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Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord

This talk is practical. It is for everyone-beginners and masters in the spiritual life. We all know that growth in holiness is largely about growing in trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. But how does one do that realistically? 

In this talk, Bismarck Diocese Vocations Director Fr. Tom Richter will describe in concrete terms what the interior act of trust looks like, and what we must choose in order to grow in trust.


I have listened to as many as four dozen CLM CDs, and have found them all very helpful. But of all of those I have heard, I keep coming back to this one. Last night, on a drive back from Steubenville with our prospective-student daughters, I played it for my sister, telling her it was probably my very favorite, and when Father Tom's (Richter) talk was done she responded in such a way as to express agreement. She too, is a serial listener to your CDs. Thank you for your ministry. As a former theology major essentially educated out of the faith for years by a catholic-in-name College, I now thank God for your trusted, faithful presentations. Tony - Youngsville, PA
Evangelization, Inspirational, Personal Growth
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