Bible to back up what he was saying. That makes this talk ideal to share with non-Catholic friends (and spouses, like mine): they cannot fall back on their Sola Scriptura arguments. As a Catholic "revert," I find these talks to be excellent catechesis as well. Katherina - Stafford, VA
The talk really outlines the truth of the papacy and its biblical roots in the old and new testaments. Joseph - Coatesville, PA