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Confirmation: The Sacrament of Evangelization and Martyrdom

Confirmation: The Sacrament of Evangelization and Martyrdom

Today there is oftentimes a misconception of what the Sacrament of Confirmation is actually for or how it affects our lives. In this talk, Dr. Brant Pitre invites us to better understand the tremendous graces and calling received through this sacrament. He points to various passages in scripture which provide a historical foundation and, through bold witness, challenges us to willingly surrender our lives to Christ. Dr. Brant Pitre is a professor of Sacred Scripture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA.


I am converting to Catholicism and still did not have an exact understanding of what confirmation is, why it is biblical, etc. This talk cleared that up and has me eagerly awaiting my confirmation so I can more boldly proclaim my faith to my family. Emily - King of Prussia, PA
Dr. Brant Pitre
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We Must Go Out: the Sacrament of Confirmation

We Must Go Out: the Sacrament of Confirmation

It is through the Sacrament of Confirmation that a Catholic is fully initiated into the Church. Why then do so many newly confirmed Catholics never come back? In this talk, Fr. Mike Schmitz addresses this concerning trend in the Catholic Church with honesty, energy, and humor. Focusing on the true nature of Confirmation, Fr. Mike challenges ALL Catholics to see this sacrament not as a "graduation" from the Church, but as a commissioning by the Holy Spirit to go out into the world and proclaim the Gospel.


Our Grand Daughter Ellie Sink, was at Seek in Nashville, TN, so inspired by your Talk Fr. Mike, and so now I just went into your site and heard Sacrament of Confirmation. Ellie will be making her First Communion and Confirmation this April, and U have inspired her and us with your commitment, thank U for being there for her and us. We look forward to hearing more. Bob & Bea - Marion, IL
Fr. Michael Schmitz
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YOUCAT: Youth Catechism

YOUCAT: Youth Catechism

YOUCAT is short for "Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church," which was launched on World Youth Day, 2011. Developed with the help of young Catholics and written for high-school age people and young adults, YOUCAT is an accessible, contemporary expression of the Catholic Faith. 

The appealing graphic format includes Questions-and-Answers, highly-readable commentary, summary definitions of key terms, Bible citations and inspiring and thought-provoking quotes from Saints and others in the margins. What's more, YOUCAT is keyed to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so people can go deeper.


The YOUCAT explains the following:

-- What Catholics believe and why (doctrine)
-- How Catholics celebrate the mysteries of the faith (sacraments)
-- How Catholics are to live (moral life)
-- How they should pray (prayer and spirituality)

The questions are direct and honest, even at times tough; the answers straightforward, relevant, and compelling. YOUCAT will likely become the "go-to" place for young people to learn the truth about the Catholic faith. Illustrated.

Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for delivery of orders with 100+ books.


It was very reaffirming and a good review of Faith formation. Good for youth and adults Springfield, MN
Ignatius Press
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