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21 Ways to Worship

21 Ways to Worship

Vinny Flynn, best-selling author of 7 Secrets of the Eucharist, shares his favorite ways to pray in Eucharistic Adoration. 

Written in Vinny’s personal, conversational style, 21 Ways to Worship is an easy-to-read guide, jam-packed with inspiring ideas, techniques, and prayers to help you make the most of your time in Adoration.

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This is the perfect resource for beginners and veteran adorers, you’ll learn new ways to:

• Intercede for others with new power
• Bring the scriptures to life
• Free yourself from negative influences
• Draw closer to God as Father
• Let go of unforgiveness
• Allow Our Lady to guide you
• Pray the Eternal Now
• And much, much more!

Church Teaching, Jesus Christ, Prayer & Devotions
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7 Secrets of Confession

7 Secrets of Confession

In this inspiring presentation, popular speaker Vinny Flynn explores the “hidden” truths of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, presenting what to many will be a whole new way of approaching Confession, inviting you to begin an exciting personal journey to healing and holiness. If you do not yet look forward to Confession in the same way you look forward to Communion, this will change your life.


Vinny used the confessional experiences of me to explain how confession must be focused on my healing. His quotes of Pope John Paul and Pope Francis really spoke to me. I've got numerous CDs from your organization.all have been super. This one is in the top 5! God Bless your ministry. Michael - Arvada, CO
Church Teaching, Lent & Easter, Personal Growth, Sacraments, Divine Mercy, Confession
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7 Secrets of Confession - Book

7 Secrets of Confession - Book

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Vinny Flynn, author of the best-seller, 7 Secrets of the Eucharist (100,000 copies sold), presents a similar approach to the Sacrament of Confession in this new book that reveals 7 key "secrets" or hidden truths about the great spiritual beauty, power and depth of Confession.

The understanding that many Catholics have of the Sacrament of Confession is so limited and narrow in its focus that it keeps them from discovering the real beauty and value of this Sacrament... beauty and value that even a young child can understand if it's presented properly.
For too many Catholics, Confession is just a means to an end: cleaning us up from sin so we can receive Communion. But, as Pope Francis tells us, Confession is much more than "going to the dry cleaner." It's "an encounter with Jesus, who waits for us as we are."

In his years of speaking all over North America, Flynn saw that many Catholics have this limited appreciation of Confession, and the urgent need for clear teaching about this great Sacrament. If you have not yet experienced Confession as a wonderful, personal encounter with Christ; if you do not yet look forward to going to Confession with the same eagerness and expectation with which you receive Holy Communion, this book is for you. It will be a whole new way of going to Confession, inviting you to begin an exciting personal journey to healing and holiness. It may change your life.


There was so much information revealed to my about Confession in this book. It completely changed the way I see confession now. It also showed me a deeper level of the mystery of confession and God's mercy and love for us. It showed me more of how awesome and loving God is! Gia - Sheridan, WY
Personal Growth, Sacraments, Confession, Books for Kiosk
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7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

Saint John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have made it clear that Divine Mercy is at the very center of the Christian faith. In this talk, best-selling author Vinny Flynn shares his 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy, and Christ’s message of love for each of us, and for the whole world.


I was so touched when Vinny Flynn spoke about the greatest sinners deserving God's Mercy the most that I cried. Why? Because I am a great sinner and I receive God's Mercy. I do recommend this talk to others and I urge everyone to read the Diary of Saint Faustina. It is a profound gift to us from the Saint and from God and will change you. Rita - Carmichael, CA
Lent & Easter, Personal Growth, Prayer & Devotions, Divine Mercy, Confession, Best Sellers
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7 Secrets of Divine Mercy - Book

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy - Book

In this compelling and timely book, best-selling author Vinny Flynn draws from Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and the Diary of St. Faustina to reveal the heart of Divine Mercy. He offers an invitation and a road map so that Divine Mercy, the overflow of love from the Holy Trinity, can transform your life.


Praise for 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

“This book will profit everyone who reads it.”
- Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington

“Imagine if someone were to deeply ponder and powerfully proclaim the mystery of Divine Mercy for more than 35 years and then gather the most precious insights into one place. You've imagined this book.”
- Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, Author, 33 Days to Morning Glory

“What an amazing book! This isn't just a book for people who want to know more about Divine Mercy—this is a book for people who want their entire relationship with God revitalized.”
- Jennifer Fulwiler, Something Other than God, Radio host on SiriusXM

“I was astounded by ‘7 Secrets of Divine Mercy.’ Vinny Flynn’s book is a brilliant light to help us know St. Faustina and her beautiful message of God’s mercy.”
- Mother Dolores Hart, OSB, Author, The Ear of the Heart

“Vinny Flynn has accomplished a great work for the Church in his new book ‘7 Secrets of Divine Mercy’—an outstanding presentation.”
- Timothy T. O’Donnell, STD, KGCHS, President, Christendom College

Lent & Easter, Divine Mercy, Best Sellers, Books for Kiosk
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