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Meet Your Mother: An Introduction to Mary

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Ever wonder why so many people pay so much attention to Mary, the Mother of Jesus? In this talk, Dr. Mark Miravalle covers all the major Church teachings about the Blessed Mother. This talk is not only great for the person who has little or no background knowledge about Our Lady but also meant for someone looking to renew their their existing knowledge and love for the woman who Jesus gave personally to every human being. Dr. Miravalle is a professor of Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville and has written and taught about Mary for over 25 years. 

Following the main presentation, Dr. Mark Miravalle provides an inside look into the Marian devotion of "Our Lady Undoer of Knots."

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Customer Comments

Absolutely astounding CD! All early churches agreed on Mary! Jaw-dropping, historical teaching that everyone needs to hear! Cheryl - Vernon, NJ
This is absolutely the best talk on the Catholic Church's beliefs about Mary that I have ever heard! Every cradle Catholic, every priest, every RCIA program should have this CD available to give to anyone wanting to know more about the Blessed Mother. Ida - Leesburg, IN
Listen! Mary is alive and quite busy helping her Son gather souls. She is giving hope to all people. Julie- Sterling, VA
This talk by Dr. Miravalle is so chalked full of explanation of who Mary is. A great tool for defending her and understanding the Catholic Church Dogma on Mary. Idell - Grand Rapids, MI
This is the best presentation on Mary that I have heard to date. Norm - Biloxi, MS
I enjoyed many things. I liked how the person of Mary was shown in a different way. I liked the explanation of the dogmas. I never knew the history of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. That brought tears to my eyes, because my sister has a daughter that has disowned her family. It breaks my sisters' heart. I am going to share this with her and I want to give her the prayer. Together us both saying it, Beth will return home. JoAnn - oneida, WI
I enjoyed the explanations of the dogmas concerning Mary and the bonus section on Mary Undoer of Knots. Jennifer - Brentwood, TN
Mary as our Spiritual Mother - petition the Pope to make this the fifth Dogma about Mary. Walter - Ennismore, ON
Very insightful as to why the Church believes the way it does about Mary. Gives good information to be able to explain to other people why we devote ourselves to the Holy Mother and to dispel the untruth about Catholic "worship" of Mary. Larry - Chicago, IL
Awesome, interesting, and very inspiring. I really enjoyed the bonus too, OurLady, Undoer of Knots. I just have not been able to find a way to get closer to our Lord and our Mother in the yearning ways I've yearned. Now I'm certain that these CD's will help me tremendously. Also, I kinda goofed in filling this out because I do not have an MP3 player. Thank you and God Bless Sheron - Largo, FL
I've always had a devotion to Mary as did my mother and I'm delighted to find out every bit of information about her to share with others. Dianne Dianne - Fombell, PA
I consider myself to be a practicing Catholic and I knew about the Dogmas and the doctrine, but I've never heard them explained like this before. It is spectacular to have it all in one talk! By the time I was done listening to the presentation, including the bonus about Mary, Undoer of Knots, I was in tears knowing that Mary is truly, truly there for me as my Mother. It is so rich that you cannot listen to it too many times! Dianne - Riverside, CA
A wide range of matters are addressed by the speaker. Frederick - Kampala
It was clear and easily understood. I really enjoyed listening to the speaker he was wonderful. He was energized when presenting the content to his audience. You could feel his love for his faith and for the Blessed Mother. I learned so much and makes me want to learn more. I'm going to look into his book. Thank you. God bless you. Barbara - Tolland, CT
Many of us know the lessons we were taught about Mary in our catechetical classes growing up, but to revisit each lesson and take stock of the import creates a strong desire to deepen the personal, spiritual relationship. Trudi - Duncannon, PA
I have consecrated myself to Mary and this talk convinced me even more about the love and care of Mary for me. Mary Lee - St. Simons Island, GA
I had alway worked towards a relationship with God and Jesus, but I never thought about having a relationship with Our Lady. This talk helped me understand Mary's importance, the suffering she endured, and how much we need her today. This talk helped me develop a relationship with Mary, and she has helped me overcome many difficulties in my life, especially the ability to love freely and what that entails. Alyssa - Hamilton, ON
Learned things about Mary that were always spoken about in terms that did not register in my brain. Also reaffirmed that Mary only gave birth to Jesus contrary to what my non Catholic acquaintances believe and profess and point to their Bible Study as authentic proof. Catherine - Buffalo, NY
It brought me closer to Mary - in understanding her and her role with our Lord. How she is our advocate; and our need to ask her to help bring peace. Betlh - Friendship, WI
Enjoyed the talk both in sound and content. I learned more about Mary, doctrines & dogmas, the Reformers, and Church history. Jacob - Lithia, FL
This talk was tremendous! If anyone listening to this talk does not have a transformation in their life as it relates to Our Blessed Mother then something is lacking! I recommend it to everyone! I love it!. Norma - Brighton, CO
Truly a beautiful and inspiring presentation. I have Protestant friends who seem to love Jesus with all their hearts but hesitate when it comes to his Blessed Mother. They see her as just a woman who gave birth to Him, just another wife and mother who went on to have other children, nothing special. One of them actually said that if Mary had turned down God's request then He would've just asked someone else! It makes me so sad and frustrated when they act as though all Catholics do is worship a plaster statue of her because we think she is a "goddess." They do not have a clue about hoW special she is. This CD helped me to get my thoughts organized for the next time I have to defend her. Paula - Shamokin, PA
Two things, the quote from Martin Luther about mary and, the information about the novena to mary untier of knots. I found the novena online and started this week. Chuck - Independence, MO
I learned a lot of information that I didn't know before listening to the cd. Hannah - Covington, LA
Enjoyed the talk both in sound and content. I learned more about Mary, doctrines & dogmas, the Reformers, and Church history. Jacob - Lithia, FL