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Why Is There Hell? What You Should Know About It!

Dr. Scott Hahn

In this moving study on hell, Dr. Scott Hahn shares what scripture teaches about why hell is necessary. What it is like? Who goes there? How can you stay out forever? He explains why Lucifer refused to serve and then responds from a scriptural perspective to the most seductive modern errors about hell. Included are two bonus excerpts from Dr. Hahn's talk, The Healing Power of Confession.

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Customer Comments

This is a great CD! It gives the theological basis for hell. For me, it also highlighted the need for continued conversion throughout life. Chad - St. Michael, MN
This scriptural approach to the reasons for hell is challenging and enlightening. It put the love of God in our hearts, not fear. Grass Roots Prayer Group - NY
This incredible presentation helped me confront more seriously the sin in my own life and better understand why I truly need God's grace to persevere. Dave - Ryland Heights, KY
I learned that there is so much documentation for the existence of Hell in the Gospels. Dr. Hahn reminds us that Jesus himself provided so much proof for Hell's existence. By listening to his CD, one can soon realize how God's allowing Hell to exist actually shows His infinite love for us! Victor - Torrance, CA
It answered some questions that I had regarding Judas. Dawn - Prairie du Sac, WI
Dr. Hahn is always a most powerful speaker and an outstanding advocate for the Holy Catholic Church. Very informative. I highly recommend this and all of his talks to everyone. Deacon Steve - Chatham, ON
Shed a new light on Hell and actually showed Hell was not so much God's punishment, but actually His love and mercy. Jacob - Mobile, AL
I so enjoy Dr.Hahn's talks and my faith is so enriched by his teachings. I really can't articulate the value I attribute to these lessons, especially "the lambs supper". It filled my heart with a new knowledge, appreciation and pride for the Eucharist. Susan - janesville, WI
Gave me a different perspective of what Hell is and why God made it Maryann - Mississauga, ON
Most people just don't really comprehend all this just by going to weekly mass. Although you have to have a thirst for information before you are ready to listen to more. Getting Catholics to have that thirst is a problem within the Church. For those who long for more, something like this cd is great added knowledge and confirmation of the Lords work. Donna - Waxhaw, NC
Scott Hahn is always so passionate about his subjects. He is a fantastic speaker and he always challenges me, and this cd is no different. Clarksdale, MS
It made me realize again how real hell is and how easy it is to fall into the trap of denying its existence simply because it's so unpleasant and scary a concept. Dr. Hahn also showed the Scriptural basis for it and how many times Jesus referred to hell. Barbara - Adrian, MI
I really like Dr. Scott Hahn, so that was the reason that I selected this CD. Beyond enjoying his presentations, I thought that it was good to delve into the meaning behind hell, how you become someone that would be in hell (continuing to sin), and misconceptions about hell. The bonus mini-presentation on reconciliation was a treat, and definitely a teaser...I found myself wanting to hear more when the material ended. Amber - Decatur, IL
I thought this talk was very good. So many today, especially those out of the faith are probably affected by this problem or thought that "nothing happens afterwards". We need to take hold of our lives and realize, there is a hell and I don't want to go there. This talk was very informative and gave excellent reasons why Hell exists and why we should be worried about being too apathetic. Lucas - Aberdeen, SD
Don't be afraid of listening to this talk because it's about a scary topic. You will learn even more about God's infinite love and mercy! Christie - MASON, OH
This is a topic that everyone is thinking about and everyone is talking about. People get misdirected by other people's opinion but this is heavily based on scripture and backed up by papal teaching. John - Annandale, NJ
It explained that there is a Hell that we bring on ourselves. I think people who have questions about Hell would benfit from this tape. Robert - Findlay, OH
The CDs I get from our Parish gratly benifit my spirirual needs. This CD is one of those who help me in my struggle for understand a deeper relationship with God and our savior Jesus. Fred - Clarksville, TN